Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 134

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Published at 31st of March 2019 09:35:08 PM Chapter 134

Mito clapped her hands together as her chakra ignited becoming visible to everyone inside the room . . .

In front of her, was the body of Has.h.i.+rama as she had brought it here where no one knew in order not to cause mayhem . . .

They saw her Rinnegan flas.h.i.+ng with a light in them as she yelled and screamed the name of the jutsu that came from the path . . .

Outer Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life Jutsu : Mito

Both Linley and Madara knew that this path is reincarnation ninjutsu used through the Outer Path, which can infuse new life into the bodies of those who have died in exchange for the user's own life .

However, those with powerful vitality running through their bodies, they could survive albeit for a few more years .

With the exception of Linley and Madara, everyone was startled when they saw a shadow rising from the ground that had in its eyes the Rinnegan before opening its mouth . . .

It was the so-called King of h.e.l.l, which then released a small white ball from its mouth .

The deceased individuals' souls may be recalled from even the crossroad between life and the afterlife, returning to their rejuvenated bodies .

As they saw Mito maintaining this technique, she started to slowly become pale as the user is severely weakened as a result of overexerting their power .

Linley saw her holding on quite nicely even with this burdening her and so far she didn't show symptoms like Nagato's hair turned white as a result of casting this technique .

Ultimately, if someone isn't up to the task once the technique is finished, the user invariably dies .

Linley was looking at Madara who was having thoughts in the past to use this Jutsu as a way to revive himself .

This technique can also be used to transform the corpse vessel of an individual revived by Summoning : Impure World Reincarnation into a real body of living flesh and blood .

However, if that were to happen if someone before death had donated a part of his body as Madara did with his eyes in the canon, then the rest of the body will be made real, but the donated part will crumble into dust upon his resurrection .

Linley knew that the exact range and power of this technique are unknown, but on separate occasions, it has targeted a large number of recently deceased individuals and a single individual who has been dead for more than a decade .

Everyone watched as the white ball entered

Has.h.i.+rama and his body started becoming from white to pale light and slowly started taking a redder colour .

The hair of Mito started becoming thinner in colour as from the purification of her bloodline gave her a scarlet burning colour now it started to dim down . . .

After 10 minutes the King Of h.e.l.l finally vanished from their sight indicating the completion of the Jutsu . . .

Mito had fallen on her knees panting hard from the pressure she felt, her hair now was a little dimmer than red . . .

Hmmm, about 700 Drops have been used to bring him back . . . : Linley

They could see Has.h.i.+rama slightly s.h.i.+vering as he slowly stood up, his skin had become tanned again while he opened his dark eyes to look around .

Everyone waited for him to access the situation he was in . His eyes darted around and stopped on 4 people . . .

Hahaha, how come I'm alive again??? : Has.h.i.+rama

Grandfather!!! : Tsunade

Grandfather!!! : Nawaki

Tsuna!!! And you are?? : Has.h.i.+rama

He is Nawaki, he was born a few years after your death . . . : Mito

Hahaha, so our family is still going down the line . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

Mito what happened to your eyes?? And why are so many people here??? : Has.h.i.+rama

Should I fill you on that?? : ???

You . . . No . . . There is . . . How are you still alive??? : Has.h.i.+rama

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 134

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