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Red Bean Buns

Jiang Haocheng carried an oil paper bag, and strolled back to the Zhao compound. In the bag were dumplings fresh out of the oven. He had been attracted by the fragrance in the street, and had bought one to try; it had been unexpectedly delicious, the sugary flour was very elastic, the red bean stuffing was not too sweet or greasy. It was delicious. He immediately bought a few back for Xiaojiu to have.

He had come to realise (Zuben: In the last day or so), Danning did not eat if she was not hungry. And even if she was given stale bread, she would still chew it without expression. To her food was nothing more than to stop her hunger; she did not eat because she thought the food was delicious. Sometimes, he doubted that she was woman; which woman paid so little attention to eating?

All the women he knew were all food-loving, like his elder sister, who rushed to eat at recommended restaurants, and sometimes, she dragged him along. While he was working, his customers talked about restaurants they liked and what they liked to eat.

So meeting Danning, who did not pay attention to food at all, was alien to him. And she ate so little.

No wonder she was thin, lighter than a feather, yet she was stronger than him, her wrists were slenderer than his, but she could easily grab a big man and throw him aside. Yesterday, they went out together, and met some gangsters who wanted to hara.s.s them, and touch his face. Danning broke their bones, and threw them away.

Alas, he was the one being molested, and protected; he felt very complicated. (Zuben: Aww, your poor masculinity)

Although, it was not the first time it had happened, his delicate masculinity was a bit deflated.

That aside, he found that although Danning did not over eat, she loved sweets. Sometimes, he would buy her cakes. Although, she ate expressionlessly, she would still eat all the cake in small mouthfuls, and lick the sugar powder off her fingers.

Yesterday, while they were walking, they went by a hawker selling sugar gourds. He noted that Danning glanced at the hawker, but looked away and continued on. At this time, he was a bit suspicious so he bought a few sugar gourds and handed them to her.

She did not resist nor frown – when he asked her to eat more, she would give him a cold face, but eat a few mouthfuls. She licked the sugar gourd with her pink tongue and opened her mouth to chew on it till her small mouth was bulging, though her face had no expression, Haocheng thought she was inexplicably cute.

So his Xiaojiu like sweet things.

Realising this, he bought more small cakes for her, and watched her eat them without quibble. It was rather satisfying to watch.

When he had woken up that morning, she had gotten out of bed, so he rolled in the quilt thinking of how he had eaten Xiaojiu, a sweet eater, as desert the night before. The past two nights, she had slept with him. She did not resist his lovemaking; her reaction was raw and enthusiastic; so cute, he could not have enough of her.

He hardened as he thought of her delicious appearance.

While he was wallowing in the afterglow, a voice outside the door made him freeze,

‘Haocheng-gege, are you awake?'

He buried his head in his quilt suddenly acquiring a headache; did this girl not get tired of pestering him? He thought desperately how to avoid, Zhao Tianjiao, he knew Xiaojiu was jealous and she had a very sharp blade. But no matter how much he tried to avoid her, she stuck to him. No matter how fast he ran, she caught him.  


Nope. He will run away, or Xiaojiu will be angry if she came back to find Tianjiao with him. Jumping out of bed, he dressed carefully and silently, and slipped out of the room through the window. He thought of where to go. He did not want to be caught by Tianjiao, so he left the Zhao compound. He was not afraid of getting molested again, as his a.s.sailants would all be at home tending to their wounds after Danning dealt with them the day before.

After half an hour of window-shopping, he bought some sweets and returned to the compound. As he walked, he wondered how long they would be staying there. Zhao Tianlin had not appeared in the past few days since that argument, it must have been that the blow to his heart was too much, and he had not come to see Xiaojiu. Unfortunately, Zhao Tianjiao irritatingly wanted to glue herself to him.

‘I'll ask Xiaojiu when we will be leaving…' he said to himself.

As he walked up to the gates, he came across Tianlin looking at him gloomily.

What was it? He thought about surnamed Zhao and he appeared.

Looking at Tianlin's dark expression, it was clear he was looking for trouble. Haocheng wondered if he should avoid Tianlin. He was no longer his buff self; he was now a weak chicken versus Zhao Tianlin, a martial arts master. A jealous man was a terrible thing, who knew if he would try to kill Haocheng.

As though he could sense Haocheng's fear, Tianlin sneered.

X! He was being looked down upon.

The thing Haocheng could not tolerate was being looked down upon. Did this stinky boy think he was afraid of him? The defeated general's henchmen will open their mouths in fear. Haocheng did not change his expression; he did not make a detour because the gate was behind Tianlin. He pa.s.sed Tianlin cautiously but leisurely. Although he was nervous he remained calm. Even in cold sweat, he was a handsome young man. (Zuben: The most important thing here)

‘Hao Yue.'

Yes? Haocheng stopped and turned to Tianlin.

Tianlin sneered at him with contempt, ‘The flower queen of Lin Xian Lou, who is only a cheap prost.i.tute who drinks with men.'

He had sent someone to investigate Jiang Haocheng's origin, but he had been surprised when he had heard that Haocheng was a xiǎo guān. Hm! How could a cheap prost.i.tute compare with someone like him? Why did A Jiu like Haocheng? Was it because of his beautiful face? (Zuben: Do you want to rip it off? Stick it over yours? There should be a martial art for that)

Haocheng raised his eyebrows at the statement, but he was not angered. The prost.i.tute was Hao Yue, not him. Besides, so what if he had been a prost.i.tute? He did not commit murder.

‘You don't deserve to be with A Jiu,' Zhao Tianlin said arrogantly, ‘if you follow her, you would only make her a laughing stock and humiliate her. Leave my fiancée alone.'

Haocheng wanted to laugh; did Zhao Tianlin think this would humiliate him? How gauche.

Haocheng leaned c.o.c.kily against the wall and sneered, ‘So I don't deserve her. But you think that you do?'

‘Of course,' Zhao Tianlin replied proudly. Only he can match A Jiu; they had the same social standing and were childhood friends. (Zuben: In your head)

‘Are you still a virgin?' Haocheng asked.

‘What?' Tianlin asked taken aback. For a moment, he didn't get that Haocheng was asking.

Haocheng blinked, his phoenix eyes looked shy as he said, ‘Well, I gave my first time to Xiaojiu.' He wasn't lying; Hao Yue's virginity was indeed given to Danning.

‘What about you? I can only guess that you gave yours to a woman in brothel.'

He remembered this kind of plot point in martial arts novels. Seeing Tianlin's look of uncertainty, he guessed he was right.

‘So now, who between us doesn't match Xiaojiu? You say you like her, but you mess about with other women?' Haocheng said disdainfully.

‘You!' Tianlin was so enraged he could not speak, ‘You're just a xiǎo guān…'

‘What about it?' Haocheng asked laughing mockingly at Tianlin, ‘I haven't killed anybody. I haven't broken the law. Even being a xiǎo guān is making a honest living. Since you had me investigated, did you find out how I met Xiaojiu?'

He watched Tianlin's face turned green, and his handsome smile grew even more charming, and lost his fear of death.

‘You should have heard the phrase “out of the mud but unstained”? I had such high ambitions; in order to protect my self, I did not hesitate to hang myself. I survived that, but also fought to escape. That is how I was lucky to be rescued by Xiaojiu and get to know her. This is the so called, a good person gets good rewards.'

Zhao Tianlin's expression turned progressively ugly as Haocheng spoke, he could not refute him. But he could sneer at him, ‘It is a shame that you left the halls of merriment, you know how to talk.'

‘Of course, how else could I have gotten Xiaojiu's heart?' Hm! You want to fight? Surname Zhao is ten years too early!

‘Jiang Haocheng!' His reply incensed Tianlin. He looked angry enough to kill; jealousy had made him red eyed and irrational.

‘Hey!' sensing danger, Haocheng stepped back, ‘It would not be good for you to touch me. It would not be good for Xiaojiu if you touch me; she won't spare you.'

His words pulled Tianlin back from the brink. Indeed, harming Jiang Haocheng now will only make A Jiu hate him.

‘Ha! Hiding behind a woman, you're not a man!' he snorted disdainfully.

‘That's all right; I am willing to be a little man behind Xiaojiu.' He replied, ‘If it's alright, I'll enter and feed Xiaojiu.'

He shook the bag full of buns at Tianlin and sped off.

It was terrible; if not for his fast thinking, he would have lost his life. They really could not stay here any longer. He needed to ask Xiaojiu when they were leaving.

Haocheng patted his chest, feeling the resentful gaze behind him; his mental state grew mildly panicked. He really needed to speak to Xiaojiu.

Tianlin's anger burned high as he watched Jiang Haocheng leave. He was so angry he clenched his fist and punched the wall. The wall immediately cracked under his fist. His handsome face contorted with jealously.

Jiang Haocheng, he would not let him go so easily…

‘Xiaojiu, when are we leaving?' He asked Danning, who was sitting on his lap as he fed her the delicious dumplings. Danning opened her mouth and bit into the dumpling, a little mouthful like a golden treasure. She licked the sugar powder on her lips.

‘Today,' she answered, glancing at the dumplings on the table. Her face had no expression, but he knew she wanted more, so he picked up another and fed it to her. As she ate, she had a thought,

‘Did you go out alone?' she asked with an unhappy frown.

‘It's alright, no one bullied me.' Well, not out in the streets, but at the compound he had run into Zhao Tianlin, but this was a war between men, he did not need to tell Xiaojiu. He caught sight of her licking her lips; he could not help but bow his head to kiss her sweet tongue, tasting the sweetness of the red beans. He slid his tongue into her fragrant mouth, and stirred gently with her own. His hand slid into her collar and slid down her robes to reveal her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. He held the soft and tender flesh.

‘Hmm…' she moaned avoiding him. She could feel his hot desire against her b.u.t.tocks, and she felt a little fl.u.s.tered, ‘It's daytime…' she protested.

‘I know.' He replied recapturing her mouth. He would not let her hide. He sucked hard and sipped on her sweetness. Who taught her to eat sweets so cutely that he became mad with l.u.s.t?

Releasing her lips, he took the dumplings and ate one, and then kissed her, realising the red bean filling into her mouth. The sharp sweetness coated their lips, tongues and teeth, making her lick his tongue like a greedy kitten.

Her actions completely aroused his obscene desires, he thought of her licking his throbbing shaft…

His mind was filled with the impulse.

He made Danning straddle him, and pulled her apart her clothes roughly. He kneaded and pinched her tender b.r.e.a.s.t.s, and her nipples became sensitive and erect. He took a nipple into his mouth, sucked and gnawed on it madly, leaving tooth marks on the delicate flesh. While sucking on one, his hand was on the other, rubbing and pressing the hardened bud against the belly of his hand. And he used his heated length to gently tease her privates, occasionally b.u.mping upwards to around her l.u.s.t.

Danning bit her lip as she looked down on him playing with her body. He sucked her b.r.e.a.s.t.s making her breast fuller and nipples erect filling her with delight and numbness. The obscene picture made her bashful, so she closed her eyes, but she could not avoid the sensations; she was hot between her legs and she could feel herself releasing the now familiar liquid.

Haocheng perceived it, ‘Xiaojiu, you are wet.' He said with a wicked laugh. He had such a beautiful face, but uttered such inconsistently obscene words.

‘Do you feel good?' he asked as his hot humid tongue licked her nipples and he untied her clothes to reach into her drawers for her s.e.x. His fingers encountered wetness, but he did not rush into her. Instead, he grabbed the nucleus in front of the petals, and pressed and grinded it slowly. Rubbing the flesh of the petals intentionally or unintentionally, penetrating her and retreating quickly.

Unable to withstand his provocation, there was an impatient itch between her legs, and Danning could not help but rock her hips against his fingers. Her eyes were misty and full of helpless pleading, but she did not realise it made the wolf in him want to tease he even more.

‘Do you want me inside?'

‘Yes,' she nodded.

‘Then, if you are obedient, I will satisfy you.' He spoke softly but he had an evil glint in his eye.'

‘Yes.' She replied, her eyes full of trust.

Haocheng felt a slight bit of guilt before it was swept away in the tide of his desires. He pulled out his fingers from between her legs and made her kneel before him. He quickly unfastened his trousers and his c.o.c.k leapt out.

Looking at his engorged desire, Danning was stunned. Though it was not the first time she had seen it, but when she thought about how he entered her, she could not help but blush. She wondered what he wanted her to do. She lifted her gaze to look at him, but before she could get to his face, his hand raised her face so it was near the throbbing stalk.

‘Xiaojiu,' he called his voice was a little hoa.r.s.e and he was trembling with excitement, ‘put out your tongue and lick it.'

Lick it? She looked at the phallus in dismay; she did not know how to do it and looked up at him in doubt

Haocheng picked up a dumpling and squeezed out the stuffing onto his c.o.c.k. He smeared the shaft with the stuffing then touched her lip with his stained finger.

Danning opened her mouth subconsciously and liked the red bean stuffing on his fingers.

‘Yes, that's it,' he took away his finger drawing a silver wire along with him, and pressed his thick length against her lips, and murmured gently, ‘Come on, it's like licking my finger.' (Zuben: Yes, quite like licking a finger ¬.¬)

Danning stretched out her tongue and licked the red beans stuffing at the top. Under his hot gaze, she opened her mouth wide and sucked the top and then wanted to retreat.

‘No!' he protested, clasping her head in his hands and pus.h.i.+ng her against him, ‘Hold it again, lick it with your tongue and suck it in.'

She hesitated for a moment, than as he asked, she sucked the thick length, licking the stuffing with the tip of her tongue. The sweetness of the red bean was mixed with an unspeakable taste, a little bitter, which she wasn't sure about. She could hear his gasping, but she was dissatisfied.

She looked up at him, his mouth was slightly opened and he was groaning in ecstasy. His hand caressed her head urging her forward so her mouth was filled with half of him.

‘Hmm!' she moaned and frowned in discomfort.

‘Good, lick it back and forth with your tongue,' he coaxed. The pleasure of seeing her with his c.o.c.k in her mouth made his desire thicken.

Seeing the longing in his eyes, Danning complied, and moved back and forth with her mouth while licking him.

Her movements were inexperienced, her teeth often grazed against him, it was a little painful but it fuelled his excitement. The heat and wetness of her mouth made him pant heavily, the stroke of her tongue sent s.h.i.+vers through him. It aroused his desire to see her cold green eyes as she held him in her mouth.

Danning huffed and puffed for a long time, her mouth aching and her lips felt like they had been rubbed raw, but between her legs was the longing itch. She could not help but rub her legs together as she looked up at him in askance.

Unable to bear her pleading, Haocheng pulled her up and took her to the table. He parted her legs to see her dripping wet underwear. He roughly pulled them off and lowered his head to the tender petals. He knew that she loved it when he licked her all over, but he could not wait and attacked her centre directly.

He licked the damp flesh and pus.h.i.+ng his fingers into her, stimulating her tight hole and producing sweet nectar.

‘Ah~…' she cried as her eyes rolled back in her head, and her body arched. Her b.u.t.tocks lifted off the table as his hot tongue drank from her dripping flower and sucked on the ruby red bud. His long fingers in her cave twisted as he pulled out, brus.h.i.+ng her flesh and petals, grinding her fragility.

‘Ah…' she trembled and her toes curled as she immersed herself in l.u.s.t.

Ascertaining she was wet enough, Haocheng could not longer bear it, he pulled out his fingers and grabbed her hips, he held his thickness against her entrance and buried himself deep inside her in one stroke. As soon as he entered, he retreated and penetrated fiercely again. Her love tunnel surrounded him tightly, and absorbed him, making him unable to retract easily.

‘Jiu, you're great,' he moaned before kissing her forcefully. His Xiaojiu not only had a sweet mouth above, her mouth below was also tight and pleasurable, and he could not control himself. He plundered her charms with furore, occupied her deeply, provoking her weak spots again and again; making her lose her composure under him.

Nectar poured out of her honey pot with each withdrawal, he put his fingers between them so that they were drenched with her flower dew. He licked his fingers so his mouth was stained with her juices and then he kissed her. (Zuben: There is an underground/above ground? reservoir up in there, isn't there?)

His kiss was sweet and delicious, but also strange. She wanted to avoid him but she was entrapped by him. She suddenly felt him thrust deeply into the deep heart of her flower. Danning tightened instantly, and her cave grasped his desire even tighter. She shuddered in ecstasy, and he swallowed the delicate sigh in his kiss.

His offensive continued as he enjoyed the wild contractions of her inner muscles. He thrust several times before feeling his burning heat to the mouth below.

After satisfying their desires thoroughly, they ate and drank before they finally left the Zhao compound. Haocheng was like a lazy puppy lying on his wife's lap and hugging her waist in the carriage. They did not need to talk, and he was happy. The only drawback was Zhao Tianlin was following them. Thinking of him, Haocheng pouted.

He had started showing off again saying that he had to attend the Wulin a.s.sembly after which they would prepare for the wedding.

Haocheng did not argue, but pulled Danning into the carriage with him saying, ‘I am weak and unsuitable for riding, and Danning is tired since morning, she needs to rest. We'll have to trouble Zhao-gege to protect the carriage, by yourself,' enunciating the final phrase.

Watching Zhao Tianlin's face turn ugly, he laughed heartily. Did he think he could upset him by the word “wedding”? Haha, shallow!

Although, Zhao Tianlin could not be tossed aside, at least, Zhao Tianjiao could not follow. Haocheng was relieved at least. At the gates of the Zhao compound, she was reluctant to give up, but because Xiaojiu was beside him, she did not come close.

Xiaojiu was indeed his amulet.

As the carriage headed out of the city, Haocheng hesitated before casually asking, ‘Xiaojiu, what is the purpose of the a.s.sembly?'

‘To choose the leader of the alliance,' she said. Copying his past actions, she reached out and stroked his head.

He grabbed her hand and licked her fingers provocatively before he asked, ‘Aren't you the leader of the alliance?'

She shut her eyes before replying, her voice carrying some tension, ‘The leader of the alliance is elected every four years, after they win in the a.s.sembly.' She had emerged winner at the last conference at the age of eighteen to become the leader of the alliance. But, she had not been interested in the position; she only won because her opponents had been weak. She had not cared when she was handed the staff of leaders.h.i.+p. At first she wanted to hand it over to her father, who had been the previous leader, but he refused and insisted that she had to do her duty. So instead, she left the castle and roamed the country. She hadn't been back home in four years, if not for the Wulin Conference, she would not have returned at all.

Looking at her bewildered expression, Haocheng found her cute and he leaned up to kiss her; his phoenix eyes full of smiles.

‘So where is the a.s.sembly being held?'

‘Guyubao,' she said. Then after a moment, when she realised he would not know, she added, ‘My home.'

Haocheng stiffened; his heart was tight with tension, ‘Then your parents…?'

‘Live there.'

‘What?!' He leapt up, his eyes wide open, ‘This, how to say…' he was suddenly too nervous to speak. f.u.c.k! He was going to see the in-laws! 

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