Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 96

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Published at 1st of January 2019 10:31:00 AM Chapter 96

Oh, and keep in mind injuries here will be reflected back to reality and if you die your dead . . . : Linley

So its a battle of minds . . . : Madara

Pretty much . . . : Linley

Then . . . Fire Element : Grand Fire Dragons Jutsu!!! : Madara

Madara created a seal with his hand at least that's how it looked but in reality, he completed over ten in an instant . . .

Water Element : Water Dragon Jutsu!!! : Linley

His clones did the same and 10 Water Dragons flew at the fire ones, both clashed together with neither side winning only to manage to negate each other . . .

Lightning Element : Chainning Dragon Jutsu!!! : Linley

Are we contesting in Dragons now?? Wood Element : Wood Dragon Jutsu!!! : Madara

Let the lightning become food for it!!! : Madara

Unfortunately for him, that didn't happen except that the wood Dragon got shredded to pieces by Linley's Dragons and instantly they roared as they arrived in front of Madara . . .


It seems like you forgot that i can add natural energy in my attacks . . . : Linley

Cough, cough, cough, that was a blunder on my part . . . Still thanks for most of the recharge . . . : Madara

You avoided the blast with the skeleton of Susano and absorb the energy with the Rinne-Rinnegan . How smart of you . . . : Linley

Heh, you don't seem so well yourself . The Natural energy helps you stabilize the burden of your mind but eventually, you will fall!!! : Madara

SUSANO!!!!!! : Madara

Finally the full form of it and not gimmicks . . . : Linley

He was excited he wanted to trample on the strongest with his own feet . . . He watched as Madara stabilised Susanoo into its Complete Body form, causing it to resemble a tengu with outer armour that was nearly impenetrable .

A secondary pair of arms wielded sheathed katana .

No one who had seen this form was said to have lived to see it a second time . : Madara

Oh?? Didn't you used this against Has.h.i.+rama and he survived . . . : Linley

Heh, Worry about surviving yourself!!! : Madara

Madara drew his sword which cut a few mountain's peaks and turned them to dust before slas.h.i.+ng vertically towards the clones and the real one . . .

You caught this before, can you do it again!!!! : Madara

Interesting!!! : Linley

Both their eyes s.h.i.+ned with craziness as the blade descended with a loud BooooooM that raised dust in the whole so-called realm . . .

Outside Linley who was panting from maintaining the Jutsu running with his Chakra and Natural Energy was doing 2 things at the same time . . .

He was healing Tsunade slowly and at the same time, he was trying to find B . Zetsu who was on the ground hiding for a chance to take Tsunade's eyes . . .

Linley, that's enough i'm fine, my eye is fine . . . Save your energy for maintaining the Jutsu you used now on Madara . . . : Tsunade

Little girl, can't i pet you and hold you a bit more?? You're injured and needed to be doted on with loving kisses . . . : Linley

Tsunade was red, as the whole time from when Madara fell, Linley took her in his embrace and started caressing her hair and was giving her small kisses here and there . . .

Tsunade was speechless even with Madara over here on the ground this guy shamelessly takes advantages of her injure state . . .

Just as Linley with pitiful eyes let her go, suddenly a black ma.s.s tried to engulf her stunning Tsunade and cursed herself for leaving his embrace . . .

She now realised that this thing was waiting for them to separate in order to act, she looked at Linley before darkness befell her and saw him smiling stunning her again, not just her even B . Zetsu was stunned because he froze he couldn't move at all .

Ughh . . . . . What did you do . . . : B . Zetsu

Hmmm?? Nothing much . . . Just bound this whole area of 5km with the sealing chains of Uzumaki . : Linley

That's impossible . . . No one can create that many chains instantly . . . : B . Zetsu

Unfortunately for you, in this Era, 2 people can do it . . . One me . . . : Linley

Uzumaki Mito!!! : B . Zetsu

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 96

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