BERTRIM ACADEMY 19 Chapter 19: The Crimean's

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Mr. Paul Crimean was trying to make some adjustments according to the client's needs. After a few minutes he tried to see if it needs changes. The program went perfectly before he submitted it for approval of the client. Everyone who works under him are also under stress, they have a deadline to meet. He left the his workplace after few hours to get something to drink when suddenly his phone ring.

"h.e.l.lo, this is Paul speaking."

"Oh! h.e.l.lo there friend. It's William, I hope I'm not disturbing you"

"No, I'm taking a short break, is their something you need?"

"Yes! I do have, it's about Aye. I'm planning to let her join extra curricular activities would that be fine? She actually said that she'll join when you both agree." William asked.

"Is that what she said. A really thoughtful child. I don't mind as long as she can handle it. If you don't mind, what kind of activity is it?" Paul replied after a few seconds.

"It is for a good cost. She choose to take medicine to save lives and this is related to her course." Willam a.s.sured.

"That is good to know. How is she? She hasn't called us for a week now." Paul asked.

"She's doing well both in her studies and others. She is really committed on her chosen career." William praising Rei.

"Thank you for that. When your free try calling me again. Hope to meet you next time." Paul replied

"Why not my friend. Till next time and thank you." William ended the call.



Ms. Shea received a message from his brother and was happy about it. Shea is working as a Hotel manager in Atterir Hotel for almost 3 years. It was the time of the year that the hotel was busy and so she has to help in setting the dinning area when suddenly she into someone.

"Ohmm... I'm so sorry sir." she said after looking uo.

"That's fine." the man replied smiling.

"Thank you sir, I'll let someone to help you in your sit.... Have a good evening." Shea said and ask the closes server to a.s.sist.

"h.e.l.lo! Mr. Roque, please this way.... Would you like the usual?"

"Yes please."

"Of course sir, please wait for a moment." The server left and Shea talk to him.

"How is he?" Shea asked the server.

"Mr. Roque is doing well miss, he's a regular costumer and a kind person. Don't worry."

"Thank you then. If anyone looks for me, I'll be in my office." Shea left and stayed in her office to finish her report before going home.

A man came in the restaurant and went straight to Mr. Roque.

"Mr. Roque." the man called.

"What kind of news you have for me now?" Mr. Roque asked straight to the point.

"I'm still flowing some leads, by next week we'll have the information we need to lessen the areas to seach for her child and if he/she is still alive." the detective teplied.

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"I see, then do what you needed to do. Make sure to tell me your progress. My nephew is starting to ask question about her and I hope I have the answers to his questions."

"Of course." Both talk more on the details on how they would find her.



The weather is cold but it changes every now and then that shows summer is coming. Paul and Shea were home, after dinner they called their daughter. Aye was able to answer the call before her roommate gets annoyed from the ring.

"h.e.l.lo?" Rei answered without looking at the caller.

"Hi dear, it is us."

"Hi mom, dad. Why did you call?"

"Because someone forgot to call us?"

"Oh! I'm sorry mom, I was busy this week but good thing you guys called. How are you mom, dad?"

"We are doing fine honey, How about you... how is school and do you have friends?"

"Well..... its college. Some are interesting the rest are less interesting. I do have friends and they are helpful. You guys met one one of my friends, maybe next time you'll meet the rest."

"Good to hear that, have a good rest then. Try to call us again most specially if you need anything."

"Yes mom, and don't worry about me... enjoy your work mom and dad. Bye..."

"Good night and have a blessed rest every night dear." her. mom replied before hanging up.

The dorm becomes quiet again after she hang up from the call, Rei continued to read her notes and books but gets tired after few chapters. She changed to a more lighter topic and choose the book on language: flower.

BERTRIM ACADEMY 19 Chapter 19: The Crimean's

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