Naruto System Within Naruto 82 Chapter 82 : Setting Off!!!

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Linley was hearing from the second time the whole story but as for others it was their first time and started tearing up as well...

In the long run of this Tsunade agreed to go with him but she needed a few preparations first and left the house to go and prepare scrolls, kunais and many others things...

Linley told about their family secrets to Mikoto after checking with his eyes that she is not possessed by Genjutsu making her shocked to the core when she learned that there are stages beyond Sharingan.

I want in!!!! Teach me as well jutsus and how to activate my Sharingan... : Mikoto

She hadn't activated it yet at all, nevertheless, through the system, he learned she had 70 drops of Uchiha and gave her the last Seven he had, for now, Bloodline pills and told her how they worked...

With those pills, her density would reach 330 drops in her bloodline and that was enough for her to activate them... After that, she needed to activate her Mangekyo and only then will she give her another pair for the eternal...

Unfortunately, as an Uchiha, you have to go to all these steps before you can awaken the Rinnegan as you mix it with either Senju or Uzumaki blood... : Linley

I see it's okay then... I'll wait, i can already feel myself growing powerful with these first 2-3 pills i had taken during these minutes we are talking... : Mikoto

Linley was watching everyone practice and he suddenly thought of something as he reversed summoned all of his clones that had a position in the Konoha undercover in his room...

He cancelled the Jutsus and gained all their memories giving him a headache and at the same time their practising progress...

Many of his Manuals pa.s.sed to the next EXP level and not just once...

"Status" : Linley

Name : Uzumaki Linley / Linley Riku

Age : 15 Years 2 Months / 34 Years Old

Power : 12.984 / Defence : 14.919 / Speed : 10.966 / Intelligent : 150 / Talent : 620 / Chakra : 36.864.000 / Sage Energy (N.E.P) : 1.536.600

BloodLine Leafs: Uzumaki - Nature - Senju - Uchiha - Otsutsuki - Jugo - Namikaze - Byakugan - Reaction - Blood/ (8x600 Drops Each Leaf)(1x200)(1x400)

Roots Affinity : Wind - Fire - Earth - Water - Lightning - Wood - s.p.a.ce - Yin - Star - Yang

Jutsus : E-Rank ( 12 in List ) D-Rank ( 13 In List ) C-Rank ( 20 In List ) B-Rank ( 60 In List ) Rank ( 15 In List ) Clan-Rank ( 5 In List ) S-Rank ( 6 In List )

Skills : Chakra Superior Manual EXP : 10% / Stracture Bone Manual EXP 15% / Spiritual Mind Imprint Manual EXP : 8% / Sage Sensing Manual EXP : 10% / Relocation / Byakugan Field

Self Made Jutsus : SS-Rank Elemental Element - Spiral Wave Cannon : Stage 1 (Max 5) - Charging Type : 5-20 Sec. EXP 19%

System buys me two pills and used them on Otsutsuki and Blood leaves... : Linley

[Bought... Done... Using Them..... Done... Remaining Points.... 156.000]

[Blood Leaf Has reached 600 Drops while Otsutsuki has reached 800 Drops...]

Huh?? Why did the Kaguya's bloodline only doubled?? : Linley

[Because Host didn't buy the bloodline but found it on his own...]

d.a.m.n and here i thought it would be tripled.... : Linley

Oh!!! By the way, i never bothered on what it does..... : Linley

Oh... it increases my metabolism and control over the s.p.a.ce around my body.... Meh... nothing special : Linley

Since i have too much chakra let me split it... Wood Element : Wood Clone Jutsu!!! : Linley

4 clones were created along with him there where 5 Linleys in the room with Chakra of 7 million each...

As he would be out with Tsunade one of the clones will be responsible for guarding his family that keeps growing, another will constantly patrol the village and the last 2 will return in the Shadows for any emergency...

2 hours later Tsunade came up as she had finished preparing and after notifying the Hokage that they were going on a honey trip they left the village.....

Naruto System Within Naruto 82 Chapter 82 : Setting Off!!!

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