Naruto System Within Naruto 53 Chapter 53 : Over Powered!!

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Linley was shocked when he caught the scroll... it turned out that inside was 10 different types of scrolls sealed within....

The moment he got it he was bombarded with alarms... about many series of Jutsus.... he decided to check those later....

It didn't end there he got Bombarded by even more messages from his system making him go in a daze and almost pa.s.s out....

Everyone who saw this was shocked beyond their words..... more like they almost died from worrying too much...

All of them rush to catch him as he fell down.....

Ugh!!! ouch... me and my sudden movements.... : Linley

When they heard him speak from the floor they started laughing... and Mito was like... O .... I had forgotten he can't make suddens moves cause of the pain....

[Quest : Enter The Academy and Graduate At 6 Months!!! (Completed SS) Rewards : 200.000 Points - 2 x Mystery Box - Namikaze BloodLine Leaf]

When Linley saw his message he was shocked..... and almost at the same time was cursing....

Why did I only completed it with SS??? : Linley

[Host was S when you learned B-Rank, SS from Rank but failed to learn before your Graduation S-Rank in order to get SSS....]

Noooooo my money!!! i lost so many points!!!! : Linley

He got used to completing his Quests so far with SSS and now he got an SS he was p.i.s.sed.... but as he started to think it through.... he now had 5 leaves.... he needed 3 or 4 more for the first Flower Point to be formed.....

In his a.r.s.enal he had 200.000 and 2 boxes... can he get the other 4 he needs??

System open the 2 Boxes..... : Linley

[2 x Mystery Box = Opening... Done... - 2 x Random Points Gift Card - Byakugan BloodLine]

Linley choked..... what the h.e.l.l!!! why did I get one of the most cursed eyes ever?? and why did I get 2 gift cards my luck sucks... when I get something good then my luck goes down the drain...

Open the cards..... sigh..... : Linley

[2 x Random Points Gift Card = Opening... Done.... 150.000 Points]

Pffffttttt cough cough cough.... turns out i really am lucky today..... did trolling Mito had anything to do with this???

Errmmm..... how many do i have now?? : Linley

[Host has 359.000 Points..... it's recommended to Buy Uchiha's BloodLine.....and Jugo's BloodLine]

Wait why only two??? right now I have..... 6 Leaf right?? with those it will be 8 don't tell me the first Flower Point needs 8?? : Linley

[Correct... however the next one needs 9.....]

Then do it Buy them.... just make sure Mito doesn't realize this..... and please tell me their specs.... : Linley

[Affirmative Buying the Uchiha BloodLine and Jugo BloodLine 300.000 Points - Remaining 59.000 Y/N???]

Yes!!!! : Linley

[Bought Uchiha BloodLine and Jugo BloodLine... integrated 3 BloodLines into the Tree for a Leaf creation!!!..... Done!!!]

[Host now has 200 Drops of Uchiha - Jugo - Byakugan and Namikaze....]

[Uchiha BloodLine Leaf - Enables Host to see 1 second in the future which allows him to see the seals of others, or movements of them taking countermeasures and even copy them for his own.... Grants 15 CP x Drop.... other perks have been cleared as the host has more powerful eyes....]

[Jugo BloodLine Leaf - Enables Host Absorb Natural Energy and use it in the forms of curse seal.... you can modify your body or your allies with different types of seals... each seal has 2 stages.. Stage 1 Marks : 50% Increase in all stats... Stage 2 Transformation of The Devil : 100% In all stats... Absorbs 100 N.E.P every 5 Hours..... Each seal becomes stronger by how much the vessel can contain forcefull N.E.P.... Note.... that this may cause others to go berserk..... ]

[Byakugan BloodLine Leaf - Enables Host to see up to 50 km away or in a round field around the host that extends up to 25km simply by calling its name.... 1 : Host can see the chakra points of others..]

[Namikaze BloodLine Leaf - Those from the Namikaze family that once belonged to a great clan has high affinity with Wind, Lighting and s.p.a.ce Element..... those who have all 3 of Affinities can Unlock a special skill of Relocation.... combine with the Hirais.h.i.+n host can unlock Level 2....]





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Naruto System Within Naruto 53 Chapter 53 : Over Powered!!

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