The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess 31 There Is Only One Phoenix 9

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She was clearly aiming at Xia Lin, she wanted her to bow to her due to her relations.h.i.+p with the Supreme One. However, how can things be this simple with the most Ruthless lady of Shen Territory?

Xia Lin's behavior was unexpected, she was paying attention to her surrounding. If she was going to be ruthless, she had to make sure that justice was on her side! Especially in a foreign land! She saw how the palace maid were all waiting for her reply so she immediately teleported herself in front of Bai Su Zhen.

Seeing Xia Lin's behavior Bai Su Zhen felt like she finally had the upper hand, 'now lets me repay you for this humiliation.'

Xia Lin walked around Bai Su Zhen in a circular manner, looking at her from head to toes; her eyes were clearly degrading Bai Su Zhen. She finally stopped in front of Bai Su Zhen looked at her with her cold eyes.


That one word made Bai Su Zhen almost lose her composure.

'You are the Superior Mother so what? You still have to bow down to me!' Xia Lin smirked

Nubbi who was left standing next to the Phoenix Throne felt like her Mistress was just too domineering.

Bai Su Zhen didn't want to lose face so she immediately smiled to cover up her hate for Xia Lin.

"You are right, You are a Supreme Being before being my daughter. I know that you've been brought up without your mother so you can consider me your mother now." She said while extending her hands to hold Xia Lin's hand

"My Mother?" Xia Lin was looking at Bai Su Zhen with both a questioning look in her eyes.

Anyone who didn't know Xia Lin would think that she had been completely moved by Bai Su Zhen's word. However, Xi Tian knew very well that every woman who had claimed to be Xia Lin's new mother had been killed by her. In Xia Lin's heart, no one could take her mother's place and no one deserves to even talk about her mom.

Ping Ting who had cowered in fear saw how the situation changed in their favor, she immediately stood up and started walking to stand behind her mother.

Xia Lin was still silent, her silence made Bai Su Zhen think that she was moved; which gave them confidence. "You grew up without your Mother to teach you proper etiquette and you weren't taught how to treat your elder, therefore I can forgive your actions. You can call me Mother from now on." Her hands were holding Xia Lin's hands, her tone insinuated that she was magnanimous and wanted to teach her the ways of Geng Gao.

Xia Lin's eyes held a murderous glare before brus.h.i.+ng it off quickly with a smile. That smile was so beautiful that everyone in the hall looked at her in amazement, that smile was so otherworldly like an exquisite piece of jewelry, however, her smile started changing and it grew twistier.

Before she looked exquisitely beautiful like an angel, but now she looked like the word domineering, powerful, and seductress was all made to for her.

Bai Su Zhen who was both facing and holding Xia Lin felt a chill running down her body.

Bai Su Zhen couldn't comprehend what she was felling, her inside was getting frozen? The girl that was standing before her was just a mere high-level G.o.ddess, she was weaker than even their lowliest palace maid. But for some unknown reasons she was inflicting her pain, the worst thing was it wasn't physical but internal?

Xia Lin's eyes locked on Ping Ting who stopped midway, "Who told you to stand up?"

Ping Ting who had managed to regain her composure, felt her knees go weak when she heard Xia Lin's voice. She almost fell, if not for the aid of her personal maid.

Ping Ting who was being held by her maid for support, looked up at Xia Lin but when she saw her bitingly cold eyes locked on her, she felt like she was falling in the depth of fiery h.e.l.l. She unconsciously avoided Xia Lin's eyes and bowed her head as if an animal trying to show her submission to a greater power.

Everyone in the hall felt their power being suppressed. Those who had a were at mid-level t.i.tan couldn't breathe, the air was too cold for them but they couldn't even move because the suppressing power was almost unabling them to move.

Ping Ting's maid that was holding her couldn't take the suppression anymore and handed up kneeling, her action cause Ping Ting who was using her as a support to kneel too.

When Xia Lin saw Ping Ting on her knee.

She removed her hands from Bai Su Zhen's and walked to Ping Ting.

The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess 31 There Is Only One Phoenix 9

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