Great God, I’ll Support You Chapter 6 Part1

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Nine tail fox is the Best

Mo Shang is a great G.o.d, and Ning xiu knows this information from the talk in the World Chat, but what is his rank?

Originally, Ning Xin did not want to consider this topic, and she did not have the leisure to consider this issue,because she was sitting on the silver dragon , all the way to the city of  Central Plains.

Mo Shang took the mount and brought Ningxin to the trainer. He carefully introduced her how to raise the pet egg.

Ning Xin listened to the instructions very seriously, and didn't notice any abnormalities around her.

[Current] Extraordinary son: Hey, I saw the great G.o.d!

[Current] sleepwalking and dreams: the great G.o.d! Take photo!

[Current] Gla.s.s: if i am seeing right then there is a small spiritual pivot around the great G.o.d.

[Current] extraordinary son: what! Is this a love affair ?

[Current] Turtles climb and climb: No, right? Mo Shang rejected the moon beauty , so his intention turns out to eat the young gra.s.s!

[Current] Gla.s.s: don't break my fragile heart,ohh  Mo shang !

[Current] Xiaoyue: La la la, i don't thMo shang so,Mo Shang  might still be interested in moon sister. This little spiritual pivot is only 75, she can't enter Mo shangs eye.

[Current] The tortoise climbed and climbed: Hey, this little girl  is still a newbie.

[Current] extraordinary son: what!

Being surrounded by a group of people, the thin skinned  Ning Xin found herself in  unbearable situation. What's more,  she seems to be the focus of a group of people. Ningxin decisively turned to Mo Shang  for help.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: why are they talking about you and me?

[Private chat] Mo Yan: Block them.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: how?

[Private chat] Mo shang: Press Ctrl V to block people. Then open the system settings and block the current channel.

Mo Shang instructed in a calm one. It seem that he was used to these  kind of things . Ning Xin did as instructed and closed the current chat system. Ning Xin finally thought of a problem is Mo Shang really that much famous ? The  focus of the world channel seems to have not left him.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: How do you check the rankings?

[Private chat] Mo Yan: What do you want to do?

[Private chat] Ning Xin: I want to check your ranking.

[Private chat] Mo shang: Little girl, are you trying to spy on me?

[Private chat] Ning Xin: [Cold sweat] I asked the wrong person, should not  have asked you.

[Private chat] Mo Yan: So, who can you ask besides me?

[Private chat] Ning Xin: Du Niang!

[Private chat] Mo Yan: I don't think that Du Niang will answer you.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: ...

[Private chat] Mo Yan: There is a love symbol in the upper left corner, click  it and  the leaderboard will open.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: So simple?

After clicking on the leaderboard, Ning Xin suddenly became scared. One by one, the rankings are shown. In exception to the rich List and the evil demon list , the name of the Great G.o.d is in the first place on every leaderboard. In other words, this one is the NO 1 of the "Myth" game.

This man in front of him is no 1 in the game. It is no wonder such big commotion caused when she was standing beside him . The difference between them is like heaven and the earth. It’s really a problem.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: [Cry] You are such a big character.

[Private chat] Mo Yan: Very surprised?

[Private chat] Ning Xin: I am beyond surprise, I am scared.

[Private chat] Mo Yan: am I that ugly? Just now you even said that BOSS is beautiful, I am not even as good as BOSS?

[Private chat] Ning Xin: ...

Is this called chicken talking with a duck?

(TL  notes : Chinese idiom:unable to understand one another; talking about two different things; getting one's wires crossed)

Ning Xin feels that her talk with Mo shang is completely out of sync.

[Private chat] Mo Yan: are you going to give up on me?

Ning Xin spat mouthful of water which resulted in her computer screen cleaning. Ning Xin is distressed by her own computer, and even more distressed her own fragile gla.s.s heart.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: ~~o(_

[Private chat] Mo Yan: you won't abandon me right?

[Private chat] Ning Xin: when was i responsible for you?

[Private chat] Mo Yan: Didn't you say that you want to raise me?

[Private chat] Ning Xin: yes.

[Private chat] Mo Yan: Then you are responsible for me.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: I...

Ning Xin found herself in a tight spot .She said that she will raise him,how could she have known that he was a  no 1 !

Originally she only said this because of mutual love and mutual help between friends.

She looked toward the sky, Ning Xin little heart was  hurt .

Ning Xin was a little angry and realized that it was not her fault .she had been led by this Mo Shang.

Who can blame her?

[Private chat] Ning Xin: I feel that even if I jump in the Yellow River, I can't wash the shame.

[Private chat] Mo Yan: Hey, just focus on the facts. What  great G.o.ds, they are just clouds.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: I hope all great G.o.ds are all air.

[Private chat] Mo shang: What do you mean?

[Private chat] Ning Xin: Nothing forget I said anything.

Great God, I’ll Support You Chapter 6 Part1

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