Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 94

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Published at 1st of January 2019 10:31:03 AM Chapter 94

Madara saw his hand being cut by something but he didn't know what, it was then he saw a smile at Tsunade's face and thought about what she said earlier .

Linley from afar didn't wait and activated his Elemental Element : Burst-Steps (From user TrSDTKW) and within 2 seconds he covered 1/4 forth of the distance and threw 2 more of his Elemental Element : Void Knife (Combo of mine, and DragonEmperror) cutting the head of Madara apart . . .

The real Madara who was watching from afar he only caught 2 points flash before his clone was killed instantly .

Linley reached Tsunade after a few seconds and placed his hand in her eye healing her from the injury she had .

Are you okay?? : Linley

Just tired, although i have the chakra to keep going my body isn't on par with it . . . : Tsunade

It must be because of these two pillows over here waiting to be eaten by me . . . : Linley

Even though he joked Tsunade started tearing up as she thought she will never see him again and die to give him more problems .

Shhhh, relax i'm here now . . . : Linley

Just as he was speaking he raised his hand and caught an incoming blade stunning the one who initiated the attack . . .

Madara!!! : Linley

You!!! You caught the blade of Susanno??? No this can't be . . . . . : Madara

I heard so much about you from History, therefore you can be considered a teacher . . . and as a student in your eyes, i have a question care to answer it?? : Linley

What kind of Question, there are not many people that have your level and can prove quite a well verse opponent, therefore, i'll answer you . . . : Madara

Can you . . . Can the current you . . . . Dance at all?? : Linley

Madara was stunned by this question, he felt mocked, humiliated and before he could do something Linley turned around and placed him in a Genjutsu with his eyes . . .

That's impossible . . . . Why do you have that clan's . . . . . . . . . . . : Madara

The moment he saw his eyes and spoke his scenery changed and Madara fell on the ground as the Susano dissipated . . .

B . Zetsu who was watching from deep in the ground was shocked that someone could beat Madara like this and what's more in a Genjutsu . . .

Inside the Illusion, Madara was using his full powers in breaking free until he heard a voice and Linley appeared . . .

It's useless this Genjutsu once been cast either you have to pa.s.s the trials in it or the caster in the real world dies . . . : Linley

How do you have Kurama's Clan and Ketsuryūgan's Clan BloodLine?? : Madara

I'm amazed you could instantly tell them apart when i used them together to create this . . . : Linley

Furthermore your eyes, they are like Rinne-Sharingan but totally different . . . : Madara

Leave the talking for when you get out . . . For now, you need to survive, did playing with my girlfriend brought you any joy?? : Linley

As he said that Linley snapped his fingers and Madara appeared 10 Km away inside of a 6 Km crater and Linley was looking from above with coldly eyes before saying to him . . .

How will you handle the first?? : Linley

Swoooof . . . . The sky split apart and a meteor appeared heading right for the crater where Madara was at that moment Linley froze the s.p.a.ce for a second and he undid it after leaving his world behind . . .

Death in this world is death to the outside so pay attention . . . Now let me see you Dance . . . : Linley

Madar had an angry face as he activated his Rinne-Sharingan and used his full form Susano and formed a huge Katana cutting the meteor in half . . .

Before he could relax the second was upon him . . .

Now, what about the second one?? : Linley

Che . . . . : Madara

He clapped his hands together and so did the Susano as they had dropped the sword and created a large sized black hole that devoured everything . . .

Chibaku Tensei!!! : Madara

Ps . name for the Genjutsu world??

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 94

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