Naruto System Within Naruto 6 Chapter 6 : Trouble Along The Way..

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Serena, it looks like it won't be a peaceful trip... : Pedro

Yeah.... : Serena

As they were speaking Linley got cut off from his own fantasies of becoming a sage and focused on what they were saying...

We will try to avoid them as much as possible by diverting them with the Shadow Clones... : Pedro

We also have to watch our chakra reserves.... : Serena

Linley was a bit afraid as it was only a month coming here, and right after deciding to go to Konoha they ended up being in trouble...

He didn't know how strong his parents were so he was restless.....

Serena noticed her boy having a bit wet eyes as if he's about to cry any moment now, she took him in her arms and started whispering in a lullaby...

Linley who was stressed started calming down after his mother little-sleeping song and his physical body fell asleep... but his mind was active and could tell what was happening in the vicinity...

Do you think we will make it there?? : Serena

We have to at least one of us has to get there and watch our boy grow up.... : Pedro

Serena had wet eyes in her eyes as she knew that Pedro was stronger than her.. not to mention she had given birth a month ago weakening in the process.....

Linley was raging in his mind as he was thinking of any possible ways to get out of this mess.. turns out they encounter multiple unknown teams in front, ready for killing at any time...

What can I do?? System you have any suggestion?? : Linley

[Apart from learning and start training your Chakra Superior Manual.. leave everything to your Parents.....]

G.o.d#@#%$ it... fine..... then how do I practice it?? : Linley

[Host can enter Tab : Inventory and click it with your mind.....]

Oh!!! "Tab : Inventory" : Linley

1 x Bloodline Pill - Chakra Superior Manual

Why do I feel like I'm poor??? well, not that I had anything in my previous life.... so click it right??? : Linley

[You wish to learn Chakra Superior Manual Y/N???]

Oh!!! of course, it's yes.... : Linley

[Chakra Superior Manual Learned!!!]

So I guess I have to enter my status huh..... "Tab : Status" : Linley

Name : Uzumaki Linley / Linley Riku

Age : 1 Month / 19 Years Old

Power : 1 / Defence : 0 / Speed : 3 / Intelligent : 20 / Talent : 6 / Chakra : 60

Bloodline : Uzumaki (10 Drops 5-6%) - None

Affinity : Wind - Fire

Jutsus : None

Skills : Chakra Superior Manual EXP : 1%

Che tsk..... even though I'm happy about the tiny bit of increase it doesn't help at all!!!! : Linley

As he kept raging and at the same time trying to feel his chakra and move it around his body, outside thing have tensed up and are on the brink of war....

Pedro what are we going to do... most of our clones have vanished and we have no idea from which country they belong!!! : Serena

We're going forward and don't look back if we rush in 3-4 we should be in the outskirts of Konoha or meet up with their patrol teams.... better case scenario we overdraft our bloodline as Uzumakis worst case one of use without boy survives..... : Pedro

Linley in his mind could feel the anxiety of his parents and slowly resigning to their fate whether they live or die!!!!

Naruto System Within Naruto 6 Chapter 6 : Trouble Along The Way..

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