The Legend Of The Witch Girl Chapter 28

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Mo Kai jumped down from the carriage when they arrived Bai Yao’s mansion. When the servants saw it was their lady coming back, they went out to put a step out for her to come down. Mo Kai parted the curtain to let her step out. Bai Yao’s face so beautiful in the sun at dusk.

Bai Yao stepped down and bowed to Mo Kai. “Thank you, Second Prince. My father is at home today. Would you like to have tea with us?”

Mo Kai was stunned that she was so direct that she would ask this question. Even Bai Yao’s maid blushed. She took Bai Yao aside and spoke to her secretly. “Lady, you are still unmarried. You should not invite a man to your family. You’d better go in now.”

Bai Yao went pink when she heard this. She nodded and stepped into the mansion. Suddenly, she stopped and turned back. Her long hair blew wildly in the wind.

Mo Kai was still standing beside the carriage. She saw him wearing a purple dress with light cyan orchid patterns. As if in seeing an illusion, she felt someone was calling her. “Yao, come to me.”

She also answered, “Yes, Master. . .” Then she felt a huge headache and suffered a blackout.

“Doctor, how is my daughter? Is this trouble serious?” Her mother was so nervous as the doctor wrote a medical treatment.

He picked up his medical box and comforted the old lady. “Don’t worry, Madam. Your daughter just fell unconscious because of her headache. I guess this is a result of losing her memories. I have prescribed some medicine to soothe the nerves. After taking this, she will be fine.”

Bai Yao’s mother came up to send the doctor away.

Suddenly, the maid Lianyi called, “Madam, my lady wakes up.”

Her mother hurried back to see her sitting on the edge of the bed. “Yao, why are you getting up? Lay down and rest.”

Bai Yao gave her a smile as an answer. “Mom, I am fine. No worry.”

Her mother relaxed and nodded.

Then, Bai Yao asked, “Did the Second Prince leave?”

The mother wasn’t prepared for her asking this just after reviving, so she said, “Yao, it was he who brought you in after you fell down. He said it is not good for him to stay here for a long time, and he let me tell you that if you feel uncomfortable, no need to come to the appointment tomorrow. Yao, what’s this appointment tomorrow?”

Yao simply told her the truth. “Mom, I asked him to take me to hang around in the capital city.”

“What? You are still a young lady. It is not suitable for you to go out with a man.”

Bai Yao had already guessed her mom would say this, so she said, “It’s only some traveling. Nothing else. . .” Before she finished, Bai Yu cam in wearing a red skirt. With her younger sister, was her maid, Ningxiang, following her with a square box in her hands.

Bai Yu greeted their mother. “Greetings, Mother. I come to see my sister. Sister, I heard you fell and blacked out just now. Are you feeling better?”

Bai Yao was a little sick with her, but she didn’t know why, as usual, so she just answered, “Thanks for your concern, my sister. The doctor already gave me a prescription. After having the medicine, I will be fine.”

Bai Yu laughed coldly in heart and thought, Concern? How can I care about you? How I hope you disappear from my world.

Bai Yu oppressed her hatred toward Bai Yao, smiling as an innocent, saying, “Sister, I have brought some incense to soothe nerves for you. Maybe this can help bring back your memories. Ningxiang, give me the incense.”

Ningxiang followed her command to take out the incense and lit it up. In a minute, the pleasing scent spread into the room. Their mother once worried if Bai Yu had put some poison in the incense, but since she was there herself, she didn’t think her second daughter would dare play any trick in front of her.

The mother thanked her as a chinchin. “Bai Yu, you are so thoughtful.”

Bai Yu said, “Mother, I just hope my sister can remember us as soon as possible.”

At supper time, Bai Yao insisted on having dinner with them. The prime minister also came back after a whole day’s busy work.

He cared about Bai Yao, so he asked her right upon arriving in the hall, “Yao, I just heard from the servants that you fell down today. Do you feel better now?”

“Dad, I have recovered. Thanks for your care.”

Her father nodded when he heard this reply. He looked at her, not knowing how to voice his worries. Finally, he asked her with curiosity, “Yao, did the Second Prince sent you back today?”

Bai Yao told him, “Dad, when I arrived at the boat, I only saw the Second Prince there. I doubted it back then, but he told me that occasionally Mo Xi had some business, so the Prince sent him to meet me. Dad, the Second Prince promised to take me traveling in the capital city in a few days.”

When her father heard about the last, his face darkened. “Ridiculous! You already have a person in your heart. He knew this for sure and he agreed to your requirement. How can he do this?! You are a young lady not yet married; don’t insult your family in this way! I know you lost your memories, but you should be aware of the basic customs.”

The father was so upset that he had lost his lovely obedient daughter after the accident. But he calmed down soon and began to instruct her again. “Yao, as a girl, you should be reserved. Don’t go to the appointment tomorrow!”

Bai Yao was so unhappy when she heard this. Bai Yu pretended to be loving her sister dearly. “Dad, sister just lost her memory. Please don’t rebuke her in such a loud voice. You will hurt her nerves. Besides, the Second Prince only invited her to travel. It is not a big deal. Anyway, the Prince must be satisfied with this arrangement, otherwise, he wouldn’t send the Second Prince to meet the sister at the boat.”

Bai Yu liked Mo Xi. She didn’t want her sister to have any opportunity to meet him. Since the Second Prince came into her world earlier, it was the best to let her sister have no time to meet the Prince. Bai Yu was so happy to see this happen that she would rather to bear their father’s complaints.

As she suggested, their father was so enraged with Bai Yu’s words that he patted the table. “Bai Yu, your sister just lost her memory. Have you lost your mind?”

“I am sorry if I offended you, Dad. I just want my sister to be happy. She never got a full picture of the capital city. I hope Dad can allow her to realize her wish.”

Bai Yao just didn’t understand why Bai Yu spoke for her. She could not understand for sure.

But when their father saw Bai Yao’s innocent but poor face, his mood turned back to love, and sighed. “I let you be, I let you be. . . Just don’t do anything improper. Do you understand me?”

Bai Yao nodded with joy. She smiled at Bai Yu to thank her.

Bai Yu also smiled at her. Bai Yao, if you knew my purpose, would you still being so grateful?

The Legend Of The Witch Girl Chapter 28

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