The Legend Of The Witch Girl Chapter 7

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No, this was impossible. Shui Linger felt her enthusiasm was tamped down by this discovery.

Why didn’t Ziqin push her away? How could he hold her so tightly?

Shui Linger’s heart was crying out. She understood that Ziqin was an indifferent one, and that n.o.body easily got close to him. Even she had to keep a distance by a step usually.

But she never thought that this Bai Yao could be different to him. She could feel his care for her.

She would not allow this to happen. Zi Qin should be hers.

Shui Linger stood outside the door. Her hands caught the doorframe tightly, until her fingers turned white.

Never mind. Zi Qin would be hers sooner or later. Bai Yao, though you are very powerful, I will drive you away from our Mt. Wushan.

Hearing the disciples’ discussion, Shui Linger laughed with pride. She looked down on Bai Yao as a sister.

Bai Yao knew that she was jealous of her. She had become the witch of Mt. Wushan, and she had caught the eyes of one who once belonged to her.

Bai Yao wanted to stop the conflict, but she had never been prepared that Shui Linger would hold on to this event so tightly and speak so much nonsense.

She said to her, “As I have explained, you are framing me.” She tried to make her att.i.tude clear that it was Shui Linger who was humiliating her.

However, Shui Linger held her shoulders and laughed at her. “You said I am framing you? This is Shui Linger who is talking to you, the granddaughter of the Elder of Mt. Wushan. Do I need to frame you?” Her questioning was so tricky.

Bai Yao sneered at her. She had no intention of quarreling with her, so she let Shui Linger talk by herself.

Zi Qin didn’t open his mouth. He wanted to know how would Bai Yao react to this crisis.

However, Bai Yao’s silence made the others think that she acknowledged the relations.h.i.+p with Zi Qin. The disciples believed Shui Linger’s accusation entirely.

n.o.body knew who spoke first to support Shui Linger.

“Sister Linger is so kind, how can she frame someone else?”

All the rest of the disciples discussed this loudly, and most of them supported Shui Linger, saying, “Truly, Sister Linger is the Elder’s granddaughter. She saw them together with her own eyes. This is not a mistake.”

“Bai Yao, anything else you would like to say for yourself?”

“Drive the Clan Rule breaker out.”

“Drive her out!”

“Get out from Mt. Wushan.”

In a minute, people all agreed to drive her away.

Bai Yao felt this situation was incredible.

She had underestimated the influence of Shui Linger at Mt. Wushan. Her defaming stories won all their hearts and they stood by her.

At first, she had thought to let them go by keeping silence. But Shui Linger had done too much.

“Shut up!” Bai Yao suddenly called out coldly. She couldn’t bear this kind of chaos.

Everybody was shocked by her strong stand.

So was Shui Linger. She never thought that Bai Yao had this strong strength, which she could feel from the air around her.

But soon Shui Linger got her calm back. She thought that Bai Yao was trying some meaningless struggle. She had no evidence to prove herself innocent.

Seeing everybody became silent, Bai Yao began to speak. “I am a student of Zi Qin. We are only master and disciple, nor do we have any closer relations.h.i.+p.” She tried to make the disciples give up their imaginative guessing.

Shui Linger continued her questioning. “This is only the explanation from you. n.o.body has seen if you do have any closer relations.h.i.+p.”

Bai Yao returned her the same reasoning. “Then do you have any evidence of us? Was that an accusation from you?” She walked to her step by step, pressuring her. “Only because you are the granddaughter, your words are more reliable than mine? I am the witch of Mt. Wushan, so should I say I am more reliable?”

On the Mt. Wushan, whoever's witchcraft was more powerful was the winner. Therefore, Bai Yao’s words were also reasonable.

Shui Linger didn’t know how to reply to her. She was at a loss for words.

“And you . . .” Bai Yao looked around to each of them coldly, saying, “. . . do you have so much time to care about others? Is this a good act for a witchcraft pract.i.tioner?”

Her words aroused different thoughts among the people. Some of them felt shameful, while others were still angry with her. And the rest chose to simply be the audience.

Zi Qin was so satisfied with Bai Yao’s reaction. So, his teachings these days were worthy.

“I saw you two together, so my words are trustworthy.” Shui Linger was still trying to confirm that she was speaking the truth, though her face was already irritated.

“Seen for yourself? Shui Linger, you eyes are lying to you.” Bai Yao denied her evidence with just one sentence.

Yes, the eyes could deceive us. Like her eyes had lied about Bai Yu and Mo Xi in her previous life.

Shui Linger had no more words, but she was still unsatisfied with this result. Seeing Bai Yao was facing another way, she took out her whip, added witchcraft onto it, and raised it toward Bai Yao’s back.

This whip was armed with a killing strike for Bai Yao. Bai Yao felt the whip and hurried to run away from it. Though she felt the witchcraft on the whip, she hadn’t studied witchcraft formally, so it was out of her skills.

Zi Qin, who was standing beside her, saw Shui Linger wanted to kill Bai Yao. He forged a spell with his fingers and took hold of the whip.

When Zi Qin released the whip, Shui Linger was pushed back several steps by his power pa.s.sed through the whip.

Everybody was too surprised to say a word. They couldn’t believe that Shui Linger sneaked an attack toward Bai Yao. And the unbelievable truth was that Zi Qin had helped Bai Yao.

Shui Linger’s face was so ugly. Her hand was still numb by the power of Zi Qin.

But her heart was more bitter, and even her eyes were full of pain. She yelled to him, “Zi Qin, are you clear about what are you doing to me? You are forbidding me to cleanse our clan.” Then she raised her fingers toward Bai Yao. “Who is this Bai Yao that you should protect her like this? Are you really obsessed with this seductive woman?”

The Legend Of The Witch Girl Chapter 7

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