Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 4 Part2

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       Yun Rong had no idea about Liu Xiu Zhen's cries, which rushed to the heavens but fell back on earth1. How could a mouth be so malicious. To only distort her mouth was already very lenient. If it had been 3,000 years ago2, she would not even need to take action towards humans who shouted offence against the G.o.ds. There would be others who would dispose of them.

   That's right, three thousand years ago.

  Yun Rong sat on the mountain top, letting the mountain wind comb her hair. If people were to catch sight of her, perhaps they would take the opportunity to ask this fairy to marry them.

  No matter how, she did not expect herself to have slept for 3,000 years. In this era, deities and demons were no longer around. Even the weakest humans, women and children were developed.  At present, they had even established a nation.

  The most important matter was, the land and territories were considered the nation's, which meant that Dan Qiu Mountain was no longer hers, but the nation's. In the foreseeable future, there was also a big boss who was going to construct on the entire mountain top. What did he want to do at the top of the mountain? And what was he going to build?

  Combined with what that man said last night, it was likely that that Chief Lu was the one who had acquired the mountain to develop it.

  Even though Wu Song Ya's memory was disjointed ever since she went crazy, the huge change of this world still left Yun Rong with a sense of both wonder and loss.

  She was both the yin and yang of Dan Qiu Mountain, and an incarnation of the human's fervent wish. She was born for the purpose of blessing and protecting the common people. But at the moment, the humans no longer needed her.

  The humans no longer needed her, she also felt happy and free. It's just that at the moment, Dan Qiu Mountain could not be left alone, which made her unhappy.

  Of course she could employ methods to keep and protect Dan Qiu Mountain. However, to fight against the nation, Yung Rong still had to consider the weight. An established nation must have been born by destiny. The nation was currently at the peak of its power, a faint dragon's breath could be faintly detected. It wasn't easy for her to practice Daoism, she must not rashly damage her cultivation.

  Furthermore, her nature was not like those defeated wild beasts who would vent their anger. She did not wish to become enemies with the humans.

  Therefore, right now there was only one road to take, which was precisely in accordance to the human's practice: make money to keep Dan Qiu Mountain.

  Yun Rong had always had a strong temper and did not easily admit defeat. Wasn't it just earning money to buy the mountain? She was a magnificent mountain G.o.d, was it not possible for her to be able to earn money from the humans? She definitely would be wealthier than that Chief Lu and pack up the whole Dan Qiu Mountain top.

  Thinking this way, Yun Rong could no longer sit still. She decided to go down the mountain and make money!

  Hais.h.i.+ Police Station

  "Next time don't do this kind of thing on top of the mountain, the effect is not good, understand?" The police officer couldn't help slapping Qin Wen Tao's shoulder while escorting him to the door of the police station.

  When Qin Wen Tao heard it, his original not-so-fair complexion immediately turned even darker, just like Judge Bao3. In his whole life, this was the first time that he was brought to the police station. Unexpectedly, it was because he was suspected of using drugs and having withdrawal symptoms. How was it possible for him to touch those stuff?

      Fortunately, his urine check pa.s.sed and what people thought as an addiction was a mistake. But that wasn't the embarra.s.sing part. The more embarra.s.sing part was that everyone mistakenly believed that he and the ten or so people were involved in a group play. The police officer's eyes when looking at him were not right.

  To think that there was the news on top of this matter. Qin Wen Tao wished he could drill inside the earth at once. But he still could not explain, because a single explanation would immediately raise questions. Then why you people stripped naked ah. You said there was a ghost in Dan Qiu Mountain? You people playing and then conjuring hallucinations would be more like it.

  What Qin Wen Tao felt even more difficult to handle was how to explain this matter to Chief Lu. He hesitated over and over again before dialling Lu He Nian's phone number.

  "Director, Manager Qin is on the phone." Secretary Zhan lowered his head at the office door, not daring to look at the director. Five minutes pa.s.sed while the director looked at the dozen news with pixelated pictures, and he knew that he was done for.

  Lu He Nian pursed his lips in annoyance. He saw from his computer a moment ago that the cultural protection unit just sent him an email. He undid the cuffs on his wrists then rolled his sleeves up, exposing strong arms.      

  "Tell Qin Wen Tao, he no longer has to work if his news reappear online!" The secretary thought that Lu He Nian wouldn't reply but then he opened his mouth and spoke. The voice had impatience on it and the temperature was even more bone-chilling than the cold wind blowing in December.   

  "In addition, suspend the construction for now to cooperate with the work of the cultural protection unit." The secretary was just preparing to comply when Lu He Nian continued. His brows slightly wrinkled, his mood obviously got even worse from the cultural protection unit unexpectedly sticking their nose in his business.

  "Okay, director." The secretary promptly responded. Recalling the words said by Qin Wen Tao, he once again stopped and stood awkwardly at the doorway. Currently the director's mood was not good, it would be weird if his mood was good. After seeing that sort of pixelated news, whose mood would still be good?

  But Qin Wen Tao swore when he said those words. What should he do if something happened because he did not pa.s.s it on?

  "Is there something else?" Lu He Nian raised his head while pus.h.i.+ng his gold-rimmed gla.s.ses up his nose. If it wasn't because his manner was too imposing and cold, he actually resembled a self-restraint college professor.

  However, after following him for 5-6 years, he was aware that Chief Lu wasn't really a gentle person. He hesitated for a moment before saying: "Chief Lu, Qin Wen Tao said there was another matter that he kept secret from the one reported in the news. He felt that the mountain is not clean. It's possible… there is a possibility that there is a female ghost. They met with the female ghost and were tangled with it….."

     Looking at his expression that got even colder, the secretary decided to not  continue speaking.

1: This is not an actual idiom but the word choice of the author, you could interpret it as ‘falling on deaf ears'.

2:In the description and first chapters author wrote 2000 years ago, and later she/he changed it to 3000. We are going to keep it just like the author wrote in each chapter, so just think of it as the amount of time you prefer. In any case, it's such a long period of time for us mere humans that a 1000 years difference doesn't affect the flow of the story.

3: Bao Zheng, 999-1062 AD, a Northern Song official renowned for his honesty.

So he wears gold-rimmed gla.s.ses hmm?? Anyone with debility for gla.s.ses? On another note, I feel he is already being very kind to still let him keep his job after this scandal, it must be QWT's good luck acc.u.mulated for several generations…

Finally done with my bachelor's thesis defence, i'm a happy, free woman now yay ^^ I hope finals and all that stuff is going well for everyone^^

Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 4 Part2

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