Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start Chapter 1363 Familiar People

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Chapter 1363 Familiar People

At the same time, just as Chu Feng and the others were still talking to the Spiritual Master, outside the Stargate, in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle.

Undercurrents were surging.

Countless ferocious and brutal low-grade demonic creatures were circling the Stargate. They opened their scarlet eyes and kept roaring, displaying their b.e.s.t.i.a.l nature.

Some demonic creatures even hit the Stargate, trying to break it open.

Behind him, dozens of burly Minotaur Demons stood indifferently.

They chatted in low voices in boredom.

"Big Brother, did the Demon King say how long we brothers have to stay here?"

"It's so boring to guard such a lousy door every day and not be able to enter!"

"That's right, Big Brother. Look at the Demon Elephant Tribe and the Demon Wolf Tribe. They live a good life on the ground every day. Our brothers are also envious!"

"I heard that the meat people only have Hua Xia. After a while, I'm afraid those meat people will all be eaten! We won't even be able to get a share!"

"It's not easy to come to this Earth G.o.d Planet. This is too aggrieving!"

"Big Brother, why don't you tell the Demon King that it's time for us to change our defense…"

Hearing the discussions of the minotaurs beside him, the tall minotaur leader shouted angrily, "Alright! Shut up, all of you! A bunch of idiots!"

"It was no wonder those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Demon Wolf Tribe scolded us every day for being simple-minded and strong. It's really true!"

"Who do you think I am? Do you think I can bargain with the Demon King?"

"I'm only a Peak Lesser G.o.d. When the Demon King is angry, he can crush me with a finger!"

"Do you want me to court death?!"

The Minotaur Demon Leader looked helpless.

This was the case for their tribe. Before breaking through to the divine-grade, they had some intelligence, but not much. They could even say such stupid things!

Looking at the clansmen who were still in turmoil, the minotaur leader roared again.

"Alright, stop talking nonsense with me. Pull yourself together and guard the entrance to this Stargate! Be careful of sneak attacks by human experts!"

"The Demon King specially instructed that those cunning humans have some stargate authority and can send people in to train without the Star Domain Essence."

"Once they obtain some treasure and ruin the Demon King's plan, we will all die!"

Under the pressure of the minotaur leader, the other minotaurs could only agree reluctantly.

"Moo, got it, Big Brother."

However, there were still a few iron-headed minotaurs muttering indignantly.

"There are only a few ordinary divine-grade humans in total. Most of them are still trapped in Hua Xia by the Demon King. How can they have the ability to ambush us?"

"Even if they come, there are five Lesser G.o.d experts with us. Why should we be afraid of them? We'll beat their brains out!"

"Big Brother is just too timid…"

The Minotaur Demon Leader's face was black as he listened to these scattered complaints, but he could not be bothered to explain anything.

His clansmen did not have any brains, so he could not talk sense into them. He might as well let them be.

What the minotaurs did not notice was…

Hundreds of miles away, a group of human experts had already quietly approached.

The middle-aged man in the lead had a solemn expression and lightning-like eyes. However, his aura fluctuated slightly. Clearly, he had just experienced a long journey.

Behind the middle-aged man were a few blond men and more than ten young men and women.

Everyone crawled carefully, trying their best to keep their breathing to a minimum.

If Chu Feng were here, he would definitely be able to recognize him at a glance.

Their leader was Ye Qingtian!

He was once one of the three giants of the Hua Xia Dragon Group!

He had also helped Chu Feng a lot when he was weak!

He was also the most disrespectful old man in the Dragon Group!

Behind him was a group of Western Region experts, former alliance experts Ares, Quade, and Taylor!

They were all old acquaintances.

At the end of the team was the latest group of geniuses from the human race in recent days.

After the entire team was done resting, the leader, Ye Qingtian, had a cold expression. He was no longer as carefree as before. In its place was a deep determination.

He glanced at the people behind him.

Ye Qingtian sent a voice transmission.

"Everyone, we're here."

"Next, it will definitely be a b.l.o.o.d.y battle!"

"That Minotaur Demon Tribe has five Lesser G.o.d experts. Their leader is at the Peak of the Lesser G.o.d Realm, far beyond us."

"But we have no choice!"

"The Abyss has sent hundreds of millions of troops to sweep through Earth. Other than Hua Xia, all the land and sea have all fallen into the hands of those demonic brats!"

"Today, humanity has once again reached the point of survival!"

"The hope of the entire Alliance is on us! Even if we die, we have to rush into the Stargate and find a treasure that can resist that Abyssal Demon King!"

"Otherwise, humanity will be in danger!"

As he spoke, Ye Qingtian looked at the young men and women at the back.

"Especially you guys. As the only remaining geniuses of humanity, Boss Hou, Sister Hong, and the others have high hopes for you!"

"According to what Chu Feng once said, it's easier for young people like you to achieve good results in the Stargate."

"Therefore, even if we old things die in battle later, you have to charge in without looking back! Don't disappoint us!"

"Did you hear that?!"

Ye Qingtian's tone was irrefutable.

On the other side, the young people hurriedly nodded.

After a pause, Ye Qingtian added in a low voice, "I don't expect you to be able to always hold up the fort like that little monster Chu Feng. However, I do hope that you can bring a glimmer of hope to the entire human race!"

Hearing this, the eyes of most young people surged with excitement.

After such a short amount of time, could they also fight for humans like the legendary Senior Chu Feng?

After the first battle of the Abyssal Demonic Tide, Chu Feng's name had already resounded like thunder.

He was the hero of all humans!

The pride of all humans!

He was also the idol of the new generation of human geniuses!

As long as the young people heard Senior Chu Feng's name, they would be extremely excited.

However, a discordant voice came from the crowd.

A young girl with two ponytails muttered indifferently, "It's Senior Chu Feng again. I admit that he might have been very outstanding in the past. At his peak, he seemed to be an S-rank warrior, right? Oh, we call it the Profound Connection Realm now."

"But that's all in the past… Look at my brother. In less than a year, he has also reached the SS-rank, which is the Heaven Martial Realm. In terms of advancement, he doesn't seem to be inferior to that Senior Chu Feng, right? He's even far superior!"

The girl with two ponytails grabbed the arm of a young man beside her, her face filled with admiration. "According to those ancient books, my Brother Xuan was a rare genius even in ancient times!"

"As for our respected Senior Chu Feng, there's been no news of him after so long. Who knows when he will return…"



"Shut up!"

Before the girl could finish speaking, several berating voices could be heard…

Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start Chapter 1363 Familiar People

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