The Legend Of The Witch Girl Chapter 27

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Bai Yao went to the lake with the maid Lianyi following her. The lake was like a bright mirror today, with the suns.h.i.+ne pouring on the glinting water like silver s.h.i.+mmers on the green satin face.

In this beautiful scene, designed as an immortal mountain, a gaily-painted pleasure-boat was coming near. This boat was painted dark red and had an elegant shape, with the tail c.o.c.ked. The roof was golden, with lanterns hanging under it. When it came closer, Bai Yao found patterns of clouds on the body of the boat, with beautiful cavings on the windows.

She was curious why the boat so quiet. Shouldn’t there be someone singing a poem with a heptachord or painting on the board?

When she was thinking about this, someone stepped down from the boat to greet to her. “Lady Bai, our Prince invites you to the boat.” Then the servant waited for her to one side.

She guessed this was the Prince’s close servant, so his att.i.tude was a little arrogant. She waved to Lianyi to send her back, then she stepped onto the boat.

She took a careful look at the boat’s inner decorations. The pillars were made of sandalwood, with purple crystal beaded curtains hung vertically. A table made of a huge piece f white jade was set, carved with lotus motifs. Famous paintings and handwritings were hanging on the walls. What a luxurious style! She sighed.

She saw a black man’s shadow standing at the board. He was tall and magnificent against the picturesque blue sky and green water.

Bai Yao was stunned by this shadow. A picture appeared in her mind with the same gestures, with hands at the back. But the man in her mind was wearing a purple dress. This was the only difference.

When the man turned around, the two shadows began to merge, which made her feel a huge headache come upon her. She felt top-heavy and light-headed, thus she lifted her hand to support her head.

The man moved closer to hold her quickly, and asked, “Are you okay, Lady Bai?”

Bai Yao slowly recovered from the headache by rubbing her temples. Then she found herself somehow lying in the man’s embrace. She lifted up and walked away immediately, with her face turning red.

Then she got a chance to look at the appearance of the young man. He had a handsome face, with clear outlines, like an ancient Greek statue, and his eyes were dark and deep, like a whirlpool capable of absorbing your soul.

Was he the Prince?

“Bai Yao greets the Prince.” She half-bowed to salute to him.

The man squinted and seemed lost in thought.

Bai Yao . . . shouldn’t be like this.

He resumed his normal expression and said lightly, “Lady Bai, my father unexpectedly called my elder brother today, so he couldn’t come here to see you and asked me to take his place.”

Father? Brother? So . . . he was . . .? Bai Yao was confused. “Are you . . . ?”

“My name is Mo Kai.”

Mo Kai? She had heard this name from Lianyi—this was the second son of the emperor. Since he was indifferent to everything, and the stories about him were few.

Bai Yao lifted up her head, and being robbed by his deep eyes, she felt her heart was beating so hard. Quickly she lowered her head.

Mo Kai was staring at her. This Bai Yao was lovely, with an attractive face in pink like a peach blossom, with a fine jade pin of plum blossom. She was wearing a matching suit of pink with some plum blossom embroidery. A white ribbon was binding up her slim waste.

This type of Bai Yao was beautiful and adorable, but lacked some spirit.

What had she experienced?

Finding he kept silent for a long time, Bai Yao thought that she had offended him. She explained, “Second Prince, I am sorry that I fell into a pool some time ago, and so I lost my memories. If I carelessly offend you, please forgive me.”

So, she had lost all memories? How?

Though Mo Kai doubted this, he didn’t let her discover it. He nodded and then fell into silence again.

In a minute, the boat became quiet. Bai Yao felt a little awkward. He was a man and she was a girl, and they were just appreciating the landscape outside?

She broke the silence and asked, “Second Prince, have we meet before?”

Mo Kai raised his eyebrow and asked, “Why do you ask this question?”

“I felt that I was familiar with you. So I was thinking that perhaps we met somewhere before.” After saying this, Bai Yao regretted her words. She bit her lips and twisted her eyebrow, as if she had teased him.

Mo Kai laughed, which made her more embarra.s.sed. She lowered her head with chagrin as her whole face went crimson.

“I haven't met you before,” Mo Kai replied calmly. He was a little joyful in heart to see such a Bai Yao.

It was not bad to lose a memory, but . . .  Mo Kai shook his head and sighed secretly.

“So we have not.” Bai Yao felt more awkward. But she was not satisfied with this answer. Hadn’t they really met each other?

Bai Yao and Mo Kai began to watch the lake at the same time, except that the man was easygoing and the woman was ill at ease.

After some time, they went down from the boat. Mo Kai would have liked to see Bai Yao back to her home; however, Bai Yao wanted to stay longer with him. In any case, she hoped she could find the truth about whether they really knew each other. This man was the only one who had revived her memories, and she wouldn’t let go of the chance to bring back all of them.

Bai Yao was a little anxious, since they were approaching her home. She thought of an excuse. “I have lost all my memories, so I know nothing about the capital city, and my parents would not let me out usually. I am so bored at home; can we just hang around for a while?”

Mo Kai was at a loss by her requirement. He knew how important her reputation was, so he rejected immediately. “No, your dad and mom would be worried.”

“You are here. You can protect me, right?”

Mo Kai was shocked by her att.i.tude, so he figured out another reason. “You are a girl, unmarried. It is not suitable for you to stay with me.”

Bai Yao retorted, “I am a girl and I don’t care. How about you?” She was so angry that he refused her, even when she had asked this shamelessly.

Mo Kai was lost in thought.

Bai Yao was so irritated by his att.i.tude that she stood up to try jumping out from the carriage.

Mo Kai hurried to pull her back by holding her wrist. They both were both shocked by his movements.

Mo Kai’s ears turned red, but he quickly released her hand and agreed. “Okay, I will invite you to travel to the capital city tomorrow."

Bai Yao was surprised by his sudden change. Her happiness came so quickly that she didn’t know how to react.

“But now . . . let me send you home,” Mo Kai insisted.

Hearing this, Bai Yao sat down obediently, with the hopes of tomorrow coming earlier. 

The Legend Of The Witch Girl Chapter 27

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