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Haha, I had finally done it!

The bird had explained recently that the basic course involved only a meager understanding of the technology itself.

How to create the wires from mana crystals, the composition and meaning of the engine. As well as the transformation process in the soaring engine; which I had temporarily named the 'steam engine'.

In order to create the wires itself, it seems that the mansense I acquired was quite common back then. Master Kalphra had used the mansense and used it to shape the delicate mancrystal.

It required an extremely intricate touch and design in order to properly make the size just right.

If they were too big then they would funnel too much energy and overdraw from the engine. And if they were too small, it wouldn't provide enough lift.

The best part was that if you don't use a specifically created material; like the floorboards of the s.h.i.+p. Then you need to individually scope out the thickness of the mana wiring for each sequence.

One more thing that is going to make the creation of my soaring sect a bit harder…

As for the engine itself as well as the transformation process, I won't go too deep into the details.

The engine consists of rare elemental materials such as Millenium Windseed and sparkfire powder.

The actual transformation process was surprisingly a formation! This could only be done by formation masters!

Kalhpra must have lived quite long ago in order to use it… The formation imitated a human's ability to transform mana into an element.

I still don't have a clue on how it works even though I have dabbled in formations the most.

Hehe, I wonder how long my little disciples have been waiting! They must surely miss me!

I quickly got up and ran to the top of the s.h.i.+p where that little bird should be flying around.

However, as soon as I left the door of the research room;

'Basic understanding completion, grade: 12'

'Treasure room requirements met.'

I found myself in the middle of a checkered floor with green metallic walls that radiated defensive barrier energies.

Not only that… There were scrolls and mancrystals and materials everywhere!

The scrolls were in neat little piles, while the mancrystals were all in one big pile; as if they were a king's gold mountain!

The only things I recognized were the mancrystals and scrolls. I had no idea what the things in the gla.s.s cases were.

Some were freezing the case itself, while others seemed to be alive and frantically trying to escape.

This must be the reward for studying your technology then Master Kalphra!

Haha, don't mind if I do!

I quickly got to work and went towards the scrolls, and as my hand reached towards a scroll…

'Deducting 5'

'Total of 95'

Please don't tell me this guy imitated the system and created something like merit points…

d.a.m.n it didn't even let me confirm the purchase!

[Host, the system is of the best design by the Supreme being! Please do not compare it to something like this.]

I could almost hear the arrogance in its' robotic tone.

I guess I need to be careful about what I choose then…

I opened up the scroll I had picked up and read it carefully;

'Streaking Star: Movement Martial Skill, For of Tier 8 and above you will be able to streak across the sky akin to a shooting star. Unpredictability and extreme speeds will help you outmaneuver your opponents.'

d.a.m.n such a high Tiered skill and it was only 5 points!?

I set off grabbing at things and filled my pockets.

I tried to carefully eye out what was the best item, but I got plenty of martial skills from Tier 6 to Tier 13.

I didn't care much for the mancrystals as it would be quite easy to get them in Radiant City.

I also wouldn't touch those other things until I knew exactly what they are.

After picking up the last skill I heard the old man ringing in my ears;

'Treasure Room completed. My legacy disciple if you wish to continue learning come back when you are at least Tier 10. "

I felt the world start to twist around me as a small medallion flew into my hand. A small green bird that gently pulsed with mana.

"Use the medallion to return when you are ready my disciple."

With the few words said, I found myself at the same patch of dirt as when I came in…

"Haha, my little disciples I am coming home!"


Yves has seemingly grown up these past few months… With master being gone for so long we had kept ourselves strong.

Some of the outer-disciples had lost hope after two months, but we got a sign from master as the entire sect glowed in divine light! We had heard him speak of this to us before.

He would surely come back, that was his way of telling us that.

However, next month was the duel with the Iron Journey. I was sure that I and Yves would be able to do something to keep our honor. However, we can't simply go without our own Sect Leader!

My hand touched the rough scroll while I was pondering the manual in front of me.

"Discipline head! Reporting! Sect Leader has returned!"

I jumped up at the disciple that had dashed into the hall, his face was red and sweating with a large grin on his face.

"Good work Horan! I will report to the Sect Leader!"

I jumped out of my chair and quickly ran towards the Sect Entrance, he was finally back!


My Rising Sun sect, I am finally home!

It hasn't even been half a year and yet I find myself already thinking of this as home…

The large grey walls that radiated the familiar defensive barrier mana. The long winding paths and lanterns on the pathways…

I took a stroll on the path as though on a tour through a magical forest.

In no time at all, I saw as disciples started to notice me and run off to tell the others.

I started to head towards the main hall as I heard shouting from behind me, and silent stares at me.

While walking I saw a familiar shade of glittering green as a figure flew into me at a dazzling speed and rammed into my chest!

-BANG- I was pushed back by quite a bit and looked down at the crying girl on my chest…

"Master, welcome back!"

Inbetween her stifled sobbing I heard her say these words which melted my heart…
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 "I took quite a while with the inheritance, but I have finally returned!"

As the words left my lips the disciples around me seemed as if a weight had lifted off their shoulders as they stood about an inch taller than before.

"Sect Leader, Reporting! Iron Journey Disciples have been causing trouble these past 4 months. Some of my Sect Brother and Sister have been injured by them!"

"We have also produced enough pills to start handing them out on a monthly basis, however without your permission we have not yet done so."

After listening I felt my teeth start to grind against themselves as I thought of the Iron Journey sect…

They've really gone too far, injuring my precious disciples and even killing one!

I felt Phorbes and Yves with my mansense and could feel their mansignatures…

Phorbes had actually reached Peak Tier 4!

As for Yves… She had actually risen to Middle-Cla.s.s Tier 7…

Everyone around me, even most of the weaker ones had an increased strength by quite a bit!

System, what is the average Tier for the disciples?

[Currently, the sect-wide average is Middle-Cla.s.s Tier 1]

F*ck! I thought I was only gone for about one or two months but it was actually almost half a year!

Yves was actually already almost a core disciple if she were a normal disciple!

I looked back down at my own disciple and she was wiping her tears.

"Give everyone two months' worth of pills in preparation for the upcoming duel. In order to set an example as the most powerful sect in Radiant City, we must win at all costs!"

"I have much hope for all of you. If you do well in the upcoming duel you can expect to be rewarded with merit points. And if you were to win the duel for the sect… I will give you a reward personally."

Igniting their spirits, their faces turned even more red as if there were a patch of tomatoes growing around me.

"In my absence, you have all done well."

With this, I left towards the Main Hall to go and recuperate.

Das.h.i.+ng inside, I quickly took a seat and opened the bronze b.u.t.ton. I must not have looked at this for the past three months… I better not have fallen behind too far!

[Level 5.9]

[Strength 45]

[Dexterity 60]

[Vitality 45]

[Intelligence 98]

[Willpower 98]

[6069 MPS‌ Points]

[0 SP]

Feels good to be home.

Most Powerful Sect System 55 Incoming

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