Great God, I’ll Support You Chapter 5 Part2

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[Private chat] Mo Shang: You have entered a hidden map, don't  move around randomly  you stay where you are , wait for me to come in and find you.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: Ok, I am waiting for you.

Hidden maps generally require conditional triggering. Sometimes it was necessary to complete a task, sometimes it is necessary to touch a hidden s.p.a.ce. The hidden map setting of Lingyun Snow Mountain is very unique. It required neither tasks nor to touch hidden s.p.a.ce. It is very simple and boring something n.o.body would have thought of doing ,chasing after the snow white fox!

The foxes in the snowy mountains are refreshed at regular intervals. After refres.h.i.+ng, they will run around on the snowy mountains. Of course, not all foxes will run around, and one of them will find a home , snow fox will  rush back to hide in old nest in the map. Knowing this principle, Mo Shang easily found the snow fox that ran towards home  in map after the system was refreshed. After the snow fox ran to the position where Ning Xin had just stood again, Mo Shang followed fox.

Mo Shang followed the snow fox , the key to unlocking the map. After the snow fox ran to a specific location, the system showed a prompt.

[System] snow fox: the sky is getting dark . I should go home. I have to be careful about the bad guys and hurry back to my mother.

Snow fox muttered to itself, After reaching the place his  screen displayed the map and information.Great G.o.d Mo Shang found himself in  blue lit underwater caves and standing in front of him Ning Xin.

[Private chat] Ning Xin:  you came! What is this place ?

[Private chat] Ink: The hidden snow fox nest.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: Fox nest? Why is the fox living in underground water cave?

[Private chat] Mo Shang: In the world of mythology, fox also lives on tree, so it is not weird  for the fox to live in the water.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: ...

Hearing the reply,Ning Xin has no idea what else can be used to describe her mood at the moment. It turns out that this great G.o.d also has a sense of  humor, but cold !

[Private chat] Mo Shang: Follow me.

Keeping Ning Xin  in the back,  Mo Shang carefully took the lead. Ning Xin looked at the broad back of the white swordsman feeling very safe. Two people tiptoed in the fox's underwater cave, suddenly  the little snow fox that brought them in the map came out again.

[System] Xue Meier: Ah, bad guys, mother, I am afraid!

Suddenly a white lights flashed. Mo Shang unconsciously deflect the white light like a fly, and  immediately defended the other with his body,before the attack hit Ningxin.

Ning Xin is safe, but Mo Zhen is sadly reminded. The damage was all transferred to his body, he instantly suffered  a damage of 4000 hp

[Private chat] Mo Shang: get back!

Ning Xin still did not respond to what had happened, but fortunately she was very obedient , and followed orders.

[Private chat] Mo Shang: When you meet BOSS, you stand afar and  help me restore my health.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: ... well... oh ok!

Ning Xin is very puzzled, and still did not understand the whole situation. For a  person who has been engaged in excavation for a long time, BOSS is a strange existence for her. She  watched as the nine-colored fox popped out from  the bottom of the hole, twisting her b.u.t.t and fanning out the tails . Ning Xin was at a loss of words.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: This BOSS is so beautiful, can we not fight her?

At this time, Mo Shang was being attacked  by BOSS, and while he was fighting, Mo Shang  replied.

[Private chat] Great G.o.d:  …........

At this time, Mo Shang was being ravaged by BOSS, and while he was fighting , Mo Shang was typing.

[Private chat]  Mo Shang :...

[Private chat] Ning Xin:? ? ? what's wrong? ? ?

You have to admit this Great G.o.d is indeed very good. He does not only calmly move, but also attacks skillfully and between he even has time to chat .

[Private chat] Mo Shang: so you are saying I should just stand here and get beaten by her?

(Realising his mistake)

[Private chat] Ning Xin: no, you  beat her, and I would cheer from back here!

The cooperation between weapon of ma.s.s destruction and mobile blood banks is indeed like super cheat. Although Ning Xin was a little startled at first, but she got the hang of it. Although the damage occur during the process of healing, the nine-color fox has just stared at her, and health of Mo Shang was restored.

The fight between the BOSS and the great G.o.d can only be described in one word  grinding! It was reasonable that in the fight between  these two people , the amount of ammunition will be the deciding factor . However, who was Ning Xin ? Spirit pivot girl with the MP of  13,000. Great G.o.d is a swordsman, physical attack and spell are his main frontier of attack, the consumption of ammunition is not very serious. Moreover, with Ning xiu any damage to him was instantly restored.

The result was obvious, the poor nine-color tailed  fox was ruined by these two unscrupulous people

[System] Riding the wind great G.o.d Mo Shang has swept across the great snow mountain ranges. The nine-color tailed fox has been defeated, Congratulations to the great G.o.d  and his battle  group, for completing the Lingyun Snow Mountain  test and winning the mysterious demon treasure.

As soon as the system news came out, the world chat started heating up.

[World] mad wind:when did he form a team?

[World] Flowing water:  demon treasure, what is it. Let's find out.

[World] Happy and joyful: I love you!

[World] Flowing Clouds: This is ridiculous.

[World] Bright sorrow: so you are saying that there is BOSS in the place where the bird does not even s.h.i.+t ?

[World] Dangdang: I don't know.

[World] Dangdang: Ibid.

The world chat was set ablazed by the fact that the Mo Shang  has won the demon treasure. Some were astonished while some congratulated general, however many were  envious and hated the fact that they could not obtain the treasure

Mo Shang ignored them , and opened two treasure boxes, one is a skill book, and the other one is a pet egg.

After seeing  the introduction of the skill book, Mo Shang felt that the snow mountain BOSS actually appeared here for him and Ning Xin. What a good BOSS.

To explain briefly, this skill is similar to the golden bell iron s.h.i.+rt. As long as you are put on this skill, in 10 seconds, you get additional attack power ! But  After using the skills, you will lose half of your MP.

After learning the skill , Mo Shang sent the pet egg to Ning Xin.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: What is this?

[Private chat] Mo Shang: Pet egg, it  will hatch snow fox, do you like it?

[Private chat] Ning Xin: Really! Thank you!

[Private chat] Mo Shang: No Thanks, this should belong to you.

Ning Xin held the pet egg in joy.

[Private chat] Ning Xin: How do this pet egg hatch ?

[Private chat] Mo Shang: you need to go to . Forget it, I will take you there...

Great God, I’ll Support You Chapter 5 Part2

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