Bunny Husband Chapter 5

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Danning was hugged to his chest; she did not resist but placed her small hands against his shoulders as he sucked on her lips and wrapped his tongue around hers. His scent was all over her mouth. His skilled plunder made her breathing quicken.


‘Shh…' he said against her lips. He did not want her to speak, ‘Xiaojiu, let me…' he whispered as he absorbed her fragrant tongue.

What did he want her to let him?

She couldn't ask, her body had become weak under his kisses. She could push him away, if she wanted, he would not be allowed to touch her. But her hand did not exert its strength, she allowed him to kiss her, to taste her, to touch her, to suck on her pink tongue. (Zuben: Yuan Yuan really likes tongue sucking doesn't she?)

She didn't hate the feelings he invoked, she was curious, wanting to know more, learning the way he kissed her and mimicking him.

Her action provoked even more intense kisses, and he ravaged her mouth – eager to break her down.  Haocheng's hand boldly roamed her body and came to her small b.r.e.a.s.t.s. He ran his fingers against the protruding nipple, and saw Danning did not resist him. His perverted heart immediately went wild; he pulled down her collar and plunged his hand inside to hold onto her tender flesh.

Whoop, she felt good in his hand.

This feeling is what he had longed for. The content of his nightly spring dreams that made him feel empty when he woke. Tonight, he would finally be able to fulfil his dreams.

Holding her soft breast in his hands, his finger clamped on the tip, lightly teasing until the sensitive buds hardened.

The strange touch made Danning break off their kiss to gasp. Her green eyes were misty, and her pale lips had turned bright red from kissing.

‘Do you hate it?' he asked as he sucked on her bottom lip, as kneaded her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and teased her nipples, pus.h.i.+ng the nipples , gently pressing down on them and rolling.

‘A little…strange,' she replied feeling her breast become fuller in his hands, making her feel weird.

Seeing her innocent reaction, the wolf in him continued to howl. He restrained the impulse to throw her down and take her. He licked her chin with the tip of his tongue as he travelled downward.  He left hot humid kisses on her pale neck one by one. Then he bit the ties off her blasphemous clothes to fully expose her tender b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

He took a nipple into his mouth and licked it in a circle with his tongue as he untied her clothes and parted her red robes.

Danning bit her lips as she watched what he was doing. Her green eyes flashed a trace of panic when he peeled off her clothes, but his actions were gentle as though she was a treasure, she dropped her hand.

‘Don't be afraid,' he said, ‘I won't hurt you.' Licking her nipple, he nibbled at the bud, and he heard her gasp and a wicked smile appeared on his face. Her pink nipple was coated with his saliva, and he went for the other one. He licked both until they were swollen and smelling like him. But it was not enough, he wasn't satisfied, he wanted to lick her all over.

He kissed the white scar under her perky breast. Her snow white body was not perfect, her skin was criss-crossed with tiny scars, but he kissed and licked every single one of them without a trace of repulsion. (Zuben: If she's a martial artist who roamed about how come her body is so white?)

Because of his actions, her heart and body could not help but get feverish. As he licked her all over, the burning intensified.

Her fingers grabbed at the table cloth as he lifted her left leg and kissed her thigh at the lacy edge of her drawers. He was not in a hurry to get at the place behind the flimsy barrier. He concentrated on kissing and sucking the delicate skin and leaving love bites. As though he was licking the sweetest candy, his lips and tongue slid down her calf to her feet where he took off her white socks and kissed her pale foot.

‘No…' she cried weakly, trying to retract her leg, ‘it's dirty.'

‘Where is the dirt?' he asked as he bit into her tender toes lightly, ‘As long as they are yours, they are not dirty.' As long as it was hers, he would like it.

He sucked on her toes, nibbled on the tender foot. He felt her trembling, he looked up at her bewildered appearance; she was no longer indifferent, no longer calm, her cheeks were tinged with pale pink spots.

She looked like a panic stricken rabbit, and he was a wolf waiting for the chance to devour her. What a sense of satisfaction this gave him! (Zuben: The macho masculinity has recovered)

He took up the right leg, kissed up her calf to her thigh and pushed up her drawers to bite the tender heart of her thigh. Rudely leaving hickeys here and there, he grazed the thin drawers covering her privates; he could feel the cloth was warm and damp against her skin.

Ah, his Xiaojiu was aroused.

The discovery made his eyes flash with pride and wickedness. He pulled down her drawers to look directly at her delicate flesh. The crystal clear fluid glittered under the fine velvet like a dewed flower.  He kissed her hungrily like a bee, using his tongue to part the petals and licking her beautiful flower.

‘Ah!' Danning cried, frightened by his action. She wanted to shrink back but he reached out and clasped her waist, held her fast as he used his tongue to push into the slit.

‘Haocheng…' she was frightened and fl.u.s.tered, she tried to push his head away. But he curtailed her, grabbing her hand and sucking harder at her petals with his lips and tongue.

‘Ah,' she cried as her body softened and she felt stranger as something spilled out of her, while he licked and sucked her petals.

‘Xiaojiu, how sweet you are,' he said looking up at her and licking his wet lips with his tongue. (Zuben: What else is he going to lick his lips with?) He let go of her hand and reached between her legs with his fingers.

‘Don't be afraid, I want to give you joy.' He said as his thumb pressed against her flower bud, squeezing her fragility, and then his finger gently penetrated her flower mouth.

Danning closed her eyes, she did not know why but watching what he was doing and looking into his wicked eyes made her feel hot. She did not dare look at him, in that moment, she forgot her resistance.

He took the opportunity to push his finger into her, the delicate tender meat immediately surround his finger. Heaven, she was so tight, the heat under his belly became more painful.

The invasion startled Danning, she was surprised to see his finger inside her, ‘Haoche-nnn!' she called out as his finger squirmed suddenly inside her, and began to pump her lightly.

‘Ah~' she trembled, and stiffened, and her body slightly bowed.

Haocheng's eyes brightened as though he had found the most precious treasure, ‘Is it here?'

‘No…' she moaned as she bit her lip but she could not control the shameful moan that tried to escape as he took the opportunity to tease at her vulnerability.

Love juice was stirred forth, making her fleshy petals glisten brightly, filling the room with a sweet fragrance. His eyes were heated, almost red taking in her present charms. Her usually cold face was blus.h.i.+ng, her green eyes had little tears in them, her soft lips were bitten by her sh.e.l.l like teeth, (Zuben: Is this a thing?), her thin brows were wrinkled. She clearly wanted to resist his advances, but she was sinking into pleasure, giving her such an alluring appearance arousing his animalistic desire.

His fingers pumped faster into her, every time he rubbed the tender flesh, his thumb squeezed the swollen flower bead, and he felt her tighten around his finger. He stabbed his finger hard into her.

‘Ah~!' she cried out and hunched over; her legs could not help but lift up. She felt dizzy as indescribable pleasure washed over her.

Haocheng pulled out his finger, and lots of nectar washed out. The table cloth under her pale bottom got wet, and her petals trembled. (Zuben: There's a water fountain up there)

He hastily untied his belt and pulled down his trousers, and his vigorous male desire popped up immediately. He reached out and clamped her round b.u.t.tocks, drawing her against him; causing his c.o.c.k to brush against her tender petals.

‘Xiaojiu, there'll be some pain, bear with me.' He said in a low voice. His burning desire wanted him to force himself into her. The hot glans pushed apart her meat petals, and in one thrust he penetrated the flower, piercing her hymen. (Zuben: Which as a martial artist she is likely not to have)
Hot and humid liquid immediately gushed out.

‘Hnn!' Danning groaned, as she frowned and grasped his shoulder tightly.

‘It is very painful?' he asked forcing himself to stay still. He gritted his teeth trying to resist the sublime pleasure he was getting from being tightly surrounded by her inner walls. Green vein broke out on his forehead from his struggle.

There was pain, Danning thought, but it was not unbearable. It was really insignificant compared with the injuries she had had in her life, but it felt strange. He was in her body, she could feel his huge presence within her, she could feel his heartbeat against hers; there was a kind of indescribable intimacy.

She lowered her head to his chest, ‘Your heart is beating so fast,' she said quietly looking up at him with her wide green eyes full of innocence, thoroughly inflaming his desire.

Haocheng kissed her, sucking on her pink tongue, rudely and savagely plundering her fragrant mouth.

It was not enough, not enough.

He gripped her snowy b.u.t.tocks tightly and pulled out and thrust into her hard.

‘Hnn~' she moaned against his lips, her tongue sucked into his mouth. The saliva he fed her was being swallowed, but most of it came through the seal between their lips.

His fiery desire entered deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her delicate flesh and petals warped tightly with each entry and trembled with each withdrawal.

Haocheng seemed to be eating her. He not only gnawed at her mouth, he was also pumping his thick manhood through her. Each withdrawal not only caused her to flood with love juice, he pulled meat out with him, and he pushed in deeply invading her body and soul.

Her snow white body was modelled to his taste; he left traces of his invasion on her. He reached up to grasp her breast, squeezing hard so the flesh pushed through his fingers. There was a little pain but more numbness, with his occupation, the pleasure gradually invaded the pain, she could not resist holding him tight and wrapping her legs around his waist.

‘Try and rock your hips and work with me,' he said against her lips. Haocheng's command taught her how to deepen the pleasure. She catered to his rhythm, rubbing her flesh and flowers as he enters, her body trembled.

‘Yes, that's it.' He said as he felt her love tunnel tighten around him with greater strength, ‘Xiaojiu, you're great.' So tight, he thought he would die of pleasure. Her enthusiastic reaction surprised him, though she was cold normally, but for pleasure, her actions were direct and cute to death! See how her body tightened around him when he entered, not releasing him easily. She was so tight and hot, he could hardly help surrendering to her. Her beautiful face was full of pure but seductive charm; her green eyes were like pools, forcing him to swallow her. Oh…she was really a great find.

Haocheng could not hold back any longer, he wildly invaded her. Hot flames surrounded them and they fell together.

‘Hm~' she moaned as waves of pleasure burst through her body. She did not know when she stopped rocking against him, she could only hold on to him tightly. Her love tunnel was full of love juice, but exit was tightly blocked by his hot member making her abdomen swell. (Zuben: Is this even possible?)

‘Haocheng…' she cried out softly. Her head fell into the crook of his neck. The unrelenting wave of pleasure continued, making her unable to clench her fingers.

Haocheng bit into her soft neck. He knew she had reached her limit, although he was not finished, he decided to let her go for the time being. With one final thrust, his hot white fluid sprayed out and filled her.

‘Ah~' her hot, humid cave was like a greedy mouth swallowing the burning fluid. Her small belly swelled even more. (Zuben: This is some next level hentai s.h.i.+znit, right there)

Danning frowned as she felt him withdraw from her body; the nectar mixed with s.e.m.e.n flowed out immediately, (Zuben: Milkshake if you will)

Haocheng lifted her and took her to bed.

The fluid dripped down as they went leaving damp marks on the floor. He put her on the bed, her white jade body stark against the red bed spread. Her body was full of traces he left on her, the lewd fluid continued to flow out of her body, down between her legs and wetting the bed.

Danning's eyes were half open, she was gasping lightly. She did not know how attractive she looked in that moment. She felt his gaze and turned to look at him. Her body was coated with wet lewd marks, but her face was pure with only her eyebrows revealing a woman's charm.

How did she do it? Looking so delicious.

His recently vented manhood rose again. Haocheng swallowed, he could not bear it any longer and he leapt upon her like a hungry jackal. He had not had nearly enough!

Ji Danning opened her eyes, though she was very tired, she was used waking up at this time. She could not help but frown at the unfamiliar ache in her body. A hot body lay behind her, his arm was around her holding onto her breast, his knee was between her legs and his drooping manhood rested against her bottom.

Her legs and privates were still wet, sticky with body fluid. Her body was full of the traces of pa.s.sion he had left.

Unaccustomed to the stickiness, she took his hand off her and left his embrace. Her departure did not wake him, he was sleeping soundly. She was now used to his deep sleep; nothing could really wake him until he wanted to wake up. She took the thin sheets and covered him. He had a smile on his face which made her smile gently too.

After watching him for a while, she stepped out of bed. There was a discomfort between her legs that made her frown, as soon as she was upright, the fluid still inside her flowed out. Danning stared at her legs, her cheek inexplicably hot. She quickly dressed in her clothes that had been thrown on the floor. (Zuben: Haocheng must have b.a.l.l.s the size of buckets)

She turned back to Haocheng, who had snuggled her pillow and rolled up in the quilt into a ball. His childish appearance made her green eyes soften.  She knew he would be asleep for another two hours so she left the room, planning to go and have a bath to wash away the stickiness.

As she stepped out of the door, Tianlin entered the courtyard. Seeing her coming out of Haocheng's room, his face changed instantly.

Danning expression shuttered, returning to its usual coldness, as she walked towards him. But his expression turned uglier and uglier. (Zuben: It's the smell, dear) Although his face had not changed, it lost the tenderness he usually wore.

Zhao Tianlin caught sight of Danning's neck and saw the clear love bite there – it had deliberately been placed there, to make sure the rabbit who wanted his wife could see it. Seeing it, Tianlin knew what had happened the night before, he could not help but be enraged with jealousy. He looked at Haocheng's door with murder in his eyes.

But her cold gaze stopped him.

‘Do not touch him.' She warned.

Seeing her guard him, Tianlin was furious, ‘Ah Jiu, have you forgotten you are my fiancée?

He had loved her since they were children. When he first saw the girl his uncle had adopted; her small face with large green eyes quickly enamoured him. Although her personality was cold, he was madly infatuated with her. (Zuben: This is your problem not hers, then)

Even though he knew Danning had no interest in him, he did not give up his heart. He begged his aunt and uncle to betroth her to him. They all told him that Ah Jiu was cold and did not understand love, and he would only get hurt in the long run. But he did not listen; he thought Ah Jiu did not know love because she was young, when she grew up she would understand his feelings. (Zuben: Really not her problem)

Under his persistent entreaty, his uncle and aunt agreed to his courts.h.i.+p. When Danning turned sixteen, they became betrothed; Danning did not refuse at the time. He could not help but rejoice. Her lack of refusal would mean she liked him too. It didn't matter if she didn't like him, she would only have him near her. He was her fiancé, sooner or later; she would fall in love with him.

He had been confident. (Zuben: pitiful dumb-a.r.s.e)

But the appearance of Jiang Haocheng broke that confidence. A Jiu treated him differently; though she seemed cold, he knew that it was different. She allowed the boy to get close to her, giving him the closeness she would not give Tianlin. Though she seemed cold, her eyes were always on Haocheng. He had gotten jealous; how could he not? The way she treated that boy was what he had longed for all these years and could not get. But she was his fiancée, so what if she treated that boy better? She would be his in the end.

That what he had told himself, but that belief was now shattered. A Jiu had given herself to that surnamed Jiang. Where did she place him in her life?

‘Did you forget you are going to marry me after the Wulin conference?'

Confronted with his anger, Danning remained indifferent; her gaze was expressionless.

‘You can cancel the betrothal.' When it was proposed, she had not refused, but neither did she consent; she hadn't cared. If it hadn't been for her good father and mother, it wouldn't have mattered. Her mother had sent her a letter telling her that they had set the wedding for after the conference. She didn't care so she did not reply; they may have thought that she agreed.

She did not hate Zhao Tianlin, but she did not feel like she wanted to marry him. Maybe she would, maybe she wouldn't; she never gave the situation a thought. But now, she knew she did not want to marry him.

She had given her innocence to Haocheng, but she didn't regret it. She also knew that it would be unfair to Tianlin. If that were the case, she might as well cancel their engagement.

‘What did you say?!' Cancel their engagement? She had said it so simply, there had been no change to her expression. It was as if she did not care about him or his feelings. (Zuben: She ain't responsible for your feelings)

Danning looked blankly at him; she had no intention of repeating her words.

‘I am not going to cancel the engagement!'She was his! She belonged to him!
He stepped forward anxiously, ‘A Jiu.'

But she moved back, always maintaining a three step distance from him. She never liked being too close to others, even her adoptive parents could not stand close.

Jiang Haocheng was the only exception.

Her action made him embarra.s.sed; she was suspicious of everyone including her fiancé but not that boy…how sad!

‘So that boy,' he asked through gritted teeth, his heart full of jealousy, ‘do you like him that much?'

Did she like him? Danning thought, she remembered that Haocheng also asked this question. He had told her he loved her at first sight, but she still did not understand. Yet, when she thought of the noisy man, there was warmth in her green eyes and a hint of a smile.

Witnessing her rare smile, Zhao Tianlin's fists clenched and shook with rage. His heart ached, why? Why did she have this expression for Jiang Haocheng?

She was solitary and unyielding. He had thought she would always be that way, and that was okay. Even though she did not love him, at least, she would love no one else. But now, although she had not said anything, he knew that Jiang Haocheng occupied her heart. He could not accept it!

‘What about me, A Jiu? Where do you put me?'

Danning could not understand why he was angry. Her father had always told her that her heart was too cold, even if she had no intention, the person who fell in love with her would only be hurt by her. (Zuben: Once again, how is she responsible for other people's feelings?)

When her father had sighed about it, she had remained indifferent. She had no thoughts about people unrelated to her, even Zhao Tianlin, he was only her cousin.

‘Cancel the betrothal.' She remained.

‘Impossible!' He roared. He looked at her full of determined perseverance, ‘I will not cancel the engagement, Jiang Haocheng will not have you. A Jiu, you are mine. We will marry after the Wulin conference.' He will never give her up; she belonged to him. The more he was obstructed, the more he will never let go. (Zuben: I suppose there would be no drama if he was sensible and just stepped aside)

Jiang Haocheng was a kid with an unknown origin. He had loved A Jiu for many years? How long had that boy known her? Why did she have to fall in love with him? He could not accept it.

‘I will not give you up, A Jiu, you are mine!' With a disdainful glance at the door behind Danning, he left.

Danning frowned, her eyes held a hint of displeasure.

Zhao Tianlin's words aroused her irritation; she belonged to no one. Even her adoptive parents who raised her could not change her mind, not to talk of Tianlin. She scoffed in her heart, and dismissed his words and went to her room to bathe.

Behind the door, Haocheng had been eavesdropping.

After Danning had left the room, he missed her soft body in his sleep and he had woken up in confusion. He could not find his wife. Then he heard the quarrel outside. Filled with curiosity, he got out of bed and stood behind the door. He had listened to the exchange.

Gee, it seemed someone had lost in love. So Xiaojiu did not even put surnamed Zhao in her eyes at all! Haocheng wanted to shed a tear of sympathy for him but instead, he wore a proud smile. That stinky man was too sensitive; his words would only arouse Xiaojiu's apathy. One could not use force with Xiaojiu; he just had to stick around shamelessly. (Zuben: So after s.e.xing, your d.i.c.k has received transmissions and you now know her so well eh?)

Smug like sticky sugar, he crawled back into bed naked and pulled the bed clothes with her scent still on it and went back to sleep.

‘Hahahaha…' he could not help but laugh out loud. Love was like a battlefield; last named Zhao was going to lose!

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Bunny Husband Chapter 5

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