• Sky Fall Legend
  • Sky Fall Legend

  • Author(s) : IvoryDragon
  • Genres : Fantasy
  • Status : ongoing
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  • Read First Chapter : Sky Fall Legend -1 The Heavenly Grimoire
  • Read Latest Chapter : Sky Fall Legend 160 Sigma's Farewell 6
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  • Sky Fall Legend Summary:

    International secret agent, Trill Jodye, has his whole life flipped upside down when a stranger disintegrates him with a magic gun! But before he can blink, he is reborn in world full magic, heros, mighty pharaoh G.o.ds, and ancient t.i.tans. Will the young boy become a mighty G.o.d level character, or he die in mediocrity once more?...In the vast and incalculable cosmos, there...

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