Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 843

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Chapter 843

When the sound of an explosion came from behind him, Nick Fury froze. Then, he silently turned his head to look at the explosion. Then, he turned his head back as if nothing had happened and gently pressed his ear. “Get agent Romanov to send another Quinjet over. Don’t ask. It was just that he was accidentally blown up by a netball thrown by a baby!”

After ending the communication, Nick Fury looked at the family of three with a dark expression. He did not know where to start voting.

Of course, this soy egg was originally black, so there was nothing abnormal about it.

“Stop playing. There are guests.”

Seeing that Little Dao was about to stand up and fight with his father for another three hundred rounds, Wanda quickly stopped him.

Fortunately, Little Dao had early wisdom. After hearing his mother’s words, he just pouted, unfortunately, and then stretched out his hands in the direction of Wanda to ask for a hug.

Wanda’s heart was about to melt. He quickly ran over and picked up the baby. At the same time, he did not forget to complain, “You are already a father. Don’t you know to let the child win a little baby? Is this how you feel a sense of accomplishment?”

Dio originally wanted to make a declaration of the winner, but he almost vomited blood!

He could only put on an expression that he couldn’t afford to offend. He embarra.s.sedly threw away the distorted special net racket and came to Nick Fury.

“I’m sorry, the child’s hand is not light or heavy. There is no one else inside, right?”

Nick Fury’s face darkened again. Whose child could easily blow up a fighter jet

Why did this sentence sound so ironic?

Moreover, now you remember to ask if there was anyone inside?

Fortunately, I came alone. Otherwise, because of this kind of thing, I don’t even know how to explain it to others when I go back!

I beg you, bring your power elsewhere, okay?

After sighing, Nick Fury chose not to mention this matter anymore. Otherwise, he was afraid that it would be difficult for him to get out of here today, and he would be angry to death!

“The new s.p.a.ce-time machine has been successfully developed, and the speed of silver has reached the standard of activation.”

As soon as this was said, the expression on Dio’s face immediately became serious, “Have you tested it?”

Nick Fury nodded, “Bruce Wayne and Vision partic.i.p.ated in the test together and returned smoothly. From the intelligence a.n.a.lysis brought back, it is confirmed that the end of the world is Bruce Wayne’s original world.”

“Because I was afraid of alerting the enemy, I only explored the surroundings for ten minutes before returning.”

After a moment of silence, Nick Fury continued, “You are right this time. The Multiverse has already opened, and we will be in big trouble again.”

Dio, who was mentally prepared, sighed, “I would rather that guy be a liar.”

“I also hope, but the truth is right in front of us. We can’t escape. What do you think we should do next?”

In the face of the endless unknown world, even an old fox like Nick Fury was a little confused.

“There is no point in asking me. In fact, there is only one path in front of us. Let’s strike first! Because the world that opened the barrier to our world is not far from collapse. Once they invade our world first, it will be a more serious disaster.”

“So, regardless of whether it is for self-preservation or for other purposes, we can only help Bruce on this path.”

“Everything will be fine if I succeed, but if I failed. I just brought the result forward.”

“Instead of waiting to be beaten every day, I might as well take the initiative and take advantage of the situation to catch the enemy off guard!”

Nick Fury also agreed with Dio. After all, there was no reason to guard against thieves for a thousand days.


The danger of taking the initiative to attack is far greater than any major disaster we have experienced in the past, because the other party has the home advantage and the home ground. Moreover, our understanding of the world and dangerous people only comes from the words of that person,

If this is a trap, we may be completely wiped out.

“Another is the manpower. The number of people we can gather is limited, and the number of people is absolutely inferior. These problems have to be considered clearly.”

Dio admitted that Nick Fury’s worries were not unfounded, but he smiled, “You underestimate the man named Bruce Wayne. You can imagine how many times you can escape from that kind of h.e.l.l, and think of such a plan. The most important thing is that he really succeeded. Do you think such a person will fight a battle that you are not confident of?”

“As for the fact that you are worried that the person is lying, it might be a trap. I can’t rule out this possibility, but in the current situation, besides believing in him, we don’t have any better solutions, do we?”

“So my suggestion is that all the preparations for the next battle will be done around Bruce Wayne. He will satisfy whatever he wants. He will definitely be able to come up with the best solution.”

“Of course, we should also leave some cards to prevent ourselves from falling into the enemy’s trap.”

Nick Fury did not know why Dio had so much confidence in the guy from the other world, but perhaps this was really the last solution.

“I understand what you mean, but I need some time to arrange it.”

“It is right to be more cautious. I also need some time to deal with the matters here. In addition, perhaps this will be the last gathering of our generation’s avengers. There are some things that we should let them know.”

Nick Fury nodded heavily and was picked up by Natasha, who was driving a new Quinjet.

Since the plan had been set, there was no need to hesitate anymore. It was time to give it a try!

The reason why Dio believed that Batman could come up with a solution was naturally because he suddenly remembered that he had seen an explanation in a video of a B-station before he crossed over.

The story was about Batman dealing with the entire Justice League by himself!

In that parallel world, our Batman had already secretly developed a series of weapons to deal with the weaknesses of all the people in the Justice League!

Then, like a cheat, he punched Aquaman, kicked the Flash, sent Wonder Woman flying with a slap, and finally used his super armor to fight against Superman as if he had won!

It was true that he had really overturned the Justice League with his own strength, and it could be said that he had used his wisdom and talent to the limit.

It was incredible to do all this with a mortal body!

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 843

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