The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise Chapter 735 - Master of the fu family (4)

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Chapter 735: Master of the fu family (4)

As outsiders, it was not appropriate for Fu Zhi’s people to interfere in the Ouyang family’s Affairs. They could only watch from the side. For the entire night, the b.l.o.o.d.y battle that Ouyang Feng had thought would happen did not happen. Ouyang ya and Ouyang Jing were subdued and sent to the legal agency for investigation. The mechanical beast was released from the forbidden area. The hidden guards brought their weapons and followed the advanced instructors to release the students and elders in the conference hall. Cang lang helped to repair the Ouyang family’s computer system. In the past, the Ouyang family was xenophobic. If they were not from the Ouyang family, they were not allowed to stay in the main family to come into contact with these things that the higher – ups came into contact with. But now, Cang lang and the others were brought here by Fu Zhi. Fu Zhi knew this and that, and she was the country’s daughter. All these years, wasn’t the Ouyang family trying to get on the side of the country, curry favor with the country, sell the gun design to the country, and improve the family’s prestige and enrich the family’s wallet? In the end, all these years, he had never had a proper opportunity to contact the country. Now, the daughter of the person he wanted to curry favor with had come to his house and was told that this person was related to his family by blood. Then I’ll tell you the truth. Wufu was not a member of the Ouyang family even if she did not please Fu Zhi! As long as the country only had one daughter and no other children, Fu Zhi would have the right to inherit China. Fu Zhi would still be the fu Zhi of the Ouyang family. Rounding it up, the Ouyang family and the country were one family! As a result, even the elders of the Ouyang family dragged their exhausted bodies to follow Fu Zhi around. After all, the Ouyang family had suffered a lot of war. After the war, the repair work was ordered to be arranged, and it took half a month to recover. During this period, Fu Zhi was extremely annoyed with the elders and simply closed the door to avoid guests, only communicating with Ouyang sui. As for Ouyang sui, although he wasn’t as obvious as the other elders, he also hoped that Fu Zhi wouldn’t waste her time on her studies and could stay in the Ouyang family. The conversation between the two of them every day was like a chicken talking to a duck, playing the zither to a cow, and pouring out their hearts. Ouyang sui’s eyes were filled with tears.”It’s really G.o.d’s blessing that you can grow up so big without father’s embrace. I’ve already discussed with the other family heads and will choose you as the new family head in three days. From now on, as long as it’s the Ouyang family’s private property, it will be in your pocket!” Fu Zhi rested her chin on her hand.”You said that you haven’t seen this ring since the death of the previous master. Someone must have deliberately let it suddenly appear in my pocket.” There was also a disadvantage to sneaking into the Ouyang family by avoiding the surveillance video. It was that there was no way to screen the people who had the opportunity to touch her clothes from the surveillance video. The suet jade ring that had disappeared for more than ten years suddenly appeared in his hand. At first, the elders ‘reaction upon hearing this was that Ouyang Jing was protecting Fu Zhi from heaven. But Fu Zhi felt that something was wrong. This was a society ruled by law, so there were no monsters or G.o.ds. The so – called blessing of the old master was also someone who had helped her get to where she was today. The two of them each had their own worries and concerns. While the two of them were talking, the results of the college entrance examination were finally out! In the half a month that the teachers had been marking the papers and calculating the scores, Song Fang, Lu Yumo, and the others were like wild horses that had escaped their reins. They would go to the internet cafe to play games for the rest of their lives. On the day of the release of the scores, Fu Zhi was talking to Ouyang huanai. Ouyang Huancheng, who was unwilling to get involved in all kinds of trouble and would join if she couldn’t win, would visit her grandfather in prison every few days. She also actively cooperated with Fu Zhi to reorganize the Ouyang family, trying to get Fu Zhi to settle a few scores with Ouyang Jing. Suddenly, the phone on the table rang. The moment she picked it up, she heard Lu Yumo and Song Fang’s screams.”Zhizhi, I got 488 marks!” “Sister Zhi, I actually scored 500 points! It’s set at 598 points!!!” The first sentence was shouted by Lu Yumo, and the second sentence was said by Song Fang. This score couldn’t be compared to a real top student, but it was high enough for the two of them. However, Fu Zhi was more concerned about ye Jiu and Awakener’s results. Just as she was about to ask about it in the WeChat group, she saw everyone’s messages expressing their emotions one after another. Fat Sports Committee member: [ 554. Score higher than weight. Peak of life!] [@Fuzhi, Zhizhi, I got 600 points!!!] w.a.n.g Yu: [F * ck, you guys are all above 550?] [I’m crying. I only got 548 points … Can I still go to the same university as you guys …] Wake up: [@w.a.n.gyu, Pat my head. 548 is also very high. The questions this year are difficult, but the cut – off point for a first – tier University shouldn’t be too high. Let’s strive to go to Beijing and follow Zhizhi~] Then, one by one, the people in the group appeared and consoled w.a.n.g Yu, followed by someone tagging Fu Zhi and asking,””Is sister Zhi in? What was going on? How many points did you get?” Seeing that everyone kept tagging after reporting their results, Fu Zhi finally replied,”I haven’t checked yet.” After he finished, he said, She then looked at the scores of w.a.n.g Yu and the others in the group. This time, ye Jiu had relied on luck to test her abilities. She had scored 680 points and had steadily pa.s.sed the admission score requirement of Qing University. As for the other people in the group, although they had improved from the previous total score of 200 to 300, they did not have much hope of getting into Qing University. Last year, the lowest score for a city’s Qing university students was 658. Although this year’s questions were very difficult, for top students, a little more difficulty would only widen the gap between them and ordinary people. It would not affect them much. This year’s admission threshold would be lower by ten points at most. However, even though Song Fang and the rest could not go to Qing University, they could go to the better universities in Beijing, such as hang University or Normal University. At this time, Ouyang Huancheng, who had seen Fu zhiqun’s message, also urged Fu Zhi,”your cla.s.smate asked you to check your results. Do you know the process? Quickly go and check it out. ” The results of the college entrance examination were of utmost importance. Ouyang Huancheng had also been a student who had scored more than 680 marks in her exams. Most outstanding people developed in all aspects. She also had the pride of a top student and … Although she didn’t say it clearly, she was still dissatisfied with Fu Zhi because of Ouyang Jing’s matter. However, Fu Zhi had been in a favorable position, so she had swallowed her anger and stayed by Fu Zhi’s side to help her with her plans. She couldn’t win against Fu Zhi in a shooting compet.i.tion. If she could beat Fu Zhi in the results, she would feel refreshed. In fact, there were many people who were also looking forward to seeing Fu Zhi’s results. This was especially true for a Tieba that was formed by all the candidates in the country. The bar friends inside were very active. All the previous candidates were mixed in, guessing which province this year’s National top scorer would be from. Many people guessed that they were the top students in City z, which was known as the province with the most examinations. Of course, some people guessed that it was Fu Zhi, who was in the limelight recently. However, there were a lot of doubts under this post: [City a’s No. 1 high school isn’t even ranked in the top 100 high schools in the country. I know it’s impossible when I hear this name!] [The ‘Big Boss’ who publicly said that this year’s college entrance examination questions were simple?] I’m waiting for her to become the number one scholar in the country~] [Some people are just shameless for the sake of traffic!- [Hehe, op, please let her get the first place in the country. Out of 750, if she misses out on a single point, I’ll use this one point to flame her to death!] The Tieba even posted the scores of several known big shots and sent out the votes for the top scorer in each province and the country. At this time, Fu Zhi had already entered her ID number and admission ticket number to check her results under Song Fang’s urging. At the same time, on Tieba, someone suddenly posted a post about city a: [Breaking news! The cut – off point for a city’s science subjects is 435. The current highest score in first middle school is Lu chuwan, 665 points!] Out of a full score of 750,665 was already a pretty good score. And the highest score in the college entrance examination of No. 1 high school last year was only 672 points! The experts of the college entrance examination in a city had also made a prediction. They felt that the highest score in a city this year would be hovering around the borderline of 670 points! Who would have thought that Lu chuwan could still score so high even after going to prison to undergo reform? Even song Fang was dumbfounded. Although he knew that ye Jiu’s score alone was enough to beat Lu chuwan, let alone Fu Zhi ‘s, he was still stunned. Before she saw Fu Zhi’s Chinese score, which was not developing steadily, she was worried again. He sat on the sofa in the internet café, even more nervous and excited than the person involved.”Have you found out? How many points? More than 700? Can he beat up those big bosses in the city?” Fu Zhi was confused. Fu Zhi furrowed her eyebrows.”Why do you want to compete with them?” “Of course we have to compete with them!” Song Fang immediately perked up.”Lu chuwan got more than 600 points with your review materials. The top candidates from City z and city s also got more than 700 points, with the highest being 738 points. Whether she can be the top scorer in the country all depends on this!” Fu Zhi was speechless. Needless to say, Song Fang had high expectations of her. The page on the phone was still a little jammed. Ouyang huanzhi stretched her neck to look around and gloated,””From what your cla.s.smate said, this year’s top scorer in each province has quite high scores. It’s a little difficult for you to win the champions.h.i.+p, but as the old saying goes, as long as you have a dream, miracles will happen.” “Although other people get 738, if you’re not careful, you get 74 …” 8. Before he could finish his words, the mobile page suddenly restored the internet. In an instant, Fu Zhi’s results popped up on the page! Ouyang huanxuan’s pupils trembled as he looked at the score in disbelief! “How is this possible …” She mumbled subconsciously, her eyes falling on Fu Zhi’s results, unable to come back to her senses for a long time. Song Fang’s voice sounded again on the phone.”How is it? How was it? Sister Zhi, did you see the score?” The young man’s clear voice pulled Ouyang huanye back to reality. Ouyang huanye rubbed his eyes and shook his head. He once again looked at Fu Zhi’s results, trying to see a reversal. However, As a sniper, her better vision allowed her to clearly see Fu Zhi’s results on her phone. Mathematics, 150 points. 150 points. English, 150 points. Comprehensive science, 300 points. Total score: 770 points. Ouyang Huan was speechless. Your mom’s full score is 750. Give me 770. For a moment, Ouyang Huan did not know what to say. She had thought that her college entrance examination results back then had already left her in the dust, but looking back at Fu Zhi … The difference between the two of them was not just a little bit! Especially when she had done the Beijing exam and Fu Zhi had taken the National exam! Although it wasn’t as difficult as the province’s exam questions that were set individually, it was indeed much more difficult than the Beijing paper she took. Just as Ouyang HuanQi was feeling complicated, director Liu also sent a piece of good news to the official group chat of city A’s No. 1 high school.[I just received a call from the education Bureau. This year’s National top scorer is in our province, and it’s Fu Zhi! [Congratulations, student Fu Zhi, for raising your score to 770 points and bringing glory to the school and the province. The Ministry of Education has decided to award a scholars.h.i.+p of 100000 Yuan!] When this score came out, the group immediately exploded! Forget about the 750 points. Out of the extra 20 points, 10 of them were added by Fu Zhi at the International physics compet.i.tion. What about the other 10? The group began to discuss Fu Zhi’s score in full swing. After Fu Zhi replied to Song Fang’s message, she hung up the phone, took a screenshot of the results, and sent it to Xu Wei. In fact, it didn’t matter to Fu Zhi if she didn’t take the college entrance examination. She just wanted Xu Wei to have the pride of being a top student mother. Sure enough, Xu Wei, who saw Fu Zhi’s score, jumped three feet high! She was from the Wu La Nala family. Weiwei, today Balala’s energy helped her daughter become the National top scorer! Xu Wei spun and jumped with her eyes closed! After the great joy, she calmed down and fell into deep thought again. The daughter was hardworking, the sons were not to be outdone, and the husband worked hard at the company every day to earn money. Speaking of which, the only one in the family who was not very hardworking seemed to be … It was her? Xu Wei, who had suddenly discovered the dot, felt her heart being hit. Just as she was thinking that she should also find a factory to carry bricks and argue with, the elders of the Ouyang family had already rushed in after hearing the news. They cheered and flattered Fu Zhi.”Master, you’re amazing! You’re actually the National top scorer! You’re really giving our family face!” ” 770 points! Who else could it be other than the child of our previous head?” “This won’t do. I have to get our official account to post our family head’s college entrance examination results and let everyone know how outstanding our family head is!” Fu Zhi was speechless. You don’t have to send me that. Fu Zhi, who didn’t want to have too much to do with the Ouyang family, said coldly, “Don’t mention anything about me on the official Weibo. I don’t have any intention of disclosing my relations.h.i.+p with the Ouyang family. In fact, I didn’t explain it to you clearly because I was busy repairing the Ouyang family. Since you’re all here today, I’ll be brief. ” “I won’t be the family head, and I won’t stay in the Ouyang family.” “What?” Seeing that the elders of the Ouyang family were in disbelief and were about to dissuade them, Fu Zhi raised her hand to signal them to shut up and continued to speak faster,””I don’t want to revive the family, and the family’s revival shouldn’t be done by squeezing me alone. I’ll leave after the matter with Ouyang Jing is over, and the family head will let Ouyang Yue continue to hold the position or reelect a capable person.” “But how can we do that? He doesn’t have Ouyang Zhui’s bloodline!” An elder straightened his neck and said,”Fu Zhi, the heavens are about to give you a great responsibility!” The greater your ability, the greater your achievements will be! Letting you become the family head is firstly to train you, and secondly, it’s to give you some benefits for the sake of the previous family head! You, on the other hand, are still being picky even though you’re sitting in a seat that everyone is fighting for! Don’t tell me that you want to have our family’s blood flowing in your veins for no reason and not give everything to the family? You’re too selfish and scary!” What did he mean by not being the head of the family and leaving? When Ouyang Zhui was still around, he was helping the Ouyang family design firearms even before his death! Exhausted and unable to sleep at night, dying of exhaustion before the age of fifty! Now that they had given birth to Fu Zhi, they hadn’t even asked her to stay at the Ouyang family’s house and design guns all day. She had so many requests and didn’t have any sense of responsibility at all! What great things could he achieve? The elders “aggressiveness was practically written on their faces. Fu Zhi looked at their hypocritical and self – righteous faces and suddenly became angry. What did he mean by giving everything to the family as long as the family’s blood flowed in them? Not to mention that the Ouyang family had never given her a single cent since she was born, even if they gave her millions or tens of millions, would it be worth it for her to risk her life? “The blood of the Ouyang clan flows in my veins, but it’s not just Ouyang Zhui’s blood! If you want me to give something to the Ouyang family, you should first ask what you have brought to the Ouyang family!” “No one educated me. I was born to pay for the Ouyang family! The repayment I gave to the Ouyang family was already clear when li Nanli and I came to the Ouyang family to rescue you and detoxify the neurotoxins. ” “It’s the responsibility of you elders to revitalize the Ouyang clan! If you can’t even set an example, you should understand what it means to not do what you don’t want to do to others!” Seeing that Fu Zhi was really angry and not to be trifled with, Ouyang sui and Ouyang Feng looked at each other and saw the solemness in each other’s eyes. She quickly pulled the other elders to apologize to Fu Zhi.”Zhizhi, you’re right. It’s everyone’s responsibility to revitalize the Ouyang family. It shouldn’t just fall on you! At your age, your studies are more important. Let Ouyang Yue continue to be the head of the family. When you want it, you can come back and take it!” Fu Zhi’s status meant that the elders of the Ouyang family could no longer suppress her like they did to Ouyang Zhui. Everything could only be done step by step and planned slowly. There were always elders in the clan who felt that they could use the matter of bloodline to make Fu Zhi lower her head. However, in reality, Ouyang Feng knew that Fu Zhi could help them quash the Ouyang clan’s rebellion and could easily find people to destroy the Ouyang clan. Even if Ouyang sui and Ouyang Feng had previously reported to Fu Zhi to help the Ouyang family rise to the next level, after today, they no longer dared to have such thoughts. It was probably because of an unpleasant relations.h.i.+p that Fu Zhi was not willing to stay in the Ouyang family. The news that she had become the top scorer in the National College Entrance Examination had caused an uproar. There were many reporters and fas.h.i.+on Weekly who wanted to interview President Li’s top student girlfriend. All of a sudden, she was in high demand again. Many real estate developers and school supplies looked for Fu Zhi to endorse their products, but she rejected them. However, the posts on the internet regarding Fu Zhi, the top student, had not died down. From time to time, someone would take out the posts under li Nanli’s Weibo, insulting the old man for eating young gra.s.s, and for coveting Fu Zhi’s good looks and good grades. Li Nanli had a good temper and liked all the comments praising Fu Zhi. In the end, he humbly replied to a Weibo post that asked if he had caught up with Fu Zhi,”[I did.] One of the netizens: […] Before the netizens could grab the opportunity to mock him seriously, they saw li Nanli change his official account name. Teasing Fu Zhi’s future husband v. One of the netizens: […] You’re still the best.

The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise Chapter 735 - Master of the fu family (4)

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