Most Powerful Sect System 54 Floating Sun

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{Radiant City}

The normally quiet and graceful city was bustling with scholars and curious children and adults.

In the northern section of Radiant City sat a large tower, filled with endless shelves of books.

Outside sat a crowd of people silently whispering and sharing secrets…

"Everyone has come out except for the new Sect Leader, he must have perished in there right?"

"I haven't heard of these trials lasting more than a month, Alaya Radiant has already returned. However, the second she was transported out she didn't seem any different…"

Gossiping about the two sects kept ongoing in the city in contrast to the Rising Sun Sect itself.

It was surprisingly peaceful, with the main indication of this being the extremely large group of white-robed disciples standing in the commons area.

Standing on one of the benches was a small girl with emerald green hair. Beside her was a st.u.r.dy-looking man with a lightly glistening saber on his waist.

Her face was ridden with sweat, but her eyes were a deep blue sea of unending concentration and formidability.

She opened her mouth and a pleasant voice rang out;

"Master will soon return! Sect Leader has only found the Legacy Inheritance and will return even stronger than he was before!"

The crimson-gold uniform she wore fluttered in the light wind that fluttered through the sect, making her seem as ethereal as a fairy.

"If anyone or fatty, were to bully our precious Sect they must first go through me! Or… Discipline Head!"

She puffed her chest out, and Phorbes seemed to stand a little taller in front of the hundreds of Outer Disciples that looked at them with reverence.


It had already been a month before that little green bird trapped me in here, I was to study like a dog before I could leave!

The pirate s.h.i.+p that I had a.s.sumed was one of the stereotypical types was actually extremely interesting and overflowing with manatech technology! To give an example of just one small part:

The floorboards seemed to be hollow and were very light, however, I could push down on them with all of my force and they wouldn't break at all!

The further I looked at them the more mysterious they seemed, touching them they even felt more like solid sheets of cold metal rather than wood!

The s.h.i.+p was sectioned into a few different parts, the master's hall being at the top.

If what the green bird said was true… This s.h.i.+p is truly a masterpiece.

This s.h.i.+p was the master's life work from his study of the Manatech profession.

The floorboards are only the encrusted gems on the surface, while the complicated parts remain hidden.

Running through the floorboard lay an incomprehensible series of extremely thin mancrystals.

At the bottom of the s.h.i.+p lay something like a steam engine, except it takes mancrystals and uses the mantransformation process that only a human-body possesses.

I don't quite understand how it works yet, but it takes raw mancrystals and transforms the mana inside into a mixture of wind and earth elemental mana.

The mancrystals are like wiring in a house that runs throughout the entire s.h.i.+p. Each mana elementary particle infuses with the wood and structure of the entire s.h.i.+p.

When it is at full power, this s.h.i.+p will be able to fly in the air!

Soaring through the air on a s.h.i.+p! How unreal is that!

I was so extremely excited when the green bird told me that, that I simply forgot about how long I had been studying until a bit ago.

Having this month alone to myself, I barely cultivated and simply learned all I could about being a manatech.

With the new realizations and knowledge that I have accrued over this time, I found one thing that would I could latch onto as the future of the Sect…

A flying Sect.

Yep! That's right I said it!

Haha, I get so excited just thinking about it! It will undoubtedly take a huge amount of power, and research… but, it isn't impossible.

To become the Most Powerful Sect our sect will need to be mobile. If it is stationary how could we explore the world?

We will become the Rising Sun that appears on the horizon, and they will fear us!

Haha, I may be getting a bit overcome with excitement. There is only one problem.

This is harder than studying number theory in college!

Although I do have increased thinking capacity, it is extremely hard to wrap my head around what master Kalphra had done.

I was quite close to figuring out some of the formulas that he had written, the main problem was trying to tie in the mancrystals into the flooring.

Simply speaking,‌ I need to weave the floor. As stupid as it sounds, it's what it requires.

Not only that, but I also have to do it in such a gentle manner so as not to break the extremely thin mancrystal twining.

Master Kalphra had the help of the Rhupestine Empire's scholars to help think of some of the ideas.

This technology was the creation of an entire empire. There are no direct indications as to what Master Kalphra's exact Tier was but… He must have been above Tier 25.

If this kind of technology were to escape my grasp I would cry myself to death.

In order to properly adapt this technology into my sect, I would need to find a way to make the mana conversion rate more efficient; as well as a few other things.

I had drawn up a small image in my head of what I pictured my 'floating sect' to look like.

Something akin to those fantasy floating islands in movies that will be able to stay in the air indefinitely.

For my sect… the piece of land that will need to be dug up to be used as the base of the island will need to be saturated with wires.

I had already thought of an idea for this; I could use material tubing to encase the mancrystal wires in a tube that insulated the mana inside so it won't escape.

Not only would this decrease energy loss and increase efficiency, but it would make it a lot cleaner to manage.

There are two glaring problems with this. I would need to have a material that rejects mana. I haven't done any research at all on the topic of mana conductivity.

The second problem; the casing must be very light and thin. The amount of wiring it will take to infuse each piece of dirt and terrain with the elementary mana particles will be huge.

The floorboards of the s.h.i.+p have the advantage of being pre-made for the use of the wires; this is where I am at a clear disadvantage. While I could make a pirate s.h.i.+p of my own, I would rather make an island.

It would give me more s.p.a.ce, and… I don't want to look like a pirating sect. It doesn't exactly fit our image. Aesthetics matter!

After I solve those two problems I only need to properly learn how the machine uses the transformation process. I also have zero ideas of how that even works.

After that, I can go ahead and make myself a floating island! That is… as long as I'm strong enough to protect it, and have enough mancrystals to supply it.

I think I would be correct in making the a.s.sumption that others would drool over the thought of having a floating sect to call their home.

"System, just to make sure… are my plans compatible with your uh? Operating system?"

[Host, your design is encouraged! Please endeavor to make the Most Powerful Sect!]

[The mighty system will be able to do anything as long as the host pursues this goal!]

"Hoho, very impressive!"

I can't let the system decide everything for me after all… I need to properly make a foothold for myself and not let the system carve one out for me.

While mumbling to myself I quickly remembered something and opened up the bronze-b.u.t.ton.

[Level 5.9]

[Strength 35]

[Dexterity 59]

[Vitality 40]

[Intelligence 69]

[Willpower 69]

[862 MPS‌ Points]

[0 SP]

Quickly scrolling my eyes over the stats, I moved down to Sect Control and into the building menu.

I decided I would remotely upgrade the defenses while I was here, I had been gaining MPS Points over time so it would only be appropriate.

[Sect Control Building‌ Menu]

[Main Hall (T1 Upgrade) - 7 MPS Points]

[Treasure Storage (T1 Upgrade) - 5 MPS Points]

[Treasure Exchange Pavilion (T1 Upgrade) - 5 MPS Points]

[Professions Hall (T1 Upgrade) - 6 MPS Points]

[Defensive Structures]

[Golden Dragon Defensive Formation (T-6 Upgrade) - 320 MPS Points)

[Sect Wall (T-6 Upgrade) - 240 MPS Points]

I haven't actually upgraded the main structures at all, due to a lack of points. But also, due to the fact that I didn't exactly know what it would do.

I could purchase both defensive upgrades and become immune to Tier 6 intruders, and also purchase all of the Tier 1 upgrades for the structures and see what they do.

Just to give my disciples a bit of a sign I'm still alive, I'll upgrade it now.

I've explained the reason for the glowing walls and such before to Phorbes and Yves so they should understand. Hehe, I wonder how powerful they must think I am to do it from so far away.

[Confirm Purchase?]

[Purchase Confirmed.]

[-583 MPS Points]
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Most Powerful Sect System 54 Floating Sun

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