Time Twister 83 Pov: Exploring Another Empire

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I was quite bored these days. Since there wasn't much to be done, I should go out of Eteria and head beyond the Galactic Empire for a change. Maybe, I'll see some good empires?

I immediately teleported to the place I moved to when the attempted abduction took place. It was still desolate, but the elements in the area, particularly, the origin elements, were already recovered and no more gaping rifts could be seen.

I continued to warp randomly, with [Divine Eyes] activated within a radius of 100,000 light-years. Although he could use it up to one-fourth of the size of the universe, this was the maximum, optimal level for the spell to function, allowing the same clarity as having a radius of 10 meters for the spell. Anything higher than that, the vision I see gets vaguer and more general in nature.

There were some interesting things, such as several tens of exoplanets and small-time civilizations, some of which had not even progressed to the technological age.

Oh? I should check a few out and leave some goodies. Maybe I'll get some plants and rare materials on the way.

After a couple of hours of visiting and s.h.i.+fting through different planets, I got a bountiful harvest. There were a lot of unknown plants and animals and insects; even unique microorganisms were also present there.

I collected several of each species that I could visually differentiate, planting the plants and the collected organisms in one area of Eden. As a farewell gift, I accelerated their planets with a ratio of 1 second: 10 days, lasting indefinitely.

After doing it, I felt bad that in the future, their planets would become prized items for empires, becoming a reason for war. Hopefully, the civilizations that rise in these planets would become strong enough to defend their territories.

Sometimes, I wonder why I do these things, but this usually gets tossed at the back of my mind, oh well.

Maybe, I'm just bored? Maybe, I want to push people to innovation and growth? Or most likely, I don't want to be indebted and immediately tries to repay it with my means. I don't really have a clear explanation.

Anyways, I finally reached another border planet.

How did I know this? They had several frickin' s.p.a.ceports in the planet, and several hidden s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+ps on standby within the radius of 1 light-year of the planet.

Also, when I stopped by, it was nighttime, so I went and interrogated their dream bodies about the current location he was in. Rude, I know, but after the interrogation, I made sure to bless them with good luck using [Lakshmi's Grace].

I got the basic information of where I was currently.

Cerulean Empire, 50 times larger than the Galactic Empire. Their emperor is a s.e.x-fiend, and for the people of the empire, sleeping with him is considered an honor itself. According to the rumors, he had once hosted a 50-people orgy of different races and s.e.xes that lasted for 3 days and 3 nights. Amongst those people were members of the court, distinguished people, and that of the common folk.

Hopefully, I don't meet him. What if he tries to take advantage of me? I s.h.i.+vered at that thought. No to non-consensual s.e.x!!

However, he was quite surprised with the mindset these people had concerning procreation and s.e.x.

One was different from the other, indicating that the latter is for sensual pleasure, losing oneself from the bindings of cla.s.s, power, and money, reducing oneself to one's very core being: a sentient, thinking thing that has its own s.e.xual urges. Procreation is merely a task for these people, usually meeting the minimum requirement of 3 children via in-vitro or through spouses or even donating their s.e.x cells in hospitals for people who wanted to have kids but biologically could not.

All in all, I had a fun time exploring planets in the Cerulean Empire. Not only were there so many different species of plants, animals, and microorganisms, they also had different races. I saw some that looked like reptiles, their skin covered in scales. According to the locals, they were known as Beastmen, specifically, a snake-type of Beastmen.

I also saw some t.i.tans, goblins, and pixies, as well as elves and dwarves, co-existing with one another in harmony. Generally, the races in the empire were at peace with one another, and people didn't discriminate against others based on this factor.

Of course, businesses did revolve around certain races, due to their distinctive characteristics that can be marketable. For example, most of the time, Elves and Sprites were in charge of agricultural product production, dominating 90% of the market in the empire. Dwarves and t.i.tans were dominating in forging, metal alloy making, and mining industries. It was goblins that were dominating the engineering field with their different range of products that were highly valued by the other residents of the empire. In fact, the current leader of the Ministry of Magitech development was a goblin.

It was the Pixies that dominated the service industry, from restaurants, pubs, hotels, etc., as long as it is focused on serving customers, they're usually there in throngs. Beastmen, on the other hand, was the dominant force of private security and detail, as well as taking up the remaining percentages of the different markets. One could even say they're a jack of all trades, dipping in every pool, and not putting all their eggs in one basket.

However, they had something in common: Blueborns were the shareholders of these industries, with an average of 10 to 20% control of the companies.

This was why the Cerulean empire could immediately respond to crises involving the socio-economic field, since the royal family had generally, control over the largest companies in every field. They generally had a "let it grow on its own" mindset until there is a possible problem that involves the entire empire.

So far, the empire's royal family had only exercised this control of theirs 100 times in the past 25,000,000 years that the empire had existed.

The structure of information in this empire was quite mature compared to that of the Galactic Empire. According to the dream of one of the computer engineers that helped prop the program, all their data is stored in the main server, which is protected by the A.I. program of theirs.

Within the main server, there are multiple, weaker A.I. programs that hold different types of information, secured and ensured that no one can easily access the information they do not have a clearance of.

The Mainframe A.I. and the smaller A.I. program act as a two-way system to protect the data they needed.

However, I merely laughed at this method of protection, because if the System was given a chance, it would devour the other A.I. programs directly, including the information it contained. Hmm, should I give an order for it to do that? But I don't want to tank the economy and delay the progress of the empire.

Maybe, just devour the smaller A.I. programs, and leave the mainframe A.I. alone? Hopefully, that's enough for the system to grow once again. If not, I'll probably have to move to another empire and repeat the process.

I released a sigh. I'll complete first my trip around the empire before deciding. There's still a lot of places to visit, roughly 9.8e+39 planets. I didn't plan to go on each and every planet, though. Only those that I fancied and were quite close to one another, hehe. After all, the domain owned by the Cerulean empire spanned supercl.u.s.ters and galaxies.

I feel sad though, that I can't even eat the food here because I don't even have a Universal Bank account. The universal bank is considered a banking system equally controlled by different universal empires, roughly all the bigshot empires. The currency that they used was the Universal note.

The account I had in the Galactic Empire was not usable without paying a lot of money for conversion fees, and that would mean I would leave a traceable footprint for the alter ident.i.ty, Homer Simpson.

I headed to one of the main branches of the Universal Bank in the Empire, roughly 2e+15 light-years away from my current location, attempting to open an account. I was guided to one of the terminals to register and create the account. It was actually a surprise for me since I only needed to fill in some data concerning my ident.i.ty. It didn't require me to place any identification cards from any of the empires.

He used the system to gather the data in the server of the Universal Bank. He was once again surprised because he managed to gather the data of roughly 9e+228 different accounts, learning their contents and whatnot.

There are so many people affiliated with the Universal Bank, huh. I'm quite curious, how many beings are there in the universe? Maybe, just maybe, the number of accounts that the System gathered is just a small portion.

I didn't have any use for it now, but at least if I needed to screw someone because of what they did to me, I would have a form of access to their accounts and donate all their money and fortune, hehe.

After a few minutes, the terminal beeped and produced a card which I tapped to my smart.w.a.tch, syncing the program inside the card to the smart.w.a.tch.

I officially now have a Universal Bank account. Balance: 0.

I left the bank premises and attempted to look for p.a.w.n shops or small-time auction houses to sell some goods. This was where he was blocked: he needed a proof of identification. Ugh, this is quite a ha.s.sle.

Leaving empty-handed, I thought to myself if I should visit black markets like what I did in Arder planet. Tempting, but with risk, but still a viable option.

I'll do that then when I return in the future if I'm still poor. However, I could also use Homer Simpson in the Galactic Empire to auction items...

Time Twister 83 Pov: Exploring Another Empire

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