Sky Fall Legend 89 The Purple-Sky Secret Fair 1

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— Pangaea's South Ward, Winter Winds City

In an area close to the border of Pangaea and Rodinia there was a relatively huge city that was twice the size of Black Heart City surrounded by a tranquil and serene atmosphere. The chill in the air was not stifling at all, but instead had a soothing and calming feel to it.

The name of this enormous city was Winter Winds City.

Winter Winds City was bustling with activity and flooded with dao cultivators. However, unlike most of the South Ward, the streets of this city were rather festive, and there were no signs of conflict or combat. This was honestly very different from most of the towns this far south. Fighting in this city had significant consequences, so no one dared to make trouble lightly.

As soon as a fight broke out, a guard team would tear through the crowd and immediately arrest the culprits! In light situations, the trouble-makers could be seen on the streets again after a few days. However, the culprits of the more severe conflicts had almost all disappeared, and the ones who had returned did so with their cultivation's crippled.

This city guard team of brutal enforcers called themselves the 'police force,' and they were all from the Purple-Sky Clan in Winter Winds City.

The Purple-Sky clan was one of the two most powerful families in Winter Winds city, and they were the most wealthy clan by far. Their wealth quickly elevated them to the status of the number one white-bronze rank power in the city. By the upper realms' standards, this meant that they had at least one expert and two peak rookie cla.s.s mystic artists! By Gaea's warrior standard, they had at least one elite and two expert cla.s.s mystic artists. This was because the inhabitants of Gaea didn't realize that there was a foundational stage before the rookie stage. It was obvious that the heritage here was flawed. In other words, the Purple-Sky Clan possessed the equivalent to a cultivator of the early Silver Mage rank of the Void Door Sage Realm. As far as Jodye knew, this should be similar to Sigma Octanis' level of power.

With so much power and wealth, it came as no surprise that more than a third of the property in the city belonged to the Purple-Sky clan. Another third was own by the city's Number 2 power, the Winter Winds Sect. However, the Vice-Sect leader of this sect and many of its disciples were in fact from the Purple-Sky clan! Therefore, even if they didn't dominate the entire city, they could be said to dominate a bit more than half of the city. Their influence within Winter Winds City could thus be imagined.





"Did you hear? The city's next Purple-Sky Secret Fair has been announced, and it's starting in two days!"

"How could I not hear? It's only the whole town that's been buzzing about it. The Purple-Sky Clan's influence seems to be expanding again."

"You better believe it! Rumor has it that they're close to becoming a silver rank force! Once the Purple-Sky clan Patriarch has a breakthrough to the peak elite then our Winter Winds City will enter a new tax bracket. We'll also have to start calling them House Purple-Sky."

"I bet they merge with the Winter Winds Sect once that happens."

"The price of living is bound to go up once more..."

"They say that this year's secret auction fair will feature an ancient spell! If I were able to get my hands on such a treasure, then everything would change!"

"Dream on! How could there be so much luck in the world? That ancient spell will end up in the hands of some super power's prodigy child."

"Why must the heavens show such favoritism!"

"Hm? My, what a handsome man."

"Yes, but doesn't he have three kids? That's too much, even if he is gorgeous."

"You idiot, those are probably his fellow disciples! This is clearly a group of warriors. Look, one's even of negus blood! That old man in the front must be their master."

"Ah! You're right. What a st.u.r.dy looking young man."

"The one in front seems more like a servant if you ask me."

"Maybe it's some clans young master out for a walk? They're probably here for the fair."

"Yeah. I mean, that handsome man in the middle looks a bit… familiar, right?"





Many people on the street had their own conversations, private or otherwise. The five people in question who just arrived at Winter Winds City were Jodye Trill, Aiken Moon, Dessa Chimes, Sigma Octanis, and the old man Ca.s.san. Jodye had, of course, spread out his divine qi the moment he entered the city gates, thus a myriad of conversations and commotions entered his awareness. The group left Black Heart City this morning to travel to the secret auction. The Heavenly Star Commander, Sigma Octanis, was relatively famous all throughout the South Ward, in many different regions of Pangaea, and even within certain areas of Rodinia. This was all according to Sigma himself. However, not many people actually knew what The Heavenly Star Commander looked like. After their arrival, the group of five weren't recognized or paid much attention too at all.

Ca.s.san was also a master accustomed to releasing his spirit qi in near areas, although he would never do so as recklessly as Jodye. He had more finesse to his approach, due to fear of discovery. When he heard the people whispering in the surroundings a.s.suming he was the leader, Ca.s.san suddenly felt insecure and bashful. He worriedly cast a glance at Sigma, only to find him smiling warmly back. Ca.s.san sighed in relief and withdrew a serene sound stone from his sleeve before sending someone a message.

Both Ca.s.san and Sigma seemed to have sleeves on their robes that served as spatial artifacts. Jodye Trill asked Sigma for his own set over dozens of times by now, but Sigma would return the request with an offer for disciples.h.i.+p. This had made Jodye's face ugly various times, how annoying! Do only disciples get good pieces of stuff? Jodye decided to just steal the idea and then sell it en one he produced it.

"I've contacted my buddy. With his help, we should be able to get a fair deal on some items, and even enter the main auction easily." Ca.s.san had arranged for his buddy that owed him a favor to sponsor them for the secret fair. In his mind, that was the only way that they could swagger efficiently and afford whatever they wanted at this auction. As the a.s.set manager of the Shooting Star Heavenly House, even though they were rich, Ca.s.san naturally wouldn't let them lose too much capital here.

"Hey old man, where about in this auction square can we put things up for auction?" asked Jodye Trill. This was one of his main objectives. Sigma looked intrigued at Jodye's question. This brat rarely took any money from him, claiming to want to rely on himself. Now he was going to auction some of his belongings? Sigma suddenly wondered if his apprentice had too much pride. Of course, with a background like his that was only to be expected. After all, Sigma Octanis felt Jodye's background might be richer than even his own.

"We would have to locate a secret auctioneer. At the Purple-Sky Secret Fair, only exclusive items are sold at the nightly grand auctions. As for everything else, it is available in the auction square during the day," said Ca.s.san matter-of-factly. He had already grown accustomed to the crude and inquisitive nature of this brat, he couldn't be bothered to get angry at Jodye's words or lack of etiquette. After all, if Sigma was allowing him to be so willful then what could Ca.s.san do?

The group walked down around Winter Winds City leisurely while stopping into the various shops, while they waiting for Ca.s.san to hear from whomever he contacted previously. Along the way Jodye stopped and spoke with many people at many different stalls to fish for information. After a while, he suggested they split up and find a secret auctioneer. Sigma Octanis would obviously agree to help him with this, in spite of thinking it was unnecessary. He presumed Jodye just wanted to play.

"Master, is there something at the secret auction which you need?" After the party split, Aiken Moon was walking around a market place behind Sigma. He was infinitely curious as to why his master had brought them all on a trip so urgently.

"Not exactly, my boy," Sigma Octanis was shopping for a few alchemy ingredients as he answered Aiken's inquiry absentmindedly. He wasn't planning on telling this disciple of his that the true reason he even discovered news of this secret fair was that he was trying to curry favor with his own apprentice. After all, technically Aiken's status superseded Sigma's apprentice Jupiter. Merely, was this even truly the case? As Aiken's benefactor, Jodye was destined to never be lower than him in status, regardless of Sigma's opinion, "However, they should be selling something that could help you integrate with the Everfrost Sky Flame."

Everfrost Sky Flame!

A Sky Flame was a flame given birth by the astral earth and heaven forces. Sky flames are incredibly powerful and utterly incomparable to flames formed by origin energy, or even pure fire. Sky flames are incredibly wild and explosive, not to mention extremely rare. Even if one encounters a Sky Flame, it is still challenging to absorb and control it.

Sky Fire reigns supreme over all mortal flames! Even other mystic fires or fire spirit elementals would fear and follow the sky flame because they are the kings of fire and all weaker fire laws naturally serve sky flames. Sky Flames are formed through the slow acc.u.mulation of the world's pure heavenly true essence as well as different earthen or heavenly energies. As a result, they all have their own unique shapes and functionality. Sky Flames made from astral essence are nearly as dangerous as sun fire. In fact, there is very little that separate the two.

Controlling a high ranking Sky Flame was every Master's dream! Especially so for Alchemists and Weapon Refiners. Aiken found it hard to believe they were offering him something so precious, even though both Sigma and Ca.s.san were masters.

"Wait," Aiken Moon seemed to realize something when he thought up to here. Could that mean?

"Master, do you possess your own Sky Fire?" Aiken Moon asked the question that appeared in his mind. He had learned to do this from Mr. Jupiter. As smart as Mr. Jupiter was, Aiken would always take note of how he spammed anyone with questions if he was presented with new information. Such a charismatic pa.s.sion for knowledge was inspiring to any sage. This was the way of the sage!

"Indeed, I do. It took a lot of effort to locate a Sky Fire that was similar to my own so that I could give it to my legacy inheritor. I decided that I would leave my legacy on the planet of the world where I found the flame." Sigma turned and gazed deeply at Aiken, "However, until you youngsters arrived we had yet to discover anyone worthwhile. It was the Everfrost Skyflame that was testing you in the shop initially. It chose you as a candidate to inherit its wisdom and companions.h.i.+p. To be honest, if your boss wasn't such a freak than you would be the most suitable candidate on this star by far. Luckily, Jupiter never entered that shop until Ca.s.san replaced the barrier or perhaps the Sky Fire would not acknowledge you so easily."

Sigma noticed the dissatisfaction on his disciple's face and immediately understood the source, "Do not mistake me, Aiken. You should never compare yourself to a freak like him. His background isn't something you can imagine. Focus on integrating with the Everfrost Sky Fire Seed."

Aiken Moon's eyes grew bright as saucers once he heard that. The Everfrost Sky Fire! This was a sky fire that was discovered by Ca.s.san in a wilderness of the North Ward. Integrating with such a powerful existence was incomparably dangerous, but there was much more benefit if one was able to incorporate it at a young age. Sky Flames would grow with their receptors! However, the difficulty level of fusing with a sky fire was excessive!

Dying by being burned to ashes from the inside out was the most common occurrence.

Becoming a cripple was merely uncommon for the same reasons.

Light injuries were rare.

Success was unique!

It would take an extensive amount of preparation and time, but Aiken was more than willing to push himself to the limit. Once he possessed a sky flame, his overall talent and being would transform! It was like a type of rebirth. From that moment forward, he would walk the path of an alchemist master!

"Yes, Master!" Aiken Moon bowed deeply. He was completely gratified. It seemed as if destiny had finally smiled upon him. His bad luck had finally turned around. Aiken desperately wished he could summon his karmic wheel as he saw saints on the level of Sirius Regal do. Then he would understand the state of his fate's truth or his dharma. At this moment Aiken's eyes actually blanked out. A strange and mysterious ancient melody begin to echo in the void.

"Did that boy just awaken?"

"Is it a new young sage?"

"He's rather old, but an awakening is awakening after all. He should be a decent Scholar in the future."

Several people in the market noticed Aiken's strange condition and started to comment among each other. Some only spoke in pa.s.sing. Others' eyes flashed with devious thoughts.

"Oh boy," Sigma felt a headache coming on. He released a bit of his silver mage rank origin strength and many warriors in the crowd took a step back. Sigma sighed heavily in relief while looking at his new disciple, "What bad time to enter enlightenment. Lucky though, it usually takes decades to reach the destiny platform a second time. However, due to your experiences and encounters, you have managed to already walk on that path. Perhaps this is destiny indeed...let's hope you can sense a trace of destiny's path."





Sky Fall Legend 89 The Purple-Sky Secret Fair 1

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