Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 95

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Published at 1st of January 2019 10:31:01 AM Chapter 95

As Madara had used his Chibaku Tensei a black hole flew towards the second meteor and stopped it in it's tracks before it started drawing in with his gravity the pieces of the first one . . .

Aaaaaahhhhh : Madara

Oh??? Now, this is a small scale moon . . . : Linley

Linley watched as this gravity hole stopped the meteor and transformed it about 3 times larger than usual before Madara grinned at him . . .

Here you can Have it Back!!! : Madara

So now i'm the one getting tested?? : Linley

He watched slowly as the giant moon version was moving towards him, and placed his hands in his waist as 5 elements started rotating and charging at high speeds .

20 seconds pa.s.sed and Linley could feel the giant moon almost crus.h.i.+ng him with the wind pressure but he had already charged his skill . . .

Elemental Element - Spiral Wave Cannon!! : Linley

Linley launched his hand forward and a huge purple-black sphere appeared in front of him as the rings of elements in the similar Rasengan fused together . . .

When they did so Madara who saw this was shocked, what the h.e.l.l is that jutsu?? Is it Bijudama?? No, it's much more potent than that . . .

Haaaaaaa!!!!! : Linley

Linely didn't forget to scream like the one who for the reference before the plate-like sphere launched forward in a single line as it erased anything in its path . . .

Within 2 seconds it made the moon stop in its track with a huge hole in the middle that had 5 different elements damage in it, it now looked like a doughnut and before Madara could say something .

Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, BoooooM!!!!! A huge explosion was heard from the core towards the outside of the moon with 5 bursts of elements, fire, water, wind, earth and Lighting . . .

He made the moon crumble just like that, at the same time Linley heard a message from his system . . .

[Elemental Element - Spiral Wave Cannon Reached 25% and entered Stage 2!!! Now the time of charging is changed from 5-20 to 4-15 . ]

Hahahahaha . . . Good, good, you know how to dance . . . : Madara

Your eyes, are what is letting you use others bloodlines and fuse the elements . . . : Madara

Oh?? How did you figured it out?? : Linley

Furthermore, you may act tough and want to duke it out with me, but your mind is screaming from the pain . . . : Madara

And?? I brought you here for 3 reasons . . . 1 To fight you at your strongest, not the weakest . : Linley

Oh?? You know?? : Madara

2 To test myself and 3 to tell a few things to you if you are worthy . . . : Linley

Furthermore, it seems your eyes can see my state, however, i choose to split my mind in two so i can take care of something outside . . . : Linley

So that means you are not seriously facing me . . . : Madara

No, on the contrary . . . : Linley

Linley made a few hand signs before yelling . .

Wood Element : Wood Clones!!!! : Linley

When he said that his whole body become wood and from it, 10 clones appeared all looking down at Madara . . .

Don't call this a cheating after all you are Uchiha Madara the strongest of your time . : Linley

Heh, you think numbers are gonna cut it?? It's like i'm fighting Has.h.i.+rama all over again . . . : Madara

But did Has.h.i.+rama do this?? : Linley

All clones clapped their hands together and all of them got engulfed in black flames with white markings of magatamas on his chest and a tree in his back that had his eyes above it . . .

You, you . . . You entered Sage Mode?? Furthermore what's up with that form . . . : Madara

Let's just say Has.h.i.+rama had touched the door of entering Sage Mode . . . : Linley

But i believe you recovered enough, your trial in this Reality Breaker is to beat me or survive till i runout . : Linley

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 95

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