Naruto System Within Naruto 5 Chapter 5 : Status Along The Way

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System how much costs a Bloodline pill in the store?? and is there a limit someone can take them?? : Linley

[Each Pill costs.. 2.000 points and One can take 7-9 any more than that and it will do nothing at all...]

Wait..... why that few?? : Linley

[1st pill = 100% purification, 2nd pill = 50% purification, 3rd pill = 25% purification, 4th pill = 12.5% purification, 5th pill = 6.25% purification, 6th pill = 3.125% purification, 7th pill = 1.5625% purification,]

So if i use it on my mom with 10 drops she will be something like this?? 1st pill = 20, 2nd pill = 30, 3rd pill = 37.5, 4th pill = 42.1, 5th pill = 43.7, 6th pill = 45, 7th pill = 45.7 is this correct?? : Linely

[Correct after the 7th it will not rise anymore unless it is someone that has higher blood inheritance... For example Kus.h.i.+na will be 1st pill = 200, 2nd pill = 300, 3rd pill = 375, 4th pill = 421.8, 5th pill = 448, 6th pill = 462, 7th pill = 469.2 with this she may be able to take 1 more than 7 making her limit at 8.....]

Wow... if Kus.h.i.+na takes it won't she be close to the supreme apex of the world?? : Linley

So the higher the density of their drops the more they can raise it... : Linley

Show me my "Tab : Status" : Linley

Name : Uzumaki Linley / Linley Riku

Age : 1 Month / 19 Years Old

Power : 1 / Defence : 0 / Speed : 3 / Intelligent : 20 / Talent : 5 / Chakra : 50

Bloodline : Uzumaki (10 Drops 5-6%) - None

Affinity : Wind - Fire

Jutsus : None

Skills : None

Ehhh I wouldn't say it was what I was expecting.... : Linley

[Host is a baby..]

I know but still, it kinda sucks.... I was expecting a levelling up column but I see none : Linley

[There is one but it's only for the skills and Jutsus..]

If I remember correctly I have 10.000 Points, therefore, show me "Tab : Store".... : Linley

Weapons / Pills / Taijutsus Manuals / Ninjutsus Manuals / Genjutsus Manuals / Fuinjutsus Manuals / Kenjutsus Manuals / Kekkei Genkai / Others / Total : 10.000 Points!!!

That's quite easy to understand... : Linley

So system how can I create my own Bloodline?? : Linley

[Host need to buy the "Severing Pill" at 8.000 Points in order to sever or expel those Drops from your body becoming someone completely blank.... Then you need a Sealing Jutsu called "Thousand Leef Root" at 50.000 Points after carving the Seal on your back... age doesn't matter each time you take blood from your opponents or buying it from the store 1 leaf will become green in your back till 1000 light up....]

Xmmm what will happen then?? : Linley

[Then Host can use different leaves to mould a new Bloodline.. for example, Uzumaki Clans Bloodline with Jugo's Clans Bloodline OR Storm Release of lightning and water with Swift Release of Wind and lightning...]

So as to what comes out is unknown huh..... : Linley

[Also Host take notice it's not limited in two leaves..]

Ohhhh then what about Uzumaki, Senju and Jugo's, will I become instant Sage!!!!!??????

As he was in his own fantasies his parents had picked up unknown element 1km away from them.. and were moving closer and closer as they didn't want to be in danger with their little boy....

Naruto System Within Naruto 5 Chapter 5 : Status Along The Way

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