Sky Fall Legend 90 The Purple-Sky Secret Fair 2

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Meanwhile, Ca.s.san was still following quietly behind Jodye Trill and Dessa Chimes in an artifact store. Jodye was in the middle of haggling with the shopkeeper. This shopkeeper happened to be a secret auctioneer. Secret auctioneers were the ones who could put your items up for auction in the Purple-Sky Secret Fair. Only those blessed by fate would be able to find one, as they only revealed themselves once you performed the secret salute. From there, you only had to convince them of the value of your treasures. What astonished Ca.s.san was that there were only twelve secret auctioneers in the entire city, yet they had found one so quickly. They had split into two parties to locate a secret auctioneer, and Jodye had seen one in the first shop they entered! It was as if he targeted this shop from the beginning, but Ca.s.san couldn't imagine why they would split up if that was the case. After Jodye identified the shopkeeper with the secret salute one of the people outside taught him, she immediately revealed her status.

Ca.s.san was speechless. Was this punk carrying an enormous destiny with him? Too bad Jodye had yet to refine enough pure essence in his body to release his Karmic Wheel.

"You kidding me? These Phantom Sabers are combat gear of the C-grade, not only that but they give a 20% boost in power! Where would you find C-grade combat gear like this in the south? Have you ever seen any?" Jodye Trill grinned with his bright smile. The shopkeeper was a middle-aged woman with attractive features and a beautiful figure. She was slightly dazzled by this youngster's charming smile, but luckily he was far too young for her to take seriously. The effect wore off instantly. What a scary natural charisma. It was almost as if this brat had practiced charm laws! Still, the shopkeeper whose name was Vanessa returned his smile and started to treat him more earnestly. After all, 20% of origin boosting was no joke!

Jodye was wearing blue brocade raiment and had his source artifact [Pharaoh's Law] active. The two combat sabers floated between himself and the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper secretly marveled at this as she scrutinized them heavily. Who the heck was this child? Or could it be a trick of the old man behind him? After a moment of hesitation, she took one of the sabers, handing it to one of the two experts at her side. The expert injected his origin energy into the saber and the origin qi phenomenon formed above him in the form of 1,500 marble sized light spheres and 300 more spheres seemed to be born from within them. The event then dissipated before the image could finish forming.

"It is indeed a 20% origin boost!" said the expert in approval. Jodye was shocked that a casual expert was as powerful as Uncle Sigma. Of course, he also knew that Uncle Sigma's strength was actually far more than just this.

The shopkeeper nodded her head then spoke to Jodye, "Okay, we can auction these Phantom Sabers for you. The service fee is 2,000 silver crystal notes. We'll only take 15% of the earnings, and you can have your own V.I.P. booth."

Jodye Trill was inwardly disappointed, but he knew their att.i.tudes would soon change. Jodye's face was the epitome of stoicism. The Phantom Saber in the expert's hand suddenly slipped away before floating next to Jodye once more. Jodye only crossed his arms and spoke imperiously, "Well, these are only a small taste. We can discuss the big business in private."

"Big business?" giggled the other expert next to the shopkeeper. Just who did this brat think he was? However, a s.h.i.+ver suddenly ran down that expert's back, forcing him to look into the menacingly cold eyes of the elder behind the two youths.

"Indeed," responded Ca.s.san and Jodye in unison, their indifference fused into one. Jodye continued to say, "I have some items that would only leave us both rich."

The shopkeeper and her two followers wore astounded expressions as the last words came out of this boy's mouth. Actually, no one was more astonished than Ca.s.san, but he wasn't so inexperienced as to let it slip. They all exchanged a glance, and then the shopkeeper spoke into a serenity crystal on her hip. Two minutes later she turned back to Jodye and company, "This way please, young master Jupiter."

Jodye and company followed the shopkeeper and her two followers out of the back of the store and into the auction square. There were many curious gazes from members of the Purple-Sky clan who saw their group and direction.

"Hm? New guests? They look unfamiliar."

"One of them is a Negus child. Could he be of the South Ward's royal bloodline?"

"They look so weak, yeah? How could Vanessa bring them here early, what is she thinking?"

The shopkeeper Vanessa led the group of five down a path that seemed to be paved from onyx. This onyx path was so spotless and s.h.i.+ny that it felt like Jodye was walking on top of a black mirror. The group proceeded through various streets and into a large governmental looking building.


An imposing voice rang out from behind the group, who all turned around a bit little stunned. Swiftly approaching them was a young man in purple brocade raiment st.i.tched magically with five purple clouds, followed by several guards wearing the plated combat armor of the same design. Jodye Trill immediately reasoned that this youth should be a young genius of the Purple-Sky clan, and one with considerable status at that. Otherwise, why would they afford him such an entourage? Oddly enough, this youth had a familiar scent that made Jodye feel a sense of nostalgia. Sigma had taught him earlier that the more purple clouds on the robes of a clan member in the Purple-Sky clan, then the higher their rank, so this high ranking young man should be someone Jodye never met before. In that case, where did this familiarity originate from?

"Who gave you permission to let this filth in, Vanessa? Scram out of here before you upset this young master." said the youth arrogantly.

"Filth?" Both Jodye and Ca.s.san's curious countenances immediately plummeted dozens of degrees. Whatever good feelings Jodye had for this punk vanished in the air like smoke from a chimney. Jodye Trill was about to speak when Ca.s.san placed a hand on his shoulder and beat him to the punch, "Lad, you'd best watch your manner of speaking. This old servant is not above disciplining the young."

"Should my young master somehow fear your mere Silver Mage rank strength, old man?" said the lead guard to Ca.s.san. He was sneering menacingly as if he was already torturing them in his head. "All of you, on your knees now!"

As the guard shouted a wave of pressure swept out the knocked many pots and displays over, however Jodye Trill and Dessa Chimes didn't even feel so much as a breeze. Ca.s.san had completely nullified that spiritual pressure. Inwardly, the old servant was shocked. Could it be that the Purple-Sky Clan was already a silver rank power? This guard was an expert! They seem to have been hiding their strength over the years.

"Is this all your capable of?" Once Ca.s.san spoke, his milky white origin energy swept out of his body transforming into a tide of violent violet atmosphere, force momentum rising off of his body.

Sensing the intense energy fluctuations, the lead guard's face grew solemn, and he moved his young master behind his back to s.h.i.+eld him from the dangerous old man's outburst of strength and qi. Indeed, he underestimated this old man. The old man was no certainly ordinary mage. This man felt Ca.s.san was definitely a true elite warrior! He was unaware that Ca.s.san viewed this level of strength as the playground of children.

"Be prepared to retreat, young master, you seem to have kicked a metal pot this time," said one of the guards noticing the s.h.i.+ft in Ca.s.san's qi momentum. Real experts could gauge the strength of an opponent without waiting to see their battle power in the origin qi phenomenon.

However, right at this moment the pretty shopkeeper Vanessa forced her way past the two youths and in front of Ca.s.san with her hands outstretched, "Enough of this! Do I need your permission to do my job? These people are our patrons and customers, and they are here to auction their treasures! You foolish numbskulls, will the House Lord let you off for acting this way?"

House Lord!

Ca.s.san and Jodye glanced at each other, confirming the thoughts of the other. This Purple-Sky Clan was really already a silver rank power. This meant that this entire city was already under the control of House Purple-Sky since long ago! No wonder the Winter Winds Sect had been so quiet as of late. They now only existed in-name, they have probably already been swallowed into House Purple-Sky.

"Cus… to… mer," Upon hearing Vanessa's words the youth behind his guards was caught off guard, "Ah! Dear me!"

"Dearest customers, allow this humble one to offer his most sincere apology," the previously arrogant and unreasonable youth was suddenly amiable and pleasant as if he had no idea that he had been treating them as enemies before. Jodye felt his stomach turn upon witnessing this play. What the h.e.l.l was wrong with this kid? However, his genuine desire to flatter his customers was not a play. The youth seriously never imagined they were customers previously.

"Ca.s.san." Jodye Trill spoke imperiously. Ca.s.san was shocked, but he quickly smirked and nodded. He wasn't technically obligated to take orders from an apprentice of his master, only a legacy disciple would have such treatment. However, was Jupiter's position in his master's heart not already higher than Sigma's latest legacy disciple? Ca.s.san had never seen Sigma show a youth such favoritism. It was no problem taking command from such a Young Scholar. Ca.s.san stepped out with his force momentum blaring, and Vanessa panicked.

"Mr. Jupiter, please have mercy!"

"Fine." Jodye Trill shrugged and turned back towards the building. Ca.s.san withdrew his energy and followed behind him with Dessa. Jodye Trill didn't even glance back as he spoke, "I would like to conclude my business here if it's fine with you."

The shopkeeper Vanessa sighed in relief, before turning to rebuke the young n.o.ble once more, "Are you daft? Do you want to ruin me? What the h.e.l.l is your problem? I may be promoted with this sale, I may even be eligible to join the Main House. Do you seriously want to ruin my future?"

"I thought… I thought that perhaps you were being wooed by this strapping young negus boy. They are famed for their womanizing, Vanessa, you must be wary! I was only looking out for your best interests..." said the young House Purple-Sky n.o.ble defensively. "Such a weak character is unworthy of being my brother's rival, but as a customer, he should obviously be shown respect. You have done nothing wrong here."

"Don't you only act so superior because also have negus blood? However, is it even as pure as his whom you say is unworthy? Then what of you? Your brother does not own me, Hakeem, nor do you!" Vanessa's pink face was glowing like a tomato, she was clearly angry. "If I wanted to be wooed by him, or anyone else, it's no business of Omari, and certainly no business of you!"

Watching the angry Vanessa Tosh walk off to catch up with her charges, Hakeem Purple-Sky was left to glower in shame and disappointment. He had intended to cause a memorable scene that added dramatically onto the prestige of himself and his older brother. However, Hakeem had failed to antic.i.p.ate such a reliable expert would be by his target's side. However, in reality, he had just lucked out. Had he really slaughtered a distinguished guest customer, and their background was significant, Hakeem's good days would be over for sure. He would learn to investigate matters more closely from now on, lest a calamity befalls him due to his own ignorance.

Sky Fall Legend 90 The Purple-Sky Secret Fair 2

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