Vampire's Slice Of Life Chapter 962 Refining Alea's Yin Energy*

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Chapter 962 Refining Alea’s Yin Energy*

Lith and Alea snapped out of their meditative state and looked at Lilith.

Lilith pointed at Alea and said, "Alea's at the peak of her realm and only some boost is needed for her to breakthrough. There's also some refinement needed before the ascension starts."

Lith tilted his head. "She needs my help?"

His mother was clearly saying that to him and not Alea.

Lilith nodded. "Helping her is helping yourself. You need to consume as much of her Yin energy as you can from little Alea. This way, her Yin will become purer and from your own Yang energy, she will get a good boost."

"…" Lith blinked and stared at his mother, as if she didn't just say all these things with a totally straight face.

Alea's eyes lit up. She smiled and getting up, held Lith's hand. "Little cousin, let's go refine some energies!"

Alea was not the innocent girl anymore to not understand what all of this meant. And she would never say no to intimate time with Lith! She genuinely loved it and was happy to do so.

In the meditation hall, only these three were present. Agalea had been here a while ago, but she left after getting a call from Jasmine, leaving Alea in Lilith's care.

Lith stood up and instead of leaving, asked, "How long do we have to do it?"

Lilith smiled softly and replied, "You and little Alea would know it yourself. Now go and prepare."

Lith nodded, and instead of leaving at once, walked up to Lilith and hugged her, surprising her.

Bringing his mouth closer to her ear, he whispered, "I'll make it up to you later, mom."

Lilith's body shook in response and under her amus.e.m.e.nt, Lith stole a kiss and left with Alea.

Blinking in surprise, Lilith touched her lips and stared in Lith's direction. "This boy… Where is he learning all this…"

Lith was aware of his circ.u.mstances. He had been away from home for such a long time and after coming back, like usual, his time was supposed to be spent with his mother and sister, but the ascension thing appeared out of nowhere and they had to rush.

Lith could figure out his mother, despite being unhappy for not getting to spend quality time, was supportive of Lith's ascension and didn't delay it.

Thus, Lith could only smile wryly and make some promises to keep her happy.

His method seemed to have worked with how Lilith stood in a daze and had a faint smile form on her face.


Lith walked with Alea into his bedroom.

Alea wrapped her arms around his shoulder and said with a big smile, "Little cousin, I didn't get to say it before, but I missed youuuuu~"

The cute elf's pointy ears twitched in response to her happy comment. Her emerald eyes twinkled brightly, and her face beamed with joy as she said that.

Lith smiled and placed his hand on Alea's face. Rubbing her moist lower lip with his thumb and feeling its softness, said, "I missed you too, Alea."

Feeling Lith's intense gaze, Alea smiled and brought her face closer to his. She closed her eyes and hummed, "Hmm…"

Nothing had to be said anymore. Lith kissed Alea and wrapped his arms around her waist, slowly moving them down.

Intertwining his tongue with Alea's, Lith tasted her sweet saliva and she tasted his rosy one.

Squeezing her b.u.t.tocks, Lith slowly undressed her and moved themselves towards the bed.

As Alea's robes were undone, Lith pushed her on the bed and got on top of her, kissing her neck and then moving.

The smooth, soft body, and the scent of flowers from Alea acted as aphrodisiac on Lith, arousing him greatly.

Licking around Alea's erect nipple, Lith incited a moan from her.

The pink pearl was a delight to taste and bite onto. And not keeping the other breast unattended, Lith kneaded like dough into whatever shape he desired.

Alea moaned once again and held Lith's head, trying to push him away from her sensitive nipple.

Lith stayed on his ground and after licking, biting, and pulling both of her nipples to his heart's content, licked his way down to her bald, smooth nethers.

"Ah… Lith~…" Alea softly called out as Lith's hot breath was felt on her exposed flower.

Lith parted Alea's legs and had a look at her glistening p.u.s.s.y.

The were slightly parted and the small f.u.c.khole was contracting and relaxing, inviting Lith to enter it.

'Not so soon,' thought Lith. Alea's Yin energy had to be refined first, and that meant bringing her to multiple Lith also had to consume it, so penetration had to wait.

Broadening his tongue, Lith gave Alea's p.u.s.s.y a long lick, making her body s.h.i.+ver.

"Ahh~" Alea moaned and clamped her legs.

Lith parted them again and went back to tasting the sweet juices slowly seeping out. Oh how much he had missed this taste.

Lith took his time and licked and sucked Alea's dripping honeypot. It was when he felt she was getting restless did he get serious and slowly insert a finger inside her warm

Alea's insides tightened up on Lith's fingers, as if trying to crush them. He grazed it against the walls and pushed them deeper, eventually curling at a spot only he knew of.

"Ohhhhh!" Alea suddenly clamped her legs once again, this time moaning out loud as Lith touched her weak spot!

Knowing he had hit the right place, Lith continued curling his middle and ring finger inside Alea's v.a.g.i.n.a, stimulating her further.

"Little cousin… Haah… Lith… go slow…" Alea clutched the bedsheets and said in between her moans.

Lith drew alphabets on Alea's c.l.i.t with his tongue and continued to curl his fingers, making her shake.

From a to b to c… all the way till z, Lith didn't stop!

"Ohhh… Ohhh… It's coming…" Alea moaned loudly.

Lith didn't slow down and bit on Alea's sensitive cli, tugging it upwards.

"Ahhhhhh!" Alea let out a screaming moan. Her back arched while her toes curled up.

Lith pinned her down and continued to bite on her c.l.i.t, making her shake intensely while moaning.

Lewd love juice gushed out of her p.u.s.s.y as she went through her o.r.g.a.s.m. Lith gulped it all down without wasting a single drop.

A cool sensation spread from his throat and stomach as the juices went in. Lith could feel his energy surging.

'Dual cultivation sure is amazing, heh.' Lith thought.

Alea's physique was special. Lith had made use of her and ascended to Half King Rank, but who would've thought that this time they would need both ascend together and also need each other.

Alea had to be filled with Lith's Yang energy, but first, he prioritized drinking as much of her Yin energy as he could to refine it to a greater purity.

Vampire's Slice Of Life Chapter 962 Refining Alea's Yin Energy*

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