Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 4 Part1

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      "If there was a mountain G.o.d, why is our family still so dest.i.tute? Your eldest grandson could not enter Qinghua University. Why didn't the mountain G.o.d bless us!" Liu Xiu Zhen lamented to herself. Because of the mother-in-law's superst.i.tions, their family could not lift their heads in the village. So what? Just done with her complaint but she still wanted to continue complaining. She did not want to be kind to this old woman even a little bit. 

  "Quickly shut up!" Wu Song Ya vigorously hit the door, wanting to prevent Liu Xiu Zhen to continue speaking. How could she allow others to splash dirty water1 on her lifetime belief. 

  "Naturally it's because you are lazy and greedy! Your son is slow and stupid!"

  Yun Rong also felt that this woman was very noisy. Originally she didn't intend to get involved in other people's family matters, but this woman was disrespectful of the G.o.ds and even began to 'point at the mulberry tree and curse the locust tree'2,  saying that she did not bless and protect their home.      

  Yun Rong was unable to endure. This woman was not hardworking and had no ambition, yet still hoping that the G.o.ds would send money to them? She despised these kind of people the most. Not striving hard, but when things happened, directly avoided responsibilities.

  A loud clear and sharp voice came from inside the room. It was like a bolt of thunder in Liu Xiu Zhen's ears and her whole person quickly jumped and said: "Who, who spoke just now?"

  Inside the room, Wu Song Ya was shaking all over. In a hearbeat, her expression turned serious and she hit the door while saying: "Quickly open the door!"

  "Is it you, this old woman, pretending to be a ghost? Such a useless old thing…." Liu Xiu Zhen heard Wu Song Ya's voice and was distracted, wrinkling her eyebrows while raining curses. It was certainly this old woman, there was no other person inside the room.

  Wu Song Ya saw that Liu Xiu Zhen still stubbornly persisted in making mistakes and no longer hit the door. She dropped to the ground and knelt while saying: "Mountain G.o.ddess, my daughter-in-law is blind and failed to recognize, thus offended the G.o.ddess. Hoping the G.o.ddess would not take that into account."

  "Your judgement is still very good." Yun Rong slowly appeared before Wu Song Ya.

  Before Wu Song Ya's eyes, emerged a female in black ancient clothing. She raised her head to see a face which eclipsed the mountains and rivers. No adjectives could suffice to describe this woman's extraordinary beauty. The more she saw, the more she felt it was profane to keep looking.

  Wu Song Ya promptly lowered her head. Although she had followed her mother to be a shaman from childhood, she had never met a real G.o.d. She asked, in a flattering tone: "Don't know what are the instructions of the Mountain G.o.ddess to have shown herself?"

  "I cured your madness," Yun Rong directly got to the point, "I don't need you to repay me, just need to ask a few things."

  "What does the Mountain G.o.ddess want to enquire? I certainly won't hide what I know," Wu Song Ya became even more respectful, both her hands were clasped tightly together and thought what could the mountain G.o.ddess want to ask her self.

  "I don't need you to say it" Yun Rong eventually showed a faint smile when she heard Wu Song Ya.

  Wu Song Ya had not yet reacted, that Yun Rong had already extended her hand. Her fingertips touched the wrinkled forehead at a point. Wu Song Ya only felt a coolness on her forehead before everything was over. Once again raising her head, but the female G.o.ddess had already disappeared with no trace, as if she had never appeared.

  "Ouch! My mouth, my mouth……" At the time when Wu Song Ya was still lost in thought, a frightened shout was heard from outside the door. She promptly stood up from the ground, subconsciously reaching out with her hand and pushed the door open. Unexpectedly, the previous locked door opened with a creak by her single, light push.   

  Wu Song Ya lowered her head to see Liu Xiu Zhen covering her mouth with both hands while rolling on the ground, wailing: "My mouth, my mouth is so painful."

  "Xiu Zhen, what happened to you?" Jian Guo happened to come in, carrying a hoe on his shoulder using both hands.

  "Jian Guo, my mouth is painful." Liu Xiu Zhen saw Zhang Jian Guo and her tears directly fell down. 

  Zhang Jian Guo heard that his wife's mouth was aching and reached out to pull the hand that was covering the mouth away to check. What he saw startled him; Liu Xiu Zhen's mouth was crooked at one side and twitched unnaturally, just like a person suffering from stroke.  

  "What's going on?" Zhang Jian Guo was scared and subconsciously loosened his grip on Liu Xiu Zhen's hand, falling back several steps.

  "What happened? Offending the G.o.ds, she reaped what she sowed." Wu Song Ya coldly snorted, walking to a nearby table and sat down. Although she had been mentally unwell for many years, but she still remembered some things. Towards Liu Xiu Zhen, this daughter-in-law, she had never had a good impression.

  At this time, Zhang Jian Guo caught sight of Wu Song Ya and distractedly asked: "Mum, how are you….. Are you already well?"

  Wu Song Ya had not yet replied, Liu Xiu Zhen had already gotten up from the ground, pointing while cursing: "It's you, this useless old thing, who harmed me. It's you who harmed me!"

  "I harmed you? Do I have to wait until now to harm you?" Wu Song Ya saw that Liu Xiu Zhen did not appear to be remorseful and disappointedly shook her head. "You think about it, what did you say before? Sometimes retribution comes very quickly."

  What did she say before? Liu Xiu Zhen remembered, just a moment ago, in her anger she cursed the mountain G.o.d. Her vicious expression at once turned to alarm. With a strangled voice she said: "Dead old woman, what nonsense are you talking about. How is it possible… how is it possible….. ."

  How was it possible that a mountain G.o.d existed!

  But no matter how she tried, she was unable to say this sentence out. Whenever this thought appeared, her crooked mouth became even more painful…..

1: to speak badly of.

2: indirectly scolding and accusing.

'No adjectives could suffice to describe this woman's extraordinary beauty'. And we are actually very grateful to the author for refraining from writing a whole paragraph of interminable adjectives and incomprehensible metaph.o.r.es praising our MC's beauty like some other authors do [T]/ (does Xie Jing Xing ring a bell? xD)

Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 4 Part1

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