• Great God, I’ll Support You
  • Great God, I’ll Support You

  • Author(s) : Vague Speech - 浅淡语
  • Genres : Comedy - Romance
  • Status : ongoing
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  • Great God, I’ll Support You Summary:

    What are Attack and Defense? Who cares!
    Accuracy and Agility are fleeting! Hurry up and fly away!
    Ning Xin, she is the most idiotic of the idiotic rabbits, the most natural of the pure naturals. The first time she touched an online game, she skillfully created the rage-inducing “highest quality” character cursed by the heavens.
    At a loss at how to level up, unable to even kill monsters, well, at least we can still dig.
    System Notification: Mo Shang is examining your equipment.
    [Just Now] Mo Shang: . . . .
    [Just Now] Ning Xin: ? ? ?
    [Just Now] Mo Shang: How did you survive this long?
    [Just Now] Ning Xin: Mining ore gives experience, but levelling up is a little slow.
    After a seemingly endless wait, at last Mo Shang responded.
    [Just Now] Mo Shang: You are the deity here. . . . -_-lll
    Ning Xin paid it no mind. She wasn’t able to become a deity; however, she could still support one.
    [Just Now] Ning Xin: Great G.o.d, how about I support you!
    Following her statement, thunder surged overhead. In this way, First Ranked Great G.o.d Mo Shang was successfully taken in by the natural little idiot. . . .

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