Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 842

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Chapter 842

But to Dio and Wanda’s surprise, this little guy inherited both their bloodlines at the same time.

Not only could he easily destroy the nursery box and bend the spoon in the air, at the moment, Dio also saw a Stand behind the child!

This was just a baby who had just been born a few weeks ago!

Tony and others did not know what to say about this talent.

Sure enough, the two ‘monsters’ must have given birth to a ‘little monster’!

Of course, this sentence was only thought in his heart. No one dared to say it out loud. Otherwise, they would be courting death!

Tony originally thought that his daughter would have a playmate in the future, but ever since he saw this little guy’s hand emit a golden light that easily suspended an adult in the air, he no longer thought this way.

His own ordinary child would not die without knowing how!

The child has not yet established his three views, and his hands are not light or heavy, and he can’t control his own innate ability. If there is an accident, there is no place to cry.

And his daughter is so young. Can’t she put it in the iron can now?

So forget it.

Fortunately, Dio and Wanda also know how ‘non-human’ their child is, so they don’t think of Dao as an ordinary child from the beginning.

It was the two of them who could bear the fun of playing with Dao. If it was someone else, they would definitely die and be crippled!

Friends who have seen the movie “The Devil Child Descends to the World” must be able to experience this feeling.


Another half year pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

In this period of time, the news about Spiderman killing the Mysterio eventually subsided.

Because everyone found that no matter how much they slandered and insulted Spiderman, he was still being himself as always.

In addition to the efforts of Stark Industries, they kept helping Peter wash away.

It also made Spiderman recognized by the people again.

As for those who believed that Spiderman was the murderer and did not deserve to be a superhero, who cared about their views?

Some things needed to be done, not talked with words.

Of course, after his ident.i.ty was exposed, Peter’s life trajectory was different.

First, his aunt Mei and Happy got married.

For some reason, he had a new uncle.

However, this could be considered a plus. After all, Happy was Tony’s confidant. This also made Iron Man and Spiderman, master and disciple, completely tied together. Of course, no one cared about this.

Then there was more and more revenge from the criminals.

Spider-Man hidden in the dark and the high school student Peter in the open were naturally easier to target.

However, after the kidnapping of the MJ, Peter’s protection of the people around him reached its peak.

Not only did he make use of the power of Stark Industry to arrange invisible armed drones to guard their safety 24 hours a day, but he also stepped up his effort to combat crime.

For those who touched his bottom line and wanted to retaliate, he also understood the principle of an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, no longer blindly being a saint.

All these changes were very gratifying in the eyes of the teacher Tony.

The next leader of the Avengers was probably Peter.

As for the topic that was always hot, where did the Avengers go?

Until now, they were still confused. No one knew the answer, and those who knew the answer would not say it.

This made the people very insecure!

This was actually the loophole that the mysterious guest had taken advantage of back then.


Are you asking the country about being embarra.s.sed?

Next question!


On this day, Dio and his family of three were playing ‘Murder Ball’ happily in the yard.

That’s right, it was the kind of killing ball that could kill people if they were not careful!

A bang!

Dio, who had set up the Waveball 108 form, launched a strong shot and blasted a huge hole in the ground!

If this. .h.i.t a person, it would be my loss if I didn’t hit them twice!

However, when the special netball bounced up,

Little Dao, who had only been six months old, suddenly appeared behind him. He held the special racket in his hand and pulled it back.

Then something unexpected happened!

The netball that was. .h.i.t suddenly disappeared!

But both Dio, who was playing with the child, and Wanda, who was watching the battle and acting as the referee, were not surprised.

Then a face suddenly appeared on Dio’s forehead!

It was just a game. Was there a need to use [King Crimson]?

The answer was… yes!


Through the prediction of the future, Dio still did not see any trajectory of the net, but he successfully saw the moment the net appeared from nothing!

So Dio quickly moved to the corner on the right side of the field, and in a tenth of a second, the net ball would appear here!


The disappeared net ball really appeared here out of thin air, and it bounced back with full force, flying backwards.

Dio smiled and said, “It’s still a hundred years too early to beat your father!”


The net ball flew to the opposite side like a shooting star and bounced up high.

This height was not something that Little Dao could touch at all. It was more or less the same if it was after transforming.

However, Little Dao seemed to be very happy. The Stand behind him disappeared, and a golden light suddenly flashed.

Then, the net racket wrapped in golden light flew into the sky at supersonic speed and even gathered some strength to complete a super high-alt.i.tude kill!

During the entire process, Little Dao sat on the ground from beginning to end. Not to mention moving, he did not even stand up.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he doesn’t know how to let me, your father, do it.”

Dio scolded with a smile, and [The World] immediately appeared behind him.

Big wood, big wood, big wood, big wood!

And the racket wrapped in golden light also showed an amazing reaction ability!

Fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting!

For a moment, a phantom image of a net ball was seen moving between the two fields at a high speed that was difficult to catch with the naked eye!

Wanda, who was standing at the side, could not help but reveal a gratified smile.

Ah, another peaceful day!

At this time, Nick Fury, who had come down from the Quinjet, saw this scene, and the corners of his eyes couldn’t help but twitch.

This family of monsters

His heart was roaring in anger!

And at this moment, unable to withstand the impact, the net racket wrapped in golden light suddenly emitted a cracking sound, and then the broken net racket instantly brushed past Nick Fury’s head and flew over.

And directly blew up the Quinjet behind him

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 842

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