The Best Actor's Courtship: Miss Scriptwriter, Please Love Me! Chapter 268 I've Seen You Somewhere

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Murong Yunxi merely felt a sense of giddiness and a tall, slender black shadow hovering over her. Subsequently, an overwhelming number of kisses rained down on her.

Gong Yu's lips wandered around Murong Yunxi's forehead, eyebrows, nose and cheeks. Eventually, they stopped on her delicate lips with a hint of an intention to tease.

Murong Yunxi was slightly annoyed by how mischievious Gong Yu was. Suddenly, her lips curled up into an evil smile and even her big black pupils were full of provocation, indicating that she was up to no good. That Murong Yunxi was slightly different and Gong Yu could not help but feel slightly surprised. However, he still liked it very much.

Murong Yunxi was like a little vamp who was slightly unbridled, a little mischievous and even slightly alluring.

Gong Yu fully cooperated with her and pretended to look afraid. He stared at her with a look of surprise and horror in his eyes. His acting skills were definitely top-notch. It was no wonder that he was the best actor and it was not a waste that he cultivated his skills for many years through his acting career.

Murong Yunxi looked at Gong Yu and burst out laughing. She then flipped over and went into a convulsion of laughter. She actually could not continue to act out the storyline that she originally planned out anymore.

Gong Yu raised his eyebrows and looked sideways at Murong Yunxi before he said in a disdainful tone, "Hey, be a little more professional. You were once the best actress. To think that you would actually have a blooper."

Murong Yunxi looked at Gong Yu's appearance and she reached out with her fist and hit Gong Yu's chest with a fake blow. Gong Yu waved Murong Yunxi's tiny fist away in one move and ripped off his s.h.i.+rt to reveal his bare chest.

Murong Yunxi was slightly surprised and asked in confusion, "You... What do you mean by this?"

Gong Yu looked at Murong Yun mindlessly. "You can hit me this way. Wouldn't this be more satisfying?"

Murong Yunxi looked at Gong Yu's strong muscles and was slightly stunned. The gentle glow of the room shone onto Gong Yu's body and illuminated every inch of his skin. The dimensions of his muscles looked even more evident on his body.

One had to admit that Gong Yu's figure was really good. Probably because he had practiced martial arts since young; every muscle on his body was just right, and not as awkward as those of fitness athletes. While she did not see him go to gym intentionally in recent years, his standard v line abs and eight packs were still there.

At that moment, Murong Yunxi actually found it rather pleasing to appreciate his body like that and she could not help but become obsessed with watching. Eventually, she even extended her fair fingers and poked them lightly twice.

The elasticity was great. It was solid but not stiff. The curve was also very good looking. It was seductive to look at his perfect curves.

As she thought about that, Murong Yunxi also took action. Her fingers lightly traced the lines of Gong Yu's muscles all the way down to his abdominal muscles.

Finally, Gong Yu caught her naughty fingers with his large hands when she reached his lower abdomen. He wrapped Murong Yunxi's tiny hands within his large palms. He placed her mischievous index finger between his front teeth and began to gnaw.

Murong Yunxi instantly realized that she had been tricked.

She slapped away Gong Yu's large hands hard and glared angrily at Gong Yu. "Hey! Be honest with me. Did you do that intentionally?"

Gong Yu looked back at Murong Yunxi innocently. "Oh? What do you mean by intentional? You were mischievous and I am merely catching the culprit."

"It's a conspiracy! It's an absolute conspiracy! It's beyond that... It is a cla.s.sic conspiracy!"

"h.e.l.lo? My wife, I am so indignant! You were the one who was seducing me."

"Seduce? Since when did I seduce you?"

"You were clearly very interested in my body? You were playing with it so happily!"

"Wasn't it because you stripped off your clothes to seduce me?"

When Gong Yu heard this, he gave an evil chuckle. He then leaned forward and placed his lips next to Murong Yunxi's ears before he whispered in a low seductive voice,

"Oh? So you mean that you find my body very charming?"

Gong Yu's husky voice was low and hoa.r.s.e with a kind of charm and it made Murong Yunxi feel as if all of her strength was drained from her whole body. She went with it and leaned into Gong Yu's arms.

Murong Yunxi instantly felt that she lacked strength in character. To think that she could not withstand the temptation. She could not help but criticize Gong Yu in her heart, 'This man was really s.a.d.i.s.tic, enchanting and deadly!'

Gong Yu was very satisfied with his performance and subsequently, he lunged forward and resumed their earlier business.

Kisses rained down again and they naturally proceeded with a battle that was as fickle as clouds and rain.

The next day, Murong Yunxi was awakened by the sound of firecrackers. When she opened her eyes, it was already empty next to her.

She flipped over and closed her eyes with the intention to sleep for a while longer but unexpectedly, someone knocked on the door lightly.

Murong Yunxi got up helplessly and dressed in her home clothes, before she walked over to open the door.

When she opened, the person whom she saw was actually Murong Lanxi. Murong Lanxi had a smile on her face. "Xiao Xi, you weren't up yet? Did the sound of firecrackers disturb your sleep last night?"

Murong Yunxi opened the door and left Murong Lanxi enter before she casually replied, "It was alright."

"You see, as your aunt, I did not prepare any present for you this big New Year. The key thing is that I do not know your preferences so I want to ask you out to go shopping together, and see if there's anything that you like. I will buy it for you as a gift."

"Oh, Aunt Lanxi, you are too kind. I don't lack anything so there is no need to! I appreciate your thoughts."

"This will not do. There must be a welcome gift, since this is the first New Year that I spend with you!"

"There is really no need to."

"Well, if you don't want it, then you are not giving me face, or you look down on me and don't want to be too close to me."

It was hard to refuse Murong Lanxi's warmhearted offer, and it was not appropriate for Murong Yunxi to continue to reject. However, she constantly felt that Murong Lanxi was certainly holding back a big move. Otherwise, she would not be so enthusiastic and thoughtful.

Although she was in a rather difficult position, Murong Yunxi eventually went out with Murong Lanxi.

Murong Lanxi took Murong Yunxi straight to the largest and most luxurious shopping mall in A City. Murong Yunxi had never been there before, as she did not have the financial ability previously. The things there were ridiculously expensive and the price was not something that she would even dare to imagine.

Later on, while Murong Yunxi had a certain level of financial ability, she was already used to living humbly and naturally lacked interest in that place.

She walked into the mall for the first time and it was indeed very different on the inside.

The decoration was splendid and brilliant; the dazzling array of goods were enough to amaze Murong Yunxi.

Of course, with such a level of spending power, the supporting services were even more premium.

Murong Lanxi hooked onto Murong Yunxi's arm intimately, then directly walked into a women's boutique.

Murong Yunxi had never seen nor heard of the brand for that women's boutique. While the clothes looked luxurious and premium, Murong Yunxi didn't like such ostentatious clothes.

Murong Lanxi seemed to like the brand very much. She selected several pieces of clothing and directly swiped her card without even asking how many pieces she took.

Murong Yunxi's concept of spending was not as casual. While she was not short of money at the moment and was able to afford the spending, she still didn't like Murong Lanxi's ways. Thus, the shopping pace of the two seemed to be mismatched, making Murong Yunxi lose a large portion of her interest in continuing to shop.

The two of them shopped in quite a few stores subsequently, but Murong Yunxi was still not very interested and she actually did not even purchase a single thing.

Murong Lanxi could not help but cling onto Murong Yunxi and ask, "Xiao Xi, are you tired or do you not like it here? Why aren't you buying anything? What do you like? I will buy it for you since I promised to get you a gift."

Murong Yunxi forced a smile. "There isn't anything that I really like!"

"Oh, is that so? In that case, let me take you to a shop. That shop is full of things for you young people. You'll surely like it."

After she said this, Murong Lanxi did not even ask if Murong Yunxi liked it or not and dragged her upstairs. The shop that Murong Lanxi mentioned was directly across from the elevator and it was indeed very different.

Murong Yunxi walked in and was first attracted by the interior decoration of the store. The color of the decoration in the store was very bold but it should have been a product made by a master. It was unique but not too exaggerated.

Murong Lanxi saw Murong Yunxi's eyes brighten and she began to brag as if she were presenting a treasure, "How is it, Xiao Xi? Do you like it? I knew you would like this store. Take your pick. Go ahead and buy anything that you like. I will buy it for you."

Murong Yunxi casually weaved between the racks. She did take fancy in a few pieces of clothing, but Murong Yunxi did not want to buy them all. At the very least, she did not want to buy them in the presence of Murong Lanxi because she would know what she chose. Murong Lanxi would rush to pay for them; she did not want to receive too much from Murong Lanxi.

Murong Yunxi thought that she could drag Gu Yuxuan there to shop again.

"Xiao Xi."

A familiar voice suddenly called out to Murong Yunxi. She turned to look and it happened to be Tong Nan whom she had not seen in a long time.

"Xiao Nan, what a coincidence to actually meet you here."

Murong Yunxi was slightly surprised to see Tong Nan there, since they have known each other for many years. While they had not kept in contact for a long time because of Gong Yu, in her heart, she was still elated.

Tong Nan seemed to have changed a lot. She was no longer like a child who had not grown up, like how she was in the past. Currently, she was actually quite mature and even looked more mature than Murong Yunxi.

"Yes, it is quite a coincidence. Xiao Xi, you seem pretty fine now!"

Murong Yunxi already found it hard to continue to shop with Murong Lanxi and since she had just met Tong Nan, she really wanted to use the opportunity to ditch Murong Lanxi.

"It's rare to see you. Are you busy today? "If you're not, why don't we find a place to seat?"

Tong Nan lifted her hand and took one glance at her phone. After a moment of hesitation, she said, "That works. But I can't go too far as I have to wait for a friend."

"Great! Wait for a moment."

After Murong Yunxi said that, she turned and walked up to Murong Lanxi who was picking out clothes. "Aunt, I am so sorry. I suddenly met a friend whom I have not seen in a long time. We'll end our shopping here today. You can head back first after you've finished looking around. You don't need to wait for me. We can go shopping together again next time when there's a chance."

Murong Lanxi was slightly reluctant to let it go and she turned to look at Tong Nan. However, she found her slightly familiar and so, she asked, "Your friend seems slightly familiar, it's as if I've seen her somewhere before."

The Best Actor's Courtship: Miss Scriptwriter, Please Love Me! Chapter 268 I've Seen You Somewhere

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