Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 135

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Published at 31st of March 2019 09:35:07 PM Chapter 135

Like i said how about i fill you in about everything so far?? : ???

Also, don't call my name . . . : ???

Sure go ahead, i would love to hear the story so far . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

Both of them walked away in the far corner and sat down as first Madara bowed to Has.h.i.+rama shocking him for a few seconds before Madara raised his head and started speaking to him . . .

In order for Has.h.i.+rama to realise what has happened Madara started talking about the very beginning which earned a frown from Has.h.i.+rama . . .

All the others were waiting for at least two hours before they saw the grave face of Has.h.i.+rama which even Mito stated that it was rare . . .

And that's the gist of it . . . : Madara

I see, then many things fall into the same place finally forming the unsolvable puzzle i had in my mind . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

Sorry, i didn't notice you were controlled . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

What am i supposed to say?? Sorry for letting everyone down?? : Madara

It might be a start . . . But knowing you, if you knew what happened to me afterwards you would smash a few heads . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

Both of them got up and went back to the others, Has.h.i.+rama walked and stood in front of Linley and bowed leaving everyone speechless about a Legend as himself is willingly bowing to someone else . . .

I learned pretty much everything from my friend here, thank you for everything and i know how to act now . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

For starters i want you to tell us how the f.u.c.k someone like you died . . . : Linley

Linley, we have kids here!!! : Serena

Sorry, mom!! : Linley

Well since all of you are consider part of the future defence of what is to come, i'll tell you now . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

First of all, just like your unique Bloodline as he said to me briefly, mine also awakened through, memories and cell imprint . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

Meaning i couldn't even form a wood stick when i was at least 10 years old . It later came to me as if the synergy on how to activate it, popped up in my mind . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

This was the first time Linley heard this from both the manga and the anime as he hadn't known much about his past life . . .

Everyone else seems to get what he said and yet not really . . .

As you know what happened after my fight with Madara, another set of memories popped up in my mind it would be more accurate if you label it as a vision . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

Linley knew that he gathered the tail beasts and then spread them away to every possible country for all kind of benefits but he didn't know how he left the village and how he died . . .

Then according to that, you went somewhere and then what?? : Linley

You are right i did go somewhere, and that was the Cave Of Roots . . . With what he said to me it must be the original location of the first tree . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

Linley opened his eyes wide open as he knew that it was the place where Kaguya first descended and planted the tree . . . . . Wait, Tree?? Wood?? Memories?? Voice??

The more he thought the more surprised he became and he couldn't hide it from anyone . . .

You . . . You heard a voice from there!!! : Linley

Yes, i did hear a voice saying 'I need lifeforce' and as i got close i was absorbed by it and reached 100 meters under the ground . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

Linley was speechless and almost let his jaw hanged open in disbelief, he knew the voice . . . It was the same voice that whispered in Madara when it was fighting Naruto in the anime . . .

It was never mentioned who that voice was and many thought it was Kaguya, actually he himself believe it was Kaguya until Boruto came into the play where it had shown a dimension full of those trees . . .

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 135

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