Naruto System Within Naruto 83 Chapter 83 : Schemes In Shadows...

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We have news.... : ???

Oh?? What kind of news?? : ???

Two of the people i had sensed that managed to awaken the Rinnegan have left the Village... : ???

I see, did you bring the alive s.h.i.+n.o.bis i needed B. Zetsu????? : ???

Not all of them i only managed to find within these more than 20 hours 5 of them.... : B. Zetsu

Hmmm... These guys will be able to only keep me up and running for a few hours... : ???

But you are Madara, a few hours of your prime are more than enough to cause war solely from fear... : B. Zetsu

Find out where they are going and at least try to find 5 more, 2 people with the rinnegan is no joke to play with a few hours.... : Madara

Yes..... : B. Zetsu

Somewhere within the forest a few kilometres of Konoha, Tsunade and Linley were enjoying a couple holding hands ceremony as they are travelling...

So are you nervous that you will meet your sister?? : Tsunade

No, not that much... : Linley

Then why are you shaking...??? : Tsunade

I think i keep forgetting about something..... : Linley

Ugh.... Is it another girl?? : Tsunade

I always think about girls..... But no this time something keeps bugging me... : Linley

You mean like a premonition or something?? : Tsunade

Something like that... : Linley

Oh, well i will deal with it when the time comes.... : Linley

For now, come here!!!!! : Linley

Linley stopped suddenly as they were holding each other hand and pulled her towards his direction embracing with both his hands before sealing her lips on top of a tree...

Mmmmmnnnnuuummmmm..... : Tsunade

How much i thought of you during the last 2 years when i entered my blooming phase... : Linley

Liar... you had Natsuhi-chan with you... : Tsunade

Pffttt.... ahahahaha.... even if i did i wanted you to be my first and i was deadly cleared about this to her... : Linley

You mean you did nothing with her?? : Tsunade

No, we only kissed or crudled a bit in each other embrace... : Linley

Tsunade was looking at his lovely eyes and didn't know if she should be angry or happy about his behaviour towards to the both of them...

She didn't manage to speak as Linley took her in a princess carry fas.h.i.+on and dropped from the tree as they touched the ground...

Linley was careful not to hit her anywhere and as they landed he plant his lips in hers again while being in a princess position...

He slowly started twisting his tongue like what he had seen in Hentai and Tsunade started seeking air as it was difficult to breathe...

He removed his lips after a few second and Tsunade was panting wanting a bit of oxygen, she felt her whole body burning and at that moment Linley started kissing her in her neck and ears which made her moan in the forest...

Linley..... not... stop....... not here....... Ummmmm...... : Tsunade

Trying to reason with him was impossible for her and before she whined anymore she was kissed again but this time a bit more gently as he let her slow down and caressed her back...

Tsunade, i love you..... : Linley

Tsunade heard his whisper and saw his clear eyes that only her existed at this moment inside them and felt her heart beating faster and faster... He slowly started lowering his body and rubbing every part of her body as he finally reached the lower region of hers...

Just before he could place his mouth and lick her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and caressed her thighs outside and inside they heard a few noises around there which p.i.s.sed both of them off making them activate their eyes as they had reached this state and wanted to move on...

Naruto System Within Naruto 83 Chapter 83 : Schemes In Shadows...

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