All My Disciples Suck! Chapter 637

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Chapter 637

Chapter 637: Warm Wine Chopping Heavenly Pill [Part 1]

“It’s over… what Lord Ling Tianyu said was indeed correct! We, shouldn’t have listened to Hu Yanzhuo. That stupid guy ah…” When the three domain allied forces looked at the terrifying flame greatsword, which was entangled with the power of the Major Achievement Intent, chopping down, all of them gave up on escaping.

At this moment, everyone all waited for death.

There was no fight at all!


Between breaths, the 40,000 meter greatsword fell, and a ma.s.sive flame impact erupted.

With a single slash, it slaughtered more than 30,000 cultivators of the three domain alliance army.

However, after this strongest sure-kill strike attack by Susanoo was finished, it also exhausted all its power and slowly dissipated.

Amidst the huge sea of fire, more than four thousand naked third-test human players, standing proudly. They each held two Barabara Little Magic Fairy Transformation Stick, and another one in their mouths.

It was originally such a shocking and hot-blooded scene.

But looking at this scene, the first test, second test, and forum friends felt weird.


Everyone’s brains were full of question marks.

These are the third-test newbies?

They were a bunch of weaklings before, beaten into a miserable sc.u.m!

Why did they suddenly become so strong?

Forty thousand meter sword entangled with the power of intent. Even the first-test bosses aren’t able to do that!

I’m afraid…

Even Brother Ming couldn’t do it, right?


How the h.e.l.l did you do that?


Could it be…

“Maybe, this is the power of women’s clothing!” So soon, everyone was relieved.

Well, it made sense.

“That’s impossible…”

“Why is that so?”

“d.a.m.n it, my disciples… my elders… my army of cultivators!”

Hu Yanzhuo and the other two were in a mess, it was not easy to survive the force of that blow, so the three of them were also bruised and battered. Looking at the 30,000 cultivator army that had already been turned into ashes, the three were all sad and angry.

Immediately afterward, there was frenzied rage.

“I will kill you all!!!” The trio’s gazes turned and they had already lost their minds as they roared.

“Hahaha, sc.u.m, there’s only the three of you left, you will also be slaughtered by us!” The third-test human players laughed, and all of them once again raised their Barabara Little Demon Fairy Transformation Rods.

However ……

“Hold the gra.s.s, the power of intent has run out?”

“What, no power? Ah shucks, it’s out of power of intent?”

“Why is it gone at the critical moment! Ah, my cultivation has also been depleted! What should I do?”

The third-test player just raised their transformation sticks and shook it, only to find that it didn’t respond.

Trying to coalesce the Susanoo again, they realized that their cultivations were also depleted!

“Departing Fire Seal!!!” At this moment, Hu Yanzhuo raised his hand, and it was a flame palm print that was a thousand meters in size, directly crus.h.i.+ng down!

“Tianyuan Grand Formation!!!” The Tian Yuan Sect Patriarch also erupted with anger!

“Ten Thousand Mountain Formation!” The Ten Thousand Mountain Sect Sect Master even condensed a thousand meter mountain and pressed down horizontally!

“Grrrrrrrr! It’s over!” The third-test players looked up in unison and shouted out in terror.


But right at this moment, three figures came roaring in, unleas.h.i.+ng divine speed in the air, and within a breath, they appeared in front of the players.

“Susanoo… Martial Saint Guan Yu!!!” A figure let out a whisper, and behind him, a Susanoo emerged with a bang, ten meters tall, holding a Green Dragon Crescent Blade, emitting an astonis.h.i.+ngly incomparable overbearing aura!


This Martial Saint Guan Yu’s sword fell, and surprisingly directly chopped the thousand-meter-huge Departing Fire Seal alive!

ID: Use Three Swords!

“Susanoo, Zangetsu Twin Swords!” The second figure rose up into the air, and with a shake of his hands, two hundred meter giant swords emerged in unison!


The two swords intersected, and in one strike, they sliced that thousand meter mountain into four pieces!

ID:Pineapple Blowing Snow!

At this time, that Tianyuan Formation had already crushed down, and was about to suppress more than four thousand players.

“Susanoo, last sword!!!” An overwhelming sword shadow, from the bottom up, directly pierced through the Tianyuan Formation!

A figure killed through the Tian Yuan Grand Formation and stood in the air.

ID: Eat my last sword!

“Three early Sea Wheel Realms?” The trio were startled and looked at the three people in front of them with a bit of disbelief.

These three people, clearly didn’t control the power of the Major Achievement Intent!

Their cultivation level was only at the early stage of the Sea Wheel Realm as well!


Why are they so strong?

Simply ridiculously strong!

“Yo, you guys are really great. 4,000 to 30,000!”

“Leave this to us!”

“Not bad, I didn’t think rus.h.i.+ng here was the right thing to do, there are actually hard bones to chew!”

Use Three Sword, Pineapple Blowing Snow and Eat My Last Sword spoke in unison.

All My Disciples Suck! Chapter 637

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