Naruto System Within Naruto 54 Chapter 54 : One Tomoe!!!

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When his point had finally absorbed the 8th Leaf a flower was created at that point.... Unless you had Byakugan, Sharingan or Rinnegan you couldn't see it at all...

When it formed the pain Linley felt lessened quite a bit and his eyes activated on their own scaring the h.e.l.l out of everyone there as they thought he lost control....

Inside his purple core eyes, 2 rings started pulsating and the only one who felt this was Mito... Linley didn't feel any pain instead he felt better and better...

Inside the first ring on his left eye a tomoe appeared in it, compared to the Sharingan's tomoe it was 3 times smaller and one had to look with a very precise way to actually see it.....

System why do I feel something in my eye?? : Linley

[Everytime host will form a flower, a tomoe will appear on your rings 57 for each eye a total of 114 flowers... it will be 33 on the upper ring and 24 on the lower ring.....]

I see what will happen if I awaken all of them?? : Linley

[Host will awaken the eyes of Myriad Lifes and ascend to a higher plane that you're currently in....]

So Myriad Of Lifes is like Mangekyo.... will I gain abilities?? : Linley

[Yes you will... you need to unlock 1 more tomoe in your right eye to see the Hidden perks of them...]

d.a.m.n, that's 9 more... System I remember being mentioned that I can create new BloodLines.... don't tell me I have to wait till the second tomoe?? : Linley

[Unfornunate yeah.... it will be wise to raise your Density of all Leafs to their upper limits before creating New ones as you will have to reduce your existing blood to do that...]

f.u.c.k!!!! in order to reach my limit I would need for each leaf 8 Pills and 9 for the new ones.... that will make my density of each leaf at 2840 Drops....: Linley

Won't I be far stronger even that Kaguya?? : Linley

[You may... in fact just by practising your Manuals you can surpa.s.s her and eventually go higher..... But in that place Host will die the moment you step your foot in it....]

Ugh!!!! exactly how weak am I compare to there???? : Linley

[0.000,000,000,000,000,000,001% it could go even more a.s.suming nothing major happen there...]

Then what level Kaguya would be there.....?? : Linley

[In her prime 10% now 0.000,000,001% up or down....]

f.u.c.k... : Linley

Linley then touched his eye to feel the changes and apart from the pain nothing was different....

Linley are you okay?? : Tsunade

The pain has been reduced..... enormously I would say... I wonder why : Linley

Your eyes have become stable probably that's why.... : Mito

Its possible your body adapted to them and now you can slowly train in them but don't activate any Jutsu as it may cause you the same pain as before.... : Mito

I see..... thanks Grandma.... : Linley

Pffuuut Linley!!! how are you speaking like that... : Serena

Ughh.... Sorry mom... : Linley

It's fine it's fine!!! : Mito

Linley practice hard..... I hope you can do what Has.h.i.+rama couldn't do..... : Mito

Now, now i think it's time for us to leave..... : Serena

Serena said that and Linley with Tsunade agreed to it, they paid their respects and then 4 people vanished from there leaving behind Mito and Hiruzen who was having one heart attack after another.....

Hiruzen... whatever that boy wants to do... either kill, have fun, tour the world take countless wives, give him full reign... : Mito

He will be the future of this world.... : Mito

Hiruzen was stunned by her words..... he knew that she knew more than anyone else at least in the country of Fire..... he thought can it be that a huge war engulfing the world will unfold and he will be the future of it??

Naruto System Within Naruto 54 Chapter 54 : One Tomoe!!!

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