Walker Of The Worlds Chapter 1340 Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets

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1340 Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets

p、a,nd a-n、o、ve,l Learning that Senior Xukong knew of Body cultivation techniques was a huge relief for Lin Mu.

Back in the Xiaofan world, Xukong couldn’t really teach him any due to the fact that none of the techniques he had were suitable for Lin Mu’s cultivation base, nor the world that he was in.

All of them were at the immortal realm at the minimum, with the Mortal Strengthening Scripture being the only one that could be considered as the lowest technique. But even then, the Mortal Strengthening Scripture wasn’t a complete body cultivation technique.

Rather, it was meant to be a defensive technique that just happened to have a pa.s.sive effect of strengthening one’s body.

But now Lin Mu could fully utilize the techniques that Xukong knew.

Qi cultivation techniques were not something that Lin Mu needed since he was cultivating his own method, taking the primordial path. But he still needed the body cultivating techniques to progress further.

“As long as you have body cultivating techniques senior, even if we have to wander far it won’t be much of a problem.” Lin Mu replied.

“Hmm… that’s true. But the Holy Topaz continent, that is one of the main powers of this world right?” Xukong asked.

“Yes. From what I’ve heard, they are also the oldest independent power in the Rust Sky world and have existed for a long time. Their inheritance also focuses on body cultivation to a certain extent thus they are said to have the most resources for that.” Lin Mu answered.

“Very well, we can look there then.” Xukong agreed.

“That being said, what are the body cultivation techniques that you have senior?” Lin Mu was very interested in this.

After all, he would be cultivating them, and he couldn’t hold himself back from learning more about them.

“Ahahah….” Xukong couldn’t help but laugh seeing Lin Mu’s eagerness. ‘Guess he has still stayed the same inside.’ He thought.

“Very well, I’ll tell you then.” Xukong replied before taking a pause. “In truth, I know several body cultivation techniques. Possibly in the hundreds.” He revealed.

“Hundreds!?” Lin Mu was stunned.

“Yes… but among them the ones that can be used at the immortal realm are less than a half. And in those chosen one’s, there are only two that I think are worthy of you.” Xukong confirmed.

“Just two? Why so, Senior?” Lin Mu questioned.

“With your talent, it would be a shame if you cultivated the inferior ones. After all, if you have top grade techniques, why would you cultivate low grade ones?” Xukong answered.

“Ah, yes! That does make sense.” Lin Mu understood, nodding his head.

“Though… there is a third technique that is also on the same level as them. But the requirement to practice it are simply too high.” Xukong added.

“Too high? Please tell me more senior.” Lin Mu asked.

“Well… I guess I should start with the first technique. Let you know about all three of them.” Xukong replied.

“That would be great!” Lin Mu’s eyes brightened.

“The first technique is a body cultivation called as the Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets. It is in the highest grade immortal body cultivation techniques one can practice. It is a technique that was originally made by a great expert called as the Bull Tyrant.” Xukong started to explain.

“The bull tyrant?” Lin Mu found the name strange.

“Yes. He was actually an expert that was born from a beast and a human. Thus he was half beast, half man. Just due to this, he had a naturally tough body and high talent. At the same time though, it was said that his human parent had low Qi cultivation talent.

It just so happened that the Bull Tyrant was unable to progress much in Qi cultivation, no matter how much he tried. Thus to progress further, he resorted to body cultivation.

In earlier stages, his progress was rather fast, but after he reached the immortal realm, he faced a barrier. He couldn’t use normal body cultivating techniques. This was due to his mixed lineage.

A tough body meant that he couldn’t use normal body cultivation techniques to cultivate. His body would simply resist it. He needed something that could overcome that and make him even tougher.” Xukong explained, in detail.

Lin Mu was interested in this too and listened silently.

“But the bull tyrant’s endeavor came with a great difficulty. Within the limited scope of his world, he couldn’t find a body cultivation technique like that. His own blessed body had become a curse for his progress.

Thus, he ended up resorting to his own experience. He tapped into his own bloodline and unearthed its secrets. He figured out a technique that could even affect his bloodline and managed to make his own body cultivation technique.

That… was the Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets. It made use of the weakness of his bloodline and used that to temper his body further.” Xukong finished his explanation.

“That is rather intriguing. But what is the catch for this senior? You said this technique needs something extra to cultivate?” Lin Mu asked.

“Yes. Like I said before, he used the weakness of his bloodline to cultivate and make his new technique. And this weakness was another beast and its bloodline. It was called as the Tyrant Bull.

To cultivate the Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets, what you need is none other than the marrow of a Tyrant Bull.” Xukong answered.

“Huh… that was rather… obvious I guess.” Lin Mu said.

“Don’t take this lightly though. The Tyrant Bull is an Immortal beast that can flatten hundreds of kilometers of land in a single sprint. The highest cultivation base its kind can reach is above the Immortal realm.

For you, even finding a juvenile or young Tyrant Bull would be difficult.” Xukong elaborated.

“Are they rare beasts, Senior?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Not specifically. They vary from world to world, but you might still be able to find an inter-world trader that might be selling it.” Xukong answered.

“Ah, that’s better. At least we have a chance at finding it.” Lin Mu was relieved.

Walker Of The Worlds Chapter 1340 Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets

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