All My Disciples Suck! Chapter 636

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Chapter 636

Chapter 636: This sky belongs to us third-test players

“What the h.e.l.l! This isn’t how my Cold Ice Intent should be used!” First Iceman fainted in anger.

It’s over!

This time, even if he jumped to the Yellow River, he couldn’t wash himself!

“This is impossible! How could the power of intent suddenly become so much bigger. It’s fake, it’s all fake!” Hu Yanzhuo sat down and shouted frantically with a trembling hand.

“How did it happen?”

“Yeah, it didn’t burn their blood essence and didn’t activate the second gear, how did they do it?”

“This is unreasonable!”

At this moment, even the first and second test players, as well as the third-test Demon players and even the forum friends opened their mouths in unison in confusion.

Why did they suddenly get stronger?

At this moment, the corner of Illusion’s mouth, who was watching the live broadcast, curled up.

Hahahahaha, didn’t expect it!

The power of this Barabara Little Magic Fairy Transformation Stick is just so powerful!

Want to know the principle?

Illusion skillfully typed out a string of pop-ups in the live broadcast.

“This transformation stick contains an extremely subtle design concept within it…”

However, very quickly, this pop-up from Illusion was crushed by 9,999 pop-ups.

“Is this the power of women’s clothing?”

Illusion was unconvinced and continued to knock the pop-up.

“The essence is to seal the power of the first and second test big brothers’ Intent into it, and when the third-test players inject their cultivation…”

“Too strong, is this the battle power of the female big brothers?”

“It is possible to obtain immense power… equivalent to a Colored Intent…”

“This, is the power of women’s clothing! The G.o.d of Women’s Clothing, bless them!”

Illusion: “????”

Can you guys stop for a second and be normal?

“Patriarch Hu, don’t panic!” But right at this moment, the Ancient Sect’s Patriarch from the Tian Yuan Domain and the Ten Thousand Mountain Sect’s Patriarch from the Ten Thousand Mountains Domain took a step forward in unison.

“Tianyuan Ancient Formation!!!”

“Ten Thousand Mountain Formation!!!”

Without saying a word, the two let out a low roar in unison!


In the s.p.a.ce of a breath, a ten-thousand-meter giant silver-colored glowing Ancient Formation emerged with a roar!

And a ten-thousand-meter ma.s.sive avatar emerged horizontally, exuding an aura that crushed everything!

“No matter how hard these fellows try, the gap in strength, is absolute!”

“Not bad, don’t panic, we, 30,000 cultivators, outnumber them, and with this grand formation that has been pa.s.sed down for thousands of years, we definitely won’t lose!”

The Patriarch of the Tian Yuan Ancient Sect, and the Master of the Ten Thousand Mountain Sect spoke in unison.

The situation at this moment was three against one!

Three grand formations, fighting the players’ one ice dragon!

“Brothers, let these guys see how tough we are!!!” However, with a roar from one player, all the female-dressed third-test players roared in unison.

Skillfully, they pulled out another thing.

A second Barabara Little Magic Fairy Transformation Stick.

“???” Hu Yanzhuo and the others were dumbfounded.

What the h.e.l.l… there’s another one?

“Barabara Little Magic Fairy, Second Transformation!!!” With more than four thousand third-test human players roaring in unison!


A huge aura erupted out!

Instead of increasing, the material used for the female clothing of the four thousand or so third-test Human players decreased!

The skirts were shorter.

The makeup was thicker.

Perfectly interpreted! The less clothes, the stronger they were! The cla.s.sic law of war!

But the most shocking…

“Barabara Little Magic Fairy Fourth Change… Five Fireb.a.l.l.s!!!”

As more than 4,000 third-test human players yelled, the power of the Major Achievement level Fire Intent exploded, coalescing in the void and transforming into a ma.s.sive fireball with a diameter of 10,000 meters!

“Brother Fire’s was big, but ours bigger than him!” More than four thousand third-test human players roared in unison.


Strongest Fire Spell’s was originally taunting First Iceman, but at this moment, when he saw this scene, he directly gasped out a mouthful of old blood.

Hold the gra.s.s!

Just when everyone thought that this was already bullis.h.!.+

“Pull out again!”

The third-test human players roared in unison, surprisingly pulling out a third Barabara Little Magic Fairy Transformation Stick, and then skillfully biting down on it with their teeth.

“Three-stick technique! The sky is invincible!”

“Barabara Little Magic Fairy Fifth Transformation… Infinite Divine Wood!”

In the next moment, a ten-thousand-meter giant emerged with a bang!

“Brother Pillar’s was thick, but, ours are ten times thicker than him!!!”

The third-test human players opened their mouths one after another, each one of them proud as punch.


Thousand Hand Pillar was eating and directly sprayed it all out.

At this moment, the Earth friends in the live broadcast room were also silent.

Immediately afterward, the pop-up screen erupted once again!

“d.a.m.n, too shameless! These guys, they’re too d.a.m.n shameless!”

“Three Stick Technique, it’s actually Three Stick Technique! I seem to see Brother Zoro already crying in the toilet!”

“Is this the power of a female big brother? Love it love it!”

The Earth friends were in an uproar.

But at this moment, the battle situation once again took a shocking turn!

“d.a.m.n it, quick, three formations in one. Three formations in one!!!” Hu Yanzhuo was in a hurry!

The strength of the opponent was simply beyond his imagination. The three formations must be united, otherwise…

They couldn’t beat them!


In the next moment, the Departing Fire Formation, the Tian Yuan Ancient Formation and the Ten Thousand Heavy Mountain Formation, three immense and incomparable forces of formations, rumbled and fused together!

Along with a shocking aura erupting, an indescribable behemoth abruptly emerged!

A rock giant of ten thousand meters grasping a flame battle axe of ten thousand meters on his left hand, while in his right hand, he carried a silver battle s.h.i.+eld of ten thousand meters.

A terrifying existence transformed by the unification of the three formations!

“Hahahahahahahaha!” Hu Yanzhuo and the others couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh!

To be able to fuse the power of the three major battle formations so perfectly!

I’m afraid the other party would never be able to understand it in their entire lives.

A bunch of sc.u.m, wanting to fight with ouw three major domains?

Dream on!


“Brothers, the first test and second test bigwigs think we’re weaklings!

“Forum friends say we are the sc.u.m that has no potential!

“Even the third-test Demon Race bullied all of us Sea Wheels, saying we can’t compare to their fifth-order Demon Race!

“But brothers, tell me loudly, who are we?”

A third-test player stepped out with a loud roar!

ID: Welding Emperor!

“We are the strongest!!!” All the third-test human players shouted in unison!

The next moment…

“Appear!!! Strongest Susanoo!!!” With the shouts of over four thousand players!


Ice dragons, fireb.a.l.l.s, and the wooden giants fused together in unison!

In the s.p.a.ce of a breath ……

A sky-covering behemoth steeply surfaced in front of everyone!

A 10,000-meter giant wooden Susanoo steeply emerged, holding two fires!

Behind him were six pairs of ice wings that covered the sky!

Twelve-winged Susanoo!

Whether it’s the pressure emitted or the aura, it steadily crushed the three formations of the three major domains!

“Kill them, kill them!!!” Hu Yanzhuo and the other two shouted in panic, so the united three formations hurriedly went for the kill.

The ten-thousand-meter battle axe swung towards the wooden Susanoo!

However just at this moment ……

“See that sky?”

“This piece of sky belongs to us third-test players!!!”

“Fly! Our Susanoo!!!”

With the cries of the third-test human players!


The twelve large wings of cold ice behind the wooden Susanoo fluttered in unison, and the next moment…


The 10,000 meter huge wooden Susanoo unexpectedly rose up in the air!

“Flying… flying up?” Hu Yanzhuo and the others were dumbfounded.

Such a large wooden giant can still fly?



Seeing this scene, the first and second test bosses, as well as the forum friends all vomited blood in unison!

“Why can it fly?” Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Burn up! Endure!!!” However, more than four thousand third-test players suddenly roared in unison!

“sure-killing technique? There’s an sure-killing technique?” Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air!

“Exploding clothes!!!” In the next moment, all the third-test players let out a roar in unison, and their women’s clothes exploded in unison!

Almost simultaneously!

The Susanoo, who rose up in the air, fused the two flames, transforming them into the strongest strike!

A ma.s.sive flame greatsword of 40,000 meters in size!


Susanoo fell with a roar, and the huge flame greatsword of 40,000 meters fell.

With a single slash, the rock giant that was transformed by the unity of the three formations was slashed in two!

The huge flame greatsword fell with a roar, and then it directly split the 30,000 three domain allied army cultivators’ battle formation in half!

All My Disciples Suck! Chapter 636

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