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//Fourth Heaven~//

Within Nihilla's dimension, four beautiful girls were having tea and cakes at a fancy wooden table floating in the nothingness which made up the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

"I really think you should make some stuff Nihilla, it's so boring here.." Seris complained as she munched on her chocolate cake.

"No! It's perfect as it is so stop asking!" Nihilla pouted as she angrily bit into her cake like she wanted to destroy it.

"Seris is right Nihilla, you'll see so many wonderful things if you just create something." Elowen said as she elegantly sipped her tea, her long eyelashes fluttering unconsciously.

"No matter what you create, it has to be symmetrical otherwise it's an abomination." Levathel added as she carefully flicked the page of the magazine she was reading. It was full of symmetrically sound pictures which eased Levathel's spirit.

As Seris was about to scoff at Levathel's remark, she let out a small gasp. "Oh s.h.i.+t!"

All four girls felt the same thing, an ominous feeling.

"Mother has lost it..again." Elowen whispered fearfully as she broke her tea cup from clutching too tightly.

Nihilla nodded her cute little head as she hugged her knees and s.h.i.+vered in fright. "Mama's mad!"

"L-l-l-let's just s-s-stay here and hide!" Levathel suggested as her armored dress flashed with various runes forming an unfathomable s.h.i.+eld around her.

The four girls nodded their heads in agreement and continued to eat the cakes with increasing intensity, their hands shaking uncontrollably.

//Outside Nihilla's realm, at the base of the mountain~//

Beside the impossibly tall mountain a group of t.i.tans had gathered in a round circle, all were sitting on simple thrones made from the exquisite materials that could be found in abundance in the fourth heaven. This was the resting spot for t.i.tans returning from the sacred mountain.

The forests that surrounded the mountain were endless like fields of gra.s.s. Their trunks were wider than planets with heights that reached the distant sky.

Spiritual Qi which was in abundance in the fourth heaven was so thick that it had solidified. Many clouds of it hovered about the forest grounds allowing beasts of untold power to exist.

Yet these beasts were but small bugs compared to all the mountainous t.i.tans who had gathered.

Cthulhu sighed as his tentacle beard drooped. "Brother Sol, hasn't big sister been sealed long enough? She didn't do anything wrong.."

The t.i.tan beside Cthulhu was made from primordial flames, his skin was charred rock and magma flowed through his glowing veins. His white hair fluttered wildly as it burned s.p.a.ce itself. He was Sol, t.i.tan of light and fire.

Sol shook his head and replied. "She wanted to descend to the lower heavens when the Allmother explicitly told us not to. Although it is true that ants now defile our beautiful creation, it's a fact that we must not leave. Eon merely enforced this rule."

Cthulhu snorted. "Humph! If brother Eon didn't gang up on sister Eos with Palladus, Gaius and Tartara, he would have never stood a chance. He's lucky he only lost a finger!"

"It was indeed quite cowardly, though don't fret brother Cthulhu; sister Eos will escape from Tartara's clutches eventually, it's only a matter of time." A t.i.tan sitting across from Cthulhu and Sol commented.

His form was nude, human in appearance with healthy bronze skin and long jet black hair with every strand being the width of a world. His muscles bulged and swelled to the absolute pinnacle of perfection, greek G.o.ds could only sigh at their inadequacy compared to his divine form. He had four powerful arms and pointy ears, his face handsome beyond measure. He was Atul, t.i.tan of strength, mind and soul.

Cthulhu's snake eyes lit up as he nodded his head in agreement. "You're right brother Atul! When she escapes I'll be there along side her to seek a little justice from brother Eon."

Sol was about to say something but stopped. His body shuddered and the fiery stars he had for eyes changed to a cold blue. He stood up and began walking towards the middle of the circle where a strange golden vortex had suddenly appeared. Each of his steps causing immense quakes on the ground.

Cthulhu saw this and became curious, looking around several of the other t.i.tans including Atul were showing that their eyes had become blue; all of which were walking towards the center of the circle. Those who's eyes hadn't turned blue were quite baffled at the sudden development.

"Brother Sol! Where are you going?" Cthulhu called out.

"The Allmother calls...sinners must be punished." Sol replied in almost robotic voice devoid of emotion as if he were not himself.

One by one the t.i.tans disappeared into the golden vortex.

"The Allmother?!" Cthulhu gasped in shock.

I AM GOD! 81 Titans Descent P3

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