Walker Of The Worlds Chapter 1341 Three Apertures Invoking Technique

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1341 Three Apertures Invoking Technique

Lin Mu was rather enthusiastic now.

“As long as you find an inter-world trader specializing in beast materials, you will be able to start cultivating the Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets technique.” Xukong spoke.

Lin Hu nodded his head, noting down this beast in his memory.

“And what about the second technique, senior?” Lin Mu questioned next.

“The second technique is different in that it doesn’t need materials from a beast to cultivate. Instead, it needs special herbs and natural treasures to cultivate.” Xukong answered. “It is called as the Three Apertures Invoking Technique.” He revealed.

“Three Apertures Invoking Technique…” Lin Mu muttered under his breath before asking. “What’s special about this technique?”

“The Three Apertures Invoking Technique is actually the more orthodox body cultivating technique. It has existed for an unknown amount of time, and is older than the Tyrant Bull Marrow secrets.

Many experts use this technique, and you might meet them in the many worlds too. This will also make it a bit easier for you to find the needed resources for it.” Xukong’s words made Lin Mu a lot more hopeful about it.

“Though, with how many people cultivate this technique, the resources might still be in scarcity.” Lin Mu’s hope lowered a bit upon hearing Xukong’s words.

“What does this technique need, senior?” Lin Mu asked further.

“This technique needs Immortal Energies and Immortal Essences!” Xukong revealed.

“I think I’ve heard of them. I’ve seen that the Wood Spirit Tulip can produce Pure Wood Essence. That is a type of Immortal Essence right?” Lin Mu asked.

“Indeed. The Pure Wood Essence is one of the elemental variants of the Immortal Essences. You can also use it for cultivating this technique, but it would be too much of a waste. This isn’t a wood elemental body cultivating technique, after all.” Xukong replied.

“Ah… so I shouldn’t use it?” Lin Mu wondered what else he needed.

“The reason why this is one of the more orthodox body cultivation techniques is due to the fact that is only needs neutral, non-elemental immortal Essence. This is so that anyone can use it to cultivate, provided they got the resources.” Xukong stated.

“So where can I find the resources for this? Or rather… what form will they be available in?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Well, the basic form you can find them in is the Immortal Essence crystals. Similar to Spirit stones and immortal stones, these crystals are also found in mines. But they are a lot rarer than Immortal stone mines.

For an Immortal Essence Crystal mine to form, an area needs to have boundless vitality and a lot of life. Only then will these crystals be formed. Of course, there are other ways to make them too, but they aren’t that efficient either.” Xukong answered.

“And what are the other forms? Immortal Essence crystals aren’t the only ones, are they?” Lin Mu questioned in doubt.

“Of course they aren’t.” Xukong replied. “Another form of the resource is none other than alchemical pills. Or more specifically pills that are rich in Immortal Essence.” Xukong answered. “And you are in luck here, since you have one of the materials needed to make such pills.” He added.

“The Pure Wood Essence?” Lin Mu guessed. “But didn’t you say this technique isn’t of the wood element?” he asked doubtfully.

“Indeed. But even if it is a wood elemental material, it can still be used for it. A skilled Immortal pill alchemist who specializes in Body cultivation pills will be able to make suitable pills.

Such alchemists can very well convert the rich wood elemental essence into neutral immortal essence.” Xukong explained further.

“A pill alchemist that specializes in body cultivation pills… that is not going to be easy, is it?” Lin Mu read between the lines.

“Yes. Becoming an Immortal Pill Alchemist already takes a lot of talent, not to mention one that specializes in body cultivation pills. These are harder to find since the energy involved is not Qi.

They need to spend extra effort in learning to observe, a.n.a.lyze and manipulate the immortal essence. This needing longer time for them to become proficient in this.

With the time needed to do this, many alchemists would rather just churn out Immortal Qi pills and make a fortune. Honestly, I cannot blame them either, as it would be simply too much extra effort to learn them.

Which also makes finding such pill alchemist difficult.” Xukong clarified, not letting Lin Mu have empty hope.

“But… Since the Holy Topaz Empire is said to be specialized in body cultivation, there should definitely be such pill alchemists among them. I highly doubt they would be able to grow that much in body cultivation without at least a few hundred of them.” Xukong added.

“Of course!” Lin Mu’s eyes lit up once again.

Just learning about these two techniques had expanded Lin Mu’s horizons pertaining to body cultivation. It only made him that much more curious about the third body cultivation technique that Senior Xukong had spoken about.

“And the third one senior? What makes it so difficult to cultivate? Are the materials needed for them extremely rare?” Lin Mu asked with great curiosity.


Upon hearing this, Xukong sighed.

“This one… the third technique I spoke about is rather different. It doesn’t need external resources in the form of beast materials, or herbs, or even pills. What is needed is actually a very specific environment.” Xukong answered.

“A specific environment?” This was the first time nil Mu was hearing about such a requirement.

“Yes…” Xukong took a pause. “The Name of the technique is Deep Nether Vitriolic Baptism. It needs a Caustic Nether Spring to cultivate.” He revealed.

“Is it that hard to find?” Lin Mu asked.

“Not just that… it has a lot of difficulties,” Xukong spoke. “First of all… It is a very, very… VERY Painful body cultivation technique. And secondly, it belongs to the unorthodox path. Users of this technique will quite likely be targeted if discovered.” He explained.

Walker Of The Worlds Chapter 1341 Three Apertures Invoking Technique

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