Vampire's Slice Of Life Chapter 963 Alea's Tribulation**

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Chapter 963 Alea’s Tribulation**

In Lith's luxurious bedroom, the scent of roses was overpowered by the scent of herbs.

Lith's bed was drenched with Alea's juices as she went through multiple, and was the reason for the lewd scent.

Alea was currently on her knees, bending on a pillow with her back arched, giving Lith a complete view of her innocent elven p.u.s.s.y.

Lith took his clothes off and rubbed his raging dragon on Alea's moist slit, lubricating it.

He had stopped feeling the cool sensation a while ago from drinking Alea's Yin essence. This meant it was properly purified and didn't need more refining.

Lith confirmed it with Alea, and here they were now, about to begin round two where she was supposed to be filled with his Yang essence.

Wriggling her b.u.t.t, Alea said with a m.u.f.fle voice, "Liffl cuffsun… Puff iff innff!"

Lith chuckled and slapped Alea's smooth, tender a.s.s. It jiggled like jelly and had a handprint etched on it.

"Patience, lady." Lith was craving it more than her, but going in without lubrication would be b.l.o.o.d.y, literally.

Having lubricated his shaft properly, Lith used his thumbs and stretched Alea's, getting a good look at her pink insides.

Positioning his shaft on the breathing hole, Lith slowly penetrated Alea's p.u.s.s.y.

"Oomphhh…" Alea moaned as she felt full, warm feeling pulsate her insides.

The movement was slow at first, but with how drenched Alea was, Lith knew the innocent elf craved anything but innocent, wholesome s.e.x.

Giving her what she needs, Lith intensified his thrusts, resulting in loud flesh slapping sounds to reverberate in the room.

Juices rained out and flew everywhere while Lith's dragon was getting choked in Alea's tight fleshy den.

What started as an intimate movement turned into a wild ride, with the bed squeaking and moving along with the two's intense rhythm.

After what was Lith's longest period of abstinence, he finally gave in as the la la lands of fluff and warmth pulled him into their loving embrace, grunting in pleasure and joyously painting the wonderland with a shade of white.

Feeling the hot s.e.m.e.n shoot all the way inside her womb, Alea's body shook once again and she went through an o.r.g.a.s.m.

Though this time, she quickly recovered and focused on storing the violent Yang energy roaring in her body.

Alea channeled the energy to her Magic Core and after a few seconds, the overall temperature of the world inside her core was raised by a degree due to how hot the energy was.

Nothing could be done about it. Alea's physique did not allow absorption of Yang energy, but she could store it and use it later during her ascension, which was what she was initially instructed to do.


Three days later.

Lith and Alea walked out of the bedroom, after totally messing it up.

The bedsheets were all soaked and crumpled up, the vase and the table lamp was broken with various pieces of parchment lying on the floor, stained with suspicious liquids.

The condition of the room was at its absolute worst after being clean and well maintained for two centuries.

Not only was the room messed up; beneath their robes, Lith and Alea's body contained a lot of scratches, and bruises.

Lith's back was full of scratches from Alea's nails while Alea's b.u.t.t was a dark shade of red, her arms and legs bruised up along with her p.u.s.s.y lips being swollen red from the intense pounding.

Alea was having trouble walking and was supported by Lith as they made their way towards the meditation hall.

If one didn't know better, they would simply think Alea was injured from a battle or something.

Slowly but surely, the two reached the meditation hall once again.

Lilith was standing there, waiting for them.

As she noticed the way they were walking, she facepalmed and gasped. "Oh my…"

Lith brought Alea towards his mother and let go of her. He cleared his throat and said, "The thing you asked us to do is done, mom."

Lilith smiled and shook her head. "I never said you had to do it so early. Look at what you've done to poor Alea."

Alea giggled in response and said, "Aunty, I actually like this feeling."

"Some restraint would've been better." Lilith pa.s.sed a light-

hearted comment and then went to the important topic.

"Anyway, since you're both prepared, we'll first begin with little Alea's ascension. Baby, you'll be watching her and learning, while Alea, I hope you're prepared for the tribulation."

Alea nodded her head. "I'm ready, aunty."

"Good. Let's move to the Ascension Hall. Your mother is waiting there for us."

Saying so, Lilith teleported away from the meditation hall and went to the Ascension Hall.

This Ascension Hall was more like an arena, surrounded by an oval pavilion for spectators to sit on.

This was the same place Lith had broken through to the Half King Rank and now this was going to be the place for his ascension to King Rank.

Alea drank a potion given by Lilith and walked towards the middle of the arena, feeling refreshed and energized.

She sat down on the ground, cross-legged, and took a deep breath, channeling the elemental energies from around the world into her Magic Core.

Lith watched closely and didn't even blink. His innocent, dumb, gullible Alea now seemed serious. It had its charm and Lith was trying to etch this moment into his memory.

As Alea absorbed more elemental energy, her six elemental cores lit up and poured their energies into her main core, expanding it and filling it to the brim.

As the limits of the Half King Rank were reached, the energies within the core pushed through the threshold and intruded upon the King Rank territory.

Right as Alea touched the higher realm, dark tribulation clouds formed above her, thundering and roaring at her.

Instead of Lightning, vines grew from the arena ground and whipped the air, turning into fleshy tendrils of poison.

These vines rushed at Alea and threatened to rip her apart.

Without getting up from her place, Alea closed her eyes and touched the ground below.

Loud rumbling sound resonated in everyone's ears and in an instant, the entire ground beside her turned into a giant crater.

The vines were uprooted and lost their source of nutrients, losing functionality and turning into dried husks.

The clouds rumbled furiously, as if angry at watching such a scene unfold.

The dark clouds slightly parted in their midst of rumbling, revealing a path for the moon's radiance to radiate on the ground.

Under the moonlight, thousands of red-colored predator b.u.t.terflies spiraled their way downwards.

Lith knitted his brows at this time, watching that, and thought, 'The Scarlet b.u.t.terflies? Isn't this tribulation too much for Alea?'

Lith didn't voice his thoughts out and stared at the tribulation, wondering how she would go through this.

Vampire's Slice Of Life Chapter 963 Alea's Tribulation**

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