Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 669: Gold Falling From the Sky

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Chapter 669: Gold Falling From the Sky


Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Tani said immediately, “What’s wrong?”

Qurry shook her head. “I’m fine. My clothes are snagged.” Then, she secretly exerted strength. With a tearing sound, her clothes were torn.

Qurry continued to descend. She was not afraid of danger. The back of her hand was scratched by the crack and she was blinded. After countless difficulties, she finally reached the bottom of the crack…

The cat mother looked at the foot of the wall in confusion. When did the foot of the wall become so steep and difficult? Those who didn’t know better would think that it was a bottomless abyss.

Qurry wiped her sweat and smiled gently. “Kitty, don’t be afraid. I’m here to save you…” She reached out her hand.

The mother cat hissed and shouted a warning, helping the kittens back.

Qurry imagined that the cats would approach her and beg her to save their children like in novels. However, she didn’t know what was wrong with this cat mother. She kept retreating. She was speechless.

Qurry took another step forward. “Don’t be afraid. I’m here to save you and your children. Come, I’ll bring you up…”

The cat mother growled and retreated. Seeing that all the kittens were about to fall into the puddle, Qurry walked forward as if she couldn’t see them. “Don’t, don’t retreat anymore. It’s too dangerous…” She knew that the cat mother was wary of her, so she kept retreating. However, Qurry kept moving forward. Now, the kittens fell into the puddle and struggled in the water, crying miserably.

At this critical moment, a cat descended from the sky and jumped into the gap. It stepped on Qurry’s head!

Qurry was shocked and subconsciously retreated. In the end, her head hit the uneven wall with a bang. Through the screen, the netizens in the livestream felt pain for Qurry…

At the same time, on the fourth floor of the building where the crack was located.

Alex held a professional camera and leaned against the window. He captured everyone’s faces and voices clearly. Wasn’t it a livestream? Who didn’t know how to do it?

Alex lowered his voice and said, “Friends, I’ll bring you to the truth.” He even tagged Qurry’s account in the livestream and generously pointed the way. Then, he spent money to attract the flow. Anyway, he was not short of money!

Amelia clasped her hands and looked at the livestream curiously. “Wow, Daddy, there are so many people.” Her voice was soft and cute, and the livestream instantly became lively.

In the crevice downstairs, Gold stood in front of Qurry and looked at her coldly. Qurry was in so much pain that her tears fell. Her head was buzzing as she knelt on the ground with her hands on her head. “Ah, it hurts!” She looked up at the cat in front of her and was furious. Where did this cat come from! It made her head b.u.mp!

Qurry wiped off the blood on her hand and cried, “Boss, I’m injured. My head is spinning…”

Tani raised his cell phone and took a close-up of Qurry. Qurry’s clothes were torn and her body was dirty and wet. What was even more shocking was that her hands were covered in blood. When they looked back, her neck and clothes were also covered in blood. This was quite a violent collision!

“Are you alright?” Tani quickly asked, “Hurry up, come back up!” He said anxiously, but his eyes signaled Qurry to hold on a little longer.

Qurry was dizzy, but when she saw Tani’s expression, she said, “I… I’m fine. It’s all my fault for scaring the cats. I have to save them…”

The netizens in the livestream were instantly touched.

“Oh my G.o.d, the streamer is already in such a state, yet she’s still thinking of saving the cats!”

“There’s so much blood. Hurry up and go to the hospital!”

“If you really can’t do it, call the firemen!”

There were also netizens who sent gifts directly. There was an endless stream of all kinds of gifts in the livestream!

Qurry burst with joy when she heard the special effects. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely save all the cats…” She said as she crawled towards the waterhole…

Gold stood between Qurry and the cats. When he saw Qurry coming over, he slapped her!

Qurry quickly dodged to the side, but she forgot that she was in a crack. Not only behind her, but walls surrounded her on the sides too! This time, she hit the wall hard! This time, she hit her temple. She grunted and fell with her head in her hands. She curled up and screamed.

Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! Chapter 669: Gold Falling From the Sky

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