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Chapter 4 Fiancé:

It had felt like ages since he slept in a bed, so Haocheng slept comfortably. He awoke feeling refreshed, and he had a good dream.

He dreamt that Xiaojiu took the initiative to kiss him! And then he jumped on her in a beastly manner, and she did not refuse letting him carry on…

Hehe! It was a really good dream.

Actually, it was the best.

Haocheng smiled lasciviously, sneaking glances at Danning. When she raised her gaze to him, he quickly adjusted his expression and concentrated on drinking his porridge. His chopsticks neatly picked at the side dishes and soon the dishes were less than half in their plates.

Danning was eating the steamed buns; how she felt about the food did not show in her appearance. When he saw she had finished her meat buns, Haocheng immediately served her some warm rice porridge.

‘The porridge isn't too hot.' She ate very slowly. (Zuben: It's good for digestion) He had left aside the bowl of porridge for her earlier, but by the time she finished eating the steamed buns, the porridge was almost cold.

As Danning started on the porridge, Haocheng offered her the side dishes, ‘This cured chicken skin is delicious, try it.'

She took a piece ate it, and chewed expressionlessly, and felt nothing about it. After a few sips of porridge, she put it aside.

As soon as she put the bowl down, Haocheng knew she would not eat anymore, but he was not satisfied with her food intake, ‘Xiaojiu, would you like another steamed bun?'

Looking at the meat bun he held out to her, she looked up at his pleading eyes, she reached over and took it. She saw his face break out into a smile that did not surprise her. She looked away and began to eat the bun.

Haocheng took her left over rice porridge and continued to finish the dishes on the table. As he chewed on a dried bamboo shoot, he asked vaguely, ‘Xiaojiu, what are we doing when we are done with breakfast?' He would prefer that wherever they were going they hired a carriage, he really did not want to walk anymore. (Zuben: Didn't you want to train your body?)

As he was thinking, a carriage stopped in front of the restaurant.

Haocheng whistled; the carriage looked really fancy. The body was black wood with gold ta.s.sels hanging off the edges, the curtain at the window looked like excellent silk, even the horses looked bright and s.h.i.+ny; they looked like race horses. At a glance, he could tell that the owner was rich.

A man dressed in blue brocade stepped out of the carriage. His face was revealed enabling Haocheng to look carefully. The man had handsome eyebrows and glittering eyes, he was good looking, refined with an elegant temperament; one could tell he had a good background. The man was aware of his own excellence; he stood up straight and looked around him with ease. (Zuben: They say don't judge a book by its cover, but Haocheng can read it from the cover)

Unfortunately, no one was even looking at him; their gaze was towards the monster on the second floor window of the restaurant. The man noticed their line of sight, and looked up. The man looked stunned.

Haocheng frowned because the man's gaze was not on him.

‘A Jiu!' the man, Zhao Tianlin, shouted in amazement. There was surprise in his eyes and he jumped up to their window sill, ‘How come you're here?'

She usually avoided people, how come she was in a restaurant?

Danning continued to eat her meat bun, despite his enthusiasm, she was cold to him.

But he did not mind, he was long used to her manner. But he noticed her hair and could not help but say,' A jiu, what happened to your hair?' as he reached out to touch her hair.

‘Hey!' Don't ignore me! Haocheng caught the man's hand, ‘Speak, don't touch.' (Zuben: Hey dude! I'm prettier!)

He glared at the man, and possessively pulled Danning's hand so she was behind him, not letting the other man see her.

Who was this man? Also calling Xiaojiu “A Jiu”, did they know each other?

Only then did he notice Haocheng; he was shocked by the young man's beautiful appearance. But what surprised him even more was that he was holding Ji Danning's hand, and she allowed him to!

How was this possible? He instinctively did not like the young man, he frowned as he asked ‘Who are you? Why are you with A Jiu?'

‘Why should I tell you?' Who does this guy think he is?! Haocheng ignored him and turned to Danning, he frowned,

‘How come you've been eating that bun for so long?' He asked, he could eat that in two mouthfuls.

She did not answer but handed him the half eaten bun - she did not want to eat anymore.

Haocheng took the bun and took a bite, and then handed her the rest, with insistence he told her, ‘Eat.'

Eating so little, no wonder she doesn't have any fles.h.!.+ His eyes landed on the swell of her breast, well...even if they're just one-handed, he would accept it.

A crooked perverted grin appeared on his face and then her green eyes shot to him…

He gave a cough, and quickly corrected his expression, ‘Eat up.'

Zhao Tianlin sneered at the boy; did he think that A Jiu would eat what he had bitten out of? He was just about to taunt him, when he saw Danning eat the bun. He was shocked.

How was this possible? A Jiu was unsociable and eccentric, and she loved to be clean. She did not like when someone touched her things. She would not wear the same clothes twice (Zuben: Isn't that wasteful?); she would not let other people get close to her. But she ate from the bun this boy had eaten. She let him get close to her, and even take her hand.

Who was this boy?

‘A Jiu, who is he?' Zhao Tianlin had to ask.

Haocheng gave him a disdainful sidelong glance. Although this guy was taller than he was, Boss Jiang's swagger was worldwide, he would not be defeated. (Zuben: Hey there, Mr Worldwide!)

‘Hey, big brother, you really don't know how to be polite. Don't you know you have to give your name before you ask someone else theirs?' Seeing the man's face sink, Haocheng smiled at him, ‘But it doesn't matter, I have good manners so I would not mind you; my name is Jiang Haocheng, I am Xiaojiu's future husband.'

So…don't even think it!

From the start, he could tell that this guy was interested in Xiaojiu. Men are combative, especially towards a person that coveted a woman that they want.

The first thing that a normal person noticed was definitely his handsome face, but this guy ignored him and looked only at Ji Danning.

Hm! What do you see? Xiaojiu's fat was his; no one could grab her from him!

Zhao Tianlin scoffed, ‘Husband? No way! Want to marry A Jiu, you can dream on!' he said dismissing Haocheng's declaration.

❌! Was this stinky bloke mocking him? In his twenty five years of life; the thing he hated the most was being mocked. Haocheng was angry and was about to retort when the man proudly lifted his head,

‘I am A Jiu's cousin and her fiancé.' (Zuben: Your fiancée is already reaching over the fence)

What? Haocheng was stunned.

Seeing the horrified look on Haocheng's face, Zhao Tianlin smirked, ‘After the Wulin Conference, I will marry A Jiu.'

‘The Wulin Conference…?' What's that?

‘Oh?' Zhao Tianlin raised his eyebrows in surprise at his ignorance, but his expression quickly turned mocking, which made Haocheng want to flatten him, (Zuben: How? With your toothpick arms?)

‘Didn't you know A Jiu is the current head of the Wulin Alliance?' (Zuben: No I just picked her up, thought she was a bit of alright and claimed her for my own)

Haocheng was shocked by this revelation. What? He turned to Danning, who had just finished her bun.

Xiaojiu, the current head of the Wulin Alliance? How was this possible? (Zuben: Aren't you underestimating your girlfriend?)

What is a Wulin head? Haocheng knew that there were a lot of TV dramas and novels, but in those, weren't all the Wulin heads like, old guys?

Xiaojiu looked like she was in her early twenties, and she was a woman! If women were martial arts lords, are the men of the world dead? No, he definitely was not looking down on women. (Zuben: Really?) His older sister was a terror; she had always crushed him since he was young. He deeply understood women should not be underestimated.

But…he was just... hurt. He was a xiao guan with a weak chicken body; his only advantage was probably his face. Xiao Jiu was not only a powerful martial artist, she was also a leader. G.o.d! Could he still live?

Jiang Haocheng suddenly felt inferior, losing his confidence. He was like a poor bug hiding in the room, lonely, licking his wounds.

Danning stepped into the room (Zuben: From outer s.p.a.ce), and saw Haocheng on the corner of the bed, with his knees up and his face buried in them, looking like he'd been bullied. (Zuben: I can only a.s.sume there was a change of scenery that was not mentioned as per Yuan Yuan's MO.)

Why wasn't he filling the s.p.a.ce with words? It was the first time seeing his so quiet, she didn't understand what had happened and she was not used to it. (Zuben: You know you've only known him for two days maybe four, right?)

Hearing a sound, Haocheng looked up to see her and awkwardly turned away, ‘Weren't you going with Zhao Tianlin to see his parents?' he asked petulantly.

As he was leaving, Zhao Tianlin asked Danning if she wanted to go back to his house with him. Why? Because, his parents wanted to see her very much. Bah! Haocheng did not believe such nonsense. (Zuben: I know right, it's not like Jiujiu is the fun kind of daughter in law)

Danning had not objected, she sat in the carriage, and he had to swallow his indignation, and sulkily followed them to a large mansion.

On both sides of the ma.s.sive gates stood two life-like stone lions, the doors were decorated with fine carvings and the ring was pure gold, bah! He was f.u.c.king wealthy.

Past the gates was an elegant garden, with streams that were crossed by small bridges. Although, not as impressive as carved beams and painted buildings, the compound was simple and elegant with a unique charm. If one was not in a strong financial position, it would be impossible to have such a family compound.

Seeing Zhao Tianlin's pompous demonstration that he had thrown over, Haocheng ground his teeth. If she was going to see his mother, go ahead. He did not want to join in the fun. He asked to be led to their sleeping quarters. Let him play by his lonesome.

What a bore! He wasn't so bored that he would compete with Zhao Tianlin, wasn't he her fiancé? Either way, she was unmarried, he was unmarried; he didn't care what they did.

But he was wondering about Xiaojiu; did she like Zhao Tianlin? Was she really going to marry him? Alas, she was the Wulin Alliance head, and Zhao Tianlin, her cousin whose family background was good. Unlike a weakling like him, no money, no power (Zuben: No respect), what was the use of his beautiful face? It was a waste! (Zuben: You're not applying yourself, dear)

Haocheng wallowed in self-pity going round in circles.

‘You're not happy,' He liked to smile, but he was not smiling at her right now. Danning frowned, her green eyes boring into him.

Haocheng harrumphed, so she knew that he was not happy but she doesn't pat his head and coax him. (Zuben: When would he figure out his lady love isn't normal?)

He was turned away from her, intentionally not looking at her, Danning's lips pursed into a thin line of displeasure. She waited for what felt like ages and he did not turn to her.

She became annoyed, ‘Look at me.' She demanded coldly.

Haocheng wanted to carry on with his temper tantrum, but his back suddenly cooled. There was a sense of danger, he turned to her. When he saw her cold expression, he was startled and instinctively shrunk away from her.

Seeing his retreat, she became even unhappier; was he afraid of her? Why did he shrink back? Did he think she was terrifying? Her green eyes grew icier.

Noticing the change in her expression, Haocheng immediately straightened up, ‘I'm sorry, I was wrong.' He should not have been in a temper, he was wrong. Please don't look at him like that, it was scary!

Danning did not reply, staring at him. Her demeanour made Haocheng's heart straight; was she angry? He just wanted to be cajoled; he didn't want to be angry with her. He considered whether he would have to kneel and beg for forgiveness.

‘I don't like you being afraid of me.' Danning said her tone still very cold, ‘Do not me afraid of me.'

‘Ah?' How could he not be afraid of you like this? He muttered in his heart, but Xiaojiu had used the word “like”. 
He hesitated for a moment before he asked boldly, ‘Well…that, do you like me pestering you?' His beautiful eyes stared at her like a puppy waiting for his owner to stroke his head.

Seeing his expression back to normal, Danning relaxed. She gave a gentle nod; she wasn't sure about like, but she did not hate it.

Seeing her nod, Haocheng's eyes lit up with happiness and he sat up, with his tail wagging, ‘So do you like me or that surnamed Zhao?'

Who was surnamed Zhao? Was he referring to her cousin?

‘You have been unhappy because of my cousin?'

‘No,' he replied with a pout, but his handsome face was in a pique; he was saying no but meant yes.

His expression as too obvious, but she did not understand the reason; what did Tianlin do to him?

‘Don't mention that guy.' He said petulantly pulling at her hand, he looked at her in antic.i.p.ation, ‘You haven't answered my question; do you like me or him?'

Danning looked at his hand, she wondered why he was so obsessed with this. Thinking about it, she replied, ‘Not annoying.'

‘Ah?' What is that answer? (Zuben: Σ(・口・))

Not receiving the reply he wanted, Haocheng became dejected, like a sad puppy he lowered his head.

‘What is the matter with you?' She could not keep up his rapid change in emotion.

‘Nothing,' he said waving dismissively. He lay back on the bed and buried his face into the soft quilt, ‘leave me alone to heal.'

Heal? Did he get hurt? (Zuben: LOL)

Ji Danning was horrified, and quickly asked, ‘You were hurt? Where is your injury?' Wasn't he following her all this while? How didn't she know he was injured?

 Haocheng did not reply, he was feeling very upset.

‘Jiang Haocheng,' she called as she reached over and pulled him. She did not dare use to much force fearing she will hurt him, ‘Where are you injured?'

‘Heart,' he replied sullenly, ‘my heart is hurt.'

Heart? His chest? But she did not see any blood on his clothes.

Danning frowned, she could not understand what he was trying to say, but he was not injured, so she calmed down. But what did he need to heal from?

And he looked moody, why?'

‘Haocheng, you aren't happy.'

‘No.' He was really sad.

Danning did not like seeing him like this, looking at the back of his head, she frowned, ‘How will you be happy?'

Haocheng turned his head to her; he looked like a dog that had been wronged with its ears dropping and looking pathetic, ‘Do you want to make me happy?'

‘Yes!' She wanted him to smile at her. (Zuben: Hook, line and sinker)

His phoenix eyes flashed and his doggy ears immediately p.r.i.c.ked up, he sat up quickly and said, ‘Okay, kiss me.'

He pointed to his mouth, ‘Kiss me here,' he mumbled.

Looking at his lips, Danning relented and dropped a peck on his lips.

He had not expected her to really kiss him. His eyes widened, and his heart was filled with enthusiasm, ‘Not enough, do it again.' How could it be enough? He wanted a longer one. (Zuben: Shyster)

Danning leaned over again. Just her lips touched his she felt slippery sensation against her lips. She was stunned and wanted to retreat, but Haocheng reached out and held her fast. His tongue breached her fragrant mouth and plunged in.

His actions overwhelmed her, she wanted to pull away but her lips were sucked hard by him. She tasted his scent, touched him with her pink tongue. She was dismayed, but he did not allow her to run away from him, he put his arm around her waist and pulled her hard into his arms. His other hand held her head to him, his hot lips and tongue plundering her small mouth. Her green response aroused his aggressive desire, his kiss intensified wanting to capture her sweetness, not wanting to miss a trace.

After a long while, he let go of her soft lips. A wire of silver hung between their lips. He licked it; and sucked on her slightly swollen lips, and licked her scallop teeth with the tip of his tongue.

‘Xiaojiu,' His voice was low and s.e.xy.

‘Huh…?' she answered vaguely, she was still immersed in his kiss, unable to recover.

‘How about we do that once more?' Her lips were soft and sweet, just like his favourite marshmallows.

She had no idea what he was asking her, but she looked at him vaguely; she could taste his scent in her mouth but she did not hate it.

‘Yes,' she replied and his mouth covered hers again; his scent eroding her little by little. Her hands held on the collar of his robes and as she let him.

There was only a thin line between heaven and h.e.l.l; if Haocheng had been in h.e.l.l, he was now in heaven. So what is she was the head of the Wulin Alliance, it didn't matter. He was the weak chicken that held her! So what if she had a fiancé? Let's get that boy named Zhao to roll. He just wanted to make Xiaojiu his wife.

His sense of inferiority disappeared and his self-confidence returned. The pa.s.sionate kisses made his heart bloom, if there hadn't been a knock on the door, he would have thrown her down.

Die moron! Why are you knocking at the moment? It was a rare chance for Xiaojiu not to resist and let him kiss her properly. He was going to directly put her under the “local law”[1]

It was no surprise that it was Zhao Tianlin. But when Tianlin saw Xiaojiu, even if it was not blatant, he knew something had changed, Haocheng noticed his expression s.h.i.+ft.

Haha! Though Xiaojiu's face was impa.s.sive, her lips were fuller and redder. Anyone would notice that something had happened. Seeing Tianlin's face darken, Haocheng gave him a grin; he was happy.

But Zhao Tianlin did not even try to fight him. 
On his part, if anyone touched his woman, even though he was a weak chicken now, he would not take it lying down. (Zuben: Machismo is not becoming dear)

Though he had a dark expression, he quickly replaced it with a smile for Xiaojiu.

How odd.Was it that Zhao Tianlin did not care that his fiancee was fooling him? Haocheng did not get it, but there was no chance to clarify because Zhao Tianlin had brought his sister along with him.[2]

She was called Zhao Tianjiao, and she stuck to him like glue. And Zhao Tianlin, that a.s.shole, told Xiaojiu that he had something to discuss with her and ran off with her. He tried to go after but Zhao Tianjiao pulled him back, saying she wanted to be a responsible hostess and show him around the compound. Bulls.h.i.+t! His wife was being taken away. But he could not refuse Zhao Tianjiao. She stayed with him all day, even ate with him – sitting by his side and graciously helping him eat.

To be fair, Zhao Tianjiao was delicate and beautiful like a rose, but how could he be interested in this seventeen year old devil?

After their evening meal, Haocheng tried to extricate himself, ‘Miss Zhao, it's late. I'll return to my room.' He had a polite smile on his face.

But she pulled at him, asking him to accompany her for a walk. He turned to Xiaojiu, she did not say anything, but continued to quietly eat her meal. The elder Zhaos looked happy to see him and Tianjiao getting along, they laughed as asked him to accompany their spoiled daughter.

How could he refuse?

‘Don't call me Miss Zhao, call me Tianjiao,' the young girl said petulantly at Haocheng.

She was the family's only daughter, she has always been loved and was beautiful. She had confidence in her appearance, and in the knowledge that many men fancied her. There were many men who came to woo her, but she did not pay attention to them. But today, when she set eyes on this young man, she went crazy. She had not expected any man to look more handsome than her brother. Compared to Tianlin, this young man was better. His appearance was more beautiful than she was; he looked like the white moon, s.h.i.+ning brilliantly.

A man like him was worthy of being her, worthy to be Zhao Tianjiao's husband.

‘It's still early, Haocheng-gege, let's talk more.' Tianjiao took Jiang Haocheng's hand and acted coquettish. No man could refuse her when she was like this. She understood her charm and her beautiful eyes looked flirtatiously at him.

Unfortunately, she was facing the beauty of Jiang boss. After looking at Hao Yue's face for a time, the little girl could not make him feel tempted. Besides, he only had Xiaojiu in his heart now. Yes, Zhao Tianjiao was beautiful, but she did not move his heart.

‘Ah but I'm tired, we can change tomorrow,' Haocheng tried hold back his temper and coax her but he had gooseb.u.mps in his heart. Every time, he heard her call him gege he got gooseb.u.mps. Did she have to call him so disgustingly? But no matter how much he protested, she insisted on it, so Haocheng gave up. No, he just wanted to get rid of her, but Tianjiao was unshakable,

‘Then, we'll chat in your room,' she said.

‘Ah?' Haocheng was stunned, ‘That isn't right, is it? We are not relatives, we can't be alone…'

‘Hm, the people of the Jiang-hu are free from such formalities. Don't be such a spoilsport!' Tianjiao said unashamedly as she took his hand and dragged him into the courtyard of their guest quarters.

Uh? This…Haocheng was stunned silly.

Didn't they say that the ancients were very conservative? How come he came across something different from what he had heard? (Zuben: Maybe you didn't hang around for more detailed lessons?)

Now that she was almost in his room, was she really here to just chat? How could this work? He tried to pull away but she held him tightly. Come on! Even a little girl was stronger than this weak chicken. Hao Yue, you weak chicken!

‘Miss Zhao…'

‘Haocheng-gege, call me Tianjiao,' she reiterated petulantly.

‘Er Tianjiao-' he had no opportunity to say anything else because he saw the figure in red sitting on the stairs in front of his room. The moon light illuminated her cold visage, staring at them with indifference - but then her gaze landed on their held hands.

Haocheng suddenly felt as though his palms were sweating.

Seeing Ji Danning, Tianjiao was also shocked. She was frightened by her gaze, she unconsciously released Haocheng's hand and twisted her hands nervously in front of her,

‘Cousin,' she called timidly.

She has always been afraid of her cousin, Ji Danning. This cousin was always cold and expressionless. Her green eyes made Tianjiao afraid to approach her.

Danning ignored her, still seeing the two of them holding hands in her mind, her green eyes turned darker and colder. She glared at Tiaojiao's right hand.

Tianjiao was shocked by Danning's gaze. She could not help but tremble, and dared not stay any longer,

‘I-I'll go back to my room first.' She said quickly. She gave a hasty bow and turned to go.

Haocheng gave a sigh of relief when that entangling little devil finally left. He immediately turned to Danning with a smile, ‘Xiaojiu…' but she ignored him and headed to her room.

What happened? Why was she ignoring him?

He quickly ran up to her,

‘Xiaojiu…-whoa!' As soon as he stepped into her room, a cold silver flash was against his throat. He was so scared he held on to the door, held his breath looking down at the slender blade in her hand.

‘Xiao-Xiaojiu…' he stammered, he did not understand why his family's Xiaojiu was behaving like this.

‘Stay away from Zhao Tianjiao.' Danning said darkly, she was very unhappy with him. He did not follow her around; at dinner, he only talked to Zhao Tianjiao, he did not help put more food in her plate to coax her to eat more. And he held her hand. (Zuben: Girl, it's barely been two days, yo! You can be used to the pampering already?!)

Her green eyes were getting colder and darker, the cold from the blade was transmitted to his delicate skin. Haocheng dared not swallow.

‘I don't want to be around Tianjiao either…Miss Zhao! Miss Zhao!' He began to protest but seeing her eyes flash coldly, he quickly changed his mouth. But he continued to protest, ‘I don't want to be close to her.'

Good heavens, he was the one being pestered, and he was helpless; why was she angry with him?

Hold on a second; why was Xiaojiu angry with Tianjiao? Could it be?!

His eyes lit up, and Haocheng forgot the dangerous blade at his neck, he stepped forward to ask excitedly, ‘Are you jealous, Xiaojiu?'

His sudden movement had frightened Danning to jump. Fortunately, she had quick reflexes and she retracted the blade in time, otherwise, there would have been blood.

She frowned at him, annoyed by his recklessness, ‘You…'she was about to say, but her lips were blocked by his soft ones.

Haocheng hugged her slender body to him and kissed her, ‘Xiaojiu, tell me quickly; are you jealous?' he asked.

Jealous? She was confused by the word and did not understand what he meant.

Haocheng had become accustomed to her slowness, (Zuben: In the past day or so…) she really was a blank slate waiting for him to colour her.

‘You weren't happy that I was with Zhao Tianjiao?'

She had been unhappy, she nodded.

‘You weren't happy to see me holding hands with her?'

She was not only unhappy, she wanted to cut off Tianjiao's hand! She nodded again.

‘So, I wasn't tagging along with you today; did you miss me?' he asked holding her tightly. He bowed his head so his forehead was touching hers and his lips were close to hers.

Miss him? She had always been thinking that he wasn't near,

‘Yes.' She replied. Her green eyes stared at his lips, they were so close. She could feel his breathing against her skin; her heart could not help but beat fast.

Haocheng chuckled, ‘I missed you too.' Especially since she had been with Tianlin all day; he had been jealous. Fortunately, his Xiaojiu was like wood. From the way she behaved with Zhao Tianlin, she was not interested in him.

What was this about a fiancé? That surnamed Zhao was just feeling unrequited love! Haocheng laughed proudly in his head. Xiaojiu was his. Zhao wanted to rob him? He could get lost.

Danning did not know what he was thinking; she just stared at his lips. She didn't understand why he hadn't kissed her. She liked how it felt when he kissed her. When he did not move, she took the initiative and placed her lips against him.

Haocheng was stunned, as the pink tip of her tongue licked his lips shyly. Then she retreated. She looked puzzled as though she did not what came next.

Haocheng laughed, why was his Xiaojiu so cute? She was so cute he wanted to eat her up. Haocheng's eyes lit up with a wicked fire,

‘Come, I'll teach you,' he said, ‘Open your mouth,'

He cajoled, and as she opened her mouth, he pushed his tongue in to entangle hers, and held her tighter in his arms. He hadn't been able to see her all day, he wanted her all now! 

[1] 就地正法 -jiù dì zhèngfǎ – I can only a.s.sume this is an euphemism. The idiom dictionary did not enlighten but there is something about death penalty in the area of the crime. 

[2]  真奇怪,難道趙天麟說是小九的未婚夫是唬弄他的嗎?

  江昊丞疑惑,可根本沒機會問姬丹凝,他的麻煩就來了,打擾的白目不只是趙天麟,連他妹妹也來了。 - Unsure about these two lines. 

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