Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start Chapter 1362: Return! Unstable!

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Chapter 1362: Return! Unstable!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“The Abyss is invading Earth again?!”

When the people from the Demon Hunting Team heard Chu Feng’s description, their expressions tensed up.

Liu Xian’er’s beautiful eyes were solemn.

“Big Brother Feng, how did you find out?”

“Isn’t there still time before the one-year deadline mentioned by the Demon Emperor?”

“How are Senior Hou Wudi and the others?”

Beside him, Li Peng and the others were also extremely nervous.

“With the power of the Abyss, how can humans withstand it?!”

“How’s Earth now?!”

After walking out of Earth, everyone saw how terrifying the true experts of the universe were. Compared to them, the humans on Earth were no different from toddlers.

Therefore, when they heard that the Abyss was invading again, everyone was extremely worried.

They all looked at Chu Feng.

“I’m not sure.”

Chu Feng could only shake his head.

“Just now, I obtained a stargate that can shuttle through the universe and connect to the star gate on Earth.”

“I vaguely heard some intermittent human voices. Beside me, there seemed to be a large number of demonic creatures roaring. Therefore, I’m guessing that the Abyss might have invaded Earth again.”

Hearing Chu Feng’s words, everyone fell silent.

They were extremely anxious.

Chu Feng took a deep breath and comforted them in a deep voice.

“Although I don’t know what happened, I think humans should still be around.”

“The Heaven Sealing Formation that isolated the Abyss from Earth should still be there.”

“Otherwise, if a top-notch existence like the Demon Emperor descends on Earth, humans won’t even have the strength to resist.”

This guess was not groundless. If the Demon Emperor had really descended on Earth, humans might have long been gone. How could they resist?

Based on his guess, Chu Feng felt that humans should be in danger now, but they should not be completely lost.

However, the exact reason was still unclear!

“Then let’s hurry home!”

Liu Xian’er said anxiously.

She could no longer suppress the excitement and worry in her heart.

Chu Feng nodded.

With a wave of his hand, the Mobile Stargate appeared in his hand again.

Without any hesitation, he entered the coordinates of Earth.

The next moment, in the middle of the towering Stargate, two tightly shut doors opened.

Chu Feng’s voice sounded in everyone’s ears.

“Defend your mind and remain vigilant. I don’t know what will happen next.”

Worried, Chu Feng instructed them.

After all, he was crossing the universe and void. At such a far distance, no one knew what might happen.

Fortunately, everyone was no longer as weak as when they first walked out of Earth.

They were above the Divine Lords and had Master G.o.d Weapons. They had already been completely reborn!

Then, Chu Feng did not delay any longer.

He took the lead.

He stepped into the Stargate.

Behind him, everyone threw themselves into it without hesitation.


The scene before them changed drastically.

It was as if a spatial pa.s.sageway had connected the Starlight Divine Continent to Earth.

The shadows around Chu Feng and the others changed. It was a scene of nothingness.

“Is anyone feeling unwell?”

Chu Feng asked via voice transmission.

Everyone shook their heads.

“I feel a little dizzy, but it’s not a big problem.”

Chu Feng nodded.

“That’s good. We can only wait quietly from now on.”

Everyone fell silent.

He silently waited for the moment the light appeared.

After an unknown period of time, it felt like an instant or a few months.

Finally, the light in front of him got closer and closer.

The next moment, everyone strode out.


A group of mighty figures gradually solidified.

Everyone was a little dizzy and staggered. It was difficult for them to even stand.

Even a group of Divine Lords were like this. It could be seen how far the spatial travel was.

Chu Feng was the strongest and was the first to adapt.

He directly sensed the Great Dao and confirmed the time.

“Fortunately, it only took a day and night.”

He could still accept this bit of time!

While everyone was awake, he hurriedly looked around.

It was actually the universe?!

“What’s going on?!”

The next moment, Chu Feng came to a realization.

“This… seems to be the s.p.a.ce inside the Earth’s Stargate!”

“We… are back?!”

Just as he was thinking, a slightly deep old voice suddenly sounded in Chu Feng’s ears.

There was a hint of surprise in his tone.

“Little fellow, is that you?”

Chu Feng looked over.

In front of them, a middle-aged phantom in a white robe was standing in front of everyone with a puzzled expression.

“Senior Spiritual Master!”

Chu Feng was delighted.

The guardian spirit of the Earth’s Stargate!

Back then, when Bing Yao gave him a hard time, this person had secretly helped him a lot.

Chu Feng had always remembered this favor.

The Spiritual Master looked at the people in front of him and was even more puzzled.

“Didn’t you go to the Third World to travel? Why are you back so soon?”

To a Spiritual Master, being separated from these little fellows for less than a year was no different from yesterday.

“And you guys… How did you get in? I didn’t sense that the Stargate had been opened.”

Chu Feng smiled faintly.

“I went out to train and accidentally obtained a gift from the Divine Emperor and the Green Emperor. I obtained a Mobile Stargate and can travel through the stargates everywhere in the universe at will.”

Hearing Chu Feng’s words, the Spiritual Master was almost scared silly. He was stunned.

“What did you say?!”

“Master’s Mobile Stargate?!”

“Also! You said that you’ve seen the Divine Emperor and the Green Emperor?!”

The Spiritual Master stammered.

Chu Feng smiled faintly.

“I’ve met the Green Emperor once, but I was not lucky enough to meet the Divine Emperor.”

The Spiritual Master’s mouth widened in disbelief.

Chu Feng did not have time to continue chatting with the Spiritual Master.

The situation on Earth was unclear.

Everyone was already eager to return home.

He hurriedly cupped his hands.

“Senior Spiritual Master, I’ll tell you in detail after I resolve the problem of the Abyss. Now, please open the Stargate and let us return to Earth.”

Although Chu Feng could easily leave with his people with the Mobile Stargate, this was undoubtedly too disrespectful to the Spiritual Master.

Hearing this, the Spiritual Master did not dare to be careless and hurriedly said, “That’s true. The Earth G.o.d Planet is indeed unstable now. In addition, you have to be careful when you go out later.”

“There are many Abyss Demon Race gathered outside the Stargate. They’re thinking of a way to open the Stargate. However, they don’t have enough Star Domain Essence and are still waiting.”

“There are even divine-grade demonic creatures among them. You have to be careful!”

He could sense that Chu Feng seemed to have yet to establish his Spiritual Abode. This meant that he was still below the divine-grade.

Facing these demonic creatures, he might not necessarily be able to gain an advantage.

As he spoke, the Spiritual Master’s eyes inadvertently swept across the people behind Chu Feng. He could not help but exclaim.

“Divine Lord?!”

“Oh my G.o.d! You’re all Divine Lords?!”

“How is that possible?!”

The Spiritual Master was stunned on the spot.

He had an impression of the Demon Hunting Team. After all, they had roamed the Stargate back then.

However… weren’t these guys not even divine-grade when they left?!

Chu Feng smiled faintly.

“We just had some opportunities.”

“Senior Spiritual Master, please let us out.”

The Spiritual Master nodded woodenly.

With a wave of his hand, he opened the Stargate.

Chu Feng and the others did not hesitate and walked in.

As for the Spiritual Master, he was still staring blankly at the departing crowd.

His eyes were filled with shock and disbelief!

What kind of opportunities could allow a group of people to cross dozens of small levels in a year?!

During the era of the Starlight G.o.d Dynasty, even the most monstrous geniuses could not do it!

What earth-shattering things had these little fellows done outside?!

Furthermore, the Spiritual Master was shocked to discover that those little fellows who were once extremely weak in his eyes had actually surpa.s.sed him in the blink of an eye…

The series of shocks even caused the Spiritual Master’s mind to go blank.

What was wrong with this world!!

Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start Chapter 1362: Return! Unstable!

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