Sky Fall Legend 91 The Purple-Sky Secret Fair 3

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"He can woo you if you want, you say? Hmph. If I can't have you then only my older brother could possibly be worthy. Let's see just what sort of bulls.h.i.+t treasure this punk brings out," Hakeem was pulling out a serenity crystal as he finished speaking. Vanessa's parting words made him believe that he was at least partially correct. The negus brat was trying to capture Vanessa's maiden heart, and apparently, his progress wasn't so inadequate. Hakeem Purple-Sky had no way to touch the honored guest, but that didn't mean there was nothing he could do.

Meanwhile, Jodye and company strolled into the building and were greeted with two young ladies behind the desk at the entrance. They were both in uniform and looked cute and dainty. The one on the right was currently talking into a serenity crystal with a fascinated look on her face. She almost didn't even notice that someone walked in.

"h.e.l.lo guest, how may I a.s.sist you?" said the girl on the left in a soft and melodious voice.

"They're with me, Monica," from behind Jodye and company, Vanessa Veto had finally caught up. "Please inform Elder Jackel, I need his a.s.sistance in appraising some items."

"Certainly," the other girl had an even prettier voice, "What is it that guest would like to auction?"

"In addition to the items I've already exchanged with Miss Vanessa, I would like to auction five more items," responded Jodye Trill. He had noticed that this girl constantly avoided looking at him when he first arrived, but after finis.h.i.+ng her private conversation, she was suddenly so friendly.

Was this how you fool a spy?

Of course not. This woman was obviously up to no good.

"May I know which items guest had in mind?" asked the girl.

Before Jodye could answer, however, Vanessa frowned and interjected, "Excuse me, Tina, but since when is it your turn to handle the matters I've already surrendered to a house elder?"

Tina grew much more annoyed that this wretched Vanessa decided to play goody-goody today. Who was this handsome brat anyway? Tina winked at Jodye flirtatiously before sticking her tongue out at Vanessa, "I was only curious, there is no need to be so hostile. I thought that maybe guest would like a more…full packaged level of service."

This girl was, in fact, rather gorgeous. Merely how old was the current Joseph Goldwolf? In spite of appearing to be an adolescent, who were usually powerless before the charms of mature women, Jodye was, in reality, one six years old. Even though his sould was actually closer to 30 years old, he still had a sense of propriety for this life. He was uninterested in matters related to romance until he reached a decent age. Thus, Jodye was totally unaffected by her charms. He smiled brilliantly, and the ladies in the room felt momentarily blind.

"Big sister Tina sure is pretty. You can service me next time for sure."

The pure-minded Vanessa looked smug like she had won a battle, while Tina was no virgin woman and she caught Jodye' ambiguous meaning. However, she couldn't be sure that this brat meant it the way he said it, Jodye's poker face was far too efficient. Tina blushed and looked away. Tina expected Jodye to act bashful and fl.u.s.tered, but this little brat had dared to profane her! Even stranger was that she found him not at all disgusting, but rather slightly charming. This was something Tina completely couldn't understand. She decided to stay far away from this dangerous child.

Lucky for her, Jodye was still too young to even notice this effect.

The side doors of this entrance chamber swung open, and two elders wearing purple-sky robes glided into the room, landing in front of Jodye and company. The foremost elder had a burgundy beard and canine-like features. He was tall and still a little handsome, in spite of being ravaged by the war against time. Jodye felt that nostalgic feeling once more after he reflexively registered the scent of these newcomers.

Why did they smell so...comfortable?

This man was none other than Elder Jackel, and next to him was Jackel's senior-disciple brother, Elder Wuhen. As he was arriving before Jodye, Elder Wuhen was muttering an incantation that sealed the area, and Jodye could no longer see the other two women and his two companions. There were only Elder Jackel and Elder Wuhen. This spell was very similar to the innate ability of the Si clan warriors! Only, it clearly took far longer to set up this spell then it took for the Si Clan's ability to activate.

Perhaps this was the convenience of a powerful bloodline? Jodye would keep it in mind. The old fellows expected the boy to be nervous at being isolated from his companions and thought to rea.s.sure him. In fact, they precisely wanted to seperate him from the old servant whom they were certain was the advisor and not the decision-maker. They wanted to deal with this naive big fish alone.

Unfortunately, this plan was doomed to be ineffective. To the two elder's shock, Ca.s.san phased into their barrier seconds later. Jodye was also surprised but less so. He expected Ca.s.san wouldn't allow them to be isolated from each other. This action also served as a warning to the two Purple-Sky elders, don't try anything funny.

"Youngster Jupiter, was it? Quickly show this old man what it is you need to auction," said Elder Jackel impatiently. This enigma Ca.s.san ruined his plans. This old servant couldn't be understimated.

Jodye Trill wasn't bothered by this man's tone, nor did he hesitate, since he knew they could no longer be spied on by any random pa.s.serby. After all, a big sale at an auction required absolute secrecy. The longer people know about a unique treasure, the less reckless they'll be when it comes time to purchase it.

"First and foremost, allow me to show you this," Jodye Trill withdrew the Black Heart Bow and Arrow set from his s.p.a.ce ring, and the items hovered in front of Elder Jackel. Elder Jackel marveled over this as he realized this brat was definitely not simple. The elder quickly realized that his plans to a.s.sist the young master Hakeem would have to be reserved for another time. He felt some kind of subconscious threat from this young man in front of him! He definitely did not want get to mixed up with him.

"Oh?" While Elder Jackel was lost in thought, Elder Wuhen instantly recognized this bow and arrow set. "Blackheart Bow, Blackheart Arrows! Every martial warrior in Black Heart city would go crazy over these! These were refined based on the design left behind by the Black Heart ancestor, the last Great Pharaoh of the Southern Flame from ancient times! The Neofrost Master is rumored to have spent his early days creating cla.s.sics like this. How on earth could you possibly have this? Are you truly willing to auction these items? Why not sell them to me outright."

"This…" Jodye Trill was momentarily stunned. Who knew that this bow and arrow set had such a background? It was merely a C-grade combat gear, sooner or later Jodye could create dozens of these. The arrowheads, on the other hand, were truly impressive. They were a true treasure for a low-level martial artist, but Jodye still didn't think it was worthy of such hype. Of course, if it were truly so rare, he would much rather auction it. "If your price can move my heart, I will consider it."

"Wuhen, what on earth are you doing?! Have you lost it?!" Elder Jackel raged. How dare this senior-disciple brother of his try and steal a good sale from right under his nose?

Elder Wuhen rubbed his nose in embarra.s.sment and gave Elder Jackel face by taking a step back. However, a dark light flashed in the depths of his eyes. No one on the scene seemed to notice, but Jodye was cognizant of it. Merely, Elder Wuhen had already started to backtrack, "My apologies, brother Jackel. The allure was simply… too great. Please proceed."

"Sir, such a fine item is definitely sure to sell astronomically. Allow us at the Purple-Sky clan to handle this item for you. Since you also delivered us the twin set of combat Sabers at a 15% commission, we'll knock the commission down to 8% for this item and 0% for any others." One had to admit this Elder Jackel was quite shrewd. Instead of acknowledging that the previous commission was unfair, he merely discounted it entirely so that he could maintain a fair commission on this big seller.

Of course, how could he imagine that Jodye had even rarer items? More than a year ago Jodye had requisitioned the Grade Combat Gear, the Baleful Glaive. Just this weapon alone was enough to get him murdered and robbed three times over. Back at the Dark Cave Jodye Trill had obtained sixteen Dark Jumble Fruits. After that, he even gathered some treasures from the spatial belt of Oulan Mercy. Jodye had to sacrifice two of the Dark Jumble Fruit to escape from the Crimson Riders brigand, but he still had fourteen left! Jodye planned on selling two of these Dark Jumble Fruits and then keeping the remaining twelve for Dessa, Aiken, and himself once they reached the Earth Science realm. Only then could such a potent origin fruit be consumed. The energies inside would be enough to carry them at least halfway through the realm!

This was the reason why Origin Fruits at any level were heavily sought after items.

"Deal!" Jodye Trill's total lack of negotiation gave Elder Jackel a bad premonition, but he swiftly dismissed it. At the end of the day, Elder Jackel felt that this brat was only 13-years-old at most, and the elder behind him was clearly just a protector and advisor. How many top-selling treasures could a brat really have? Unfortunately, his thoughts were destined to be turned upside down. "Next, I would like to sell this."

Jodye Trill pulled out the spatial belt he had stolen from Oulan Mercy. He was initially going to gift this to Aiken Moon once the boy surrendered to his legion, but Autumn Saver recognized this belt when he withdrew it during their journey. The treasure sword's soul reminded him that such an eye-catching spatial device would certainly attract trouble if anyone from Oulan Mercy's sect caught sight of it.

Thus, Jodye thought to auction it off privately. This would definitely be the best solution.

"Ah, what a unique spatial artifact?" Elder Jackel observed the ownerless and groovy designed spatial belt and was secretly impressed. It was a waste that he had already given up commission on this item, but he was certain the C-Grade combat gear refined by an ancient Pharaoh King would definitely do immense numbers. He would be greatly rewarded as a result. "Incredible, young n.o.ble. This will also be a fine sale item. I wonder what your final items will be?"

"Before we discuss that, is your previous statement truly in effect?" asked Jodye Trill with a mischievous smile on his face. When the two elders witnessed this smile, they both had a foreboding feeling.

What was this last item exactly?

"Young n.o.ble, you jest. Of course, if I have said it, I will live true to it."

"Very well, this is my item," a light flashed, and medicinal fragrance filled the air, as all the light was pulled into the crystal-like fruit in Jodye's hand. All three elders wore shocked countenances. This was?

Wasn't this?




The three old men Jackel, Wuhen, and Ca.s.san, spoke one after the other, and they were each dumbstruck. How many treasures does this kid possess exactly?

Sky Fall Legend 91 The Purple-Sky Secret Fair 3

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