The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess 32 There Is Only One Phoenix 10

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She removed her hands from Bai Su Zhen's and walked to Ping Ting.

When Ping Ting felt her getting closer she wished she could disappear, Xia Lin's stopped in front of Ping Ting. Her maid was already shaking in fear, although she moved away from Ping Ting when Xia Lin was getting closer. She still couldn't take Xia Lin's power, she felt humiliated as she wasn't a simple maid. She had been Ping Ting's bodyguard since she was a child, she trained with the renowned Huo Hang army! Yet her centuries of training was rendered to nothing in front a sage-level G.o.ddess.

"What's the penalty for wis.h.i.+ng for the death of a Supreme being?" Xia Lin's voice rang across the hall making everyone aware of what Ping Ting had said before.

Those who thought that Xia Lin was bullying her elder, now understood her. She was a newcomer to Geng Gao and she wanted to set an example. Now she was their Phoenix, and no one will go unpunished for provoking her or disrespecting her, she was clearly sending a message and affirming her status. She was clearly following the law of Geng Gao by punis.h.i.+ng those who wished an early death of a Supreme Being, no one could find fault in her actions.

When those words reached Bai Su Zhen ear, she started shaking her head knowing exactly what would happen to her only daughter. The punishment for those who were to wish the death of a Supreme being was very cruel, she would rather have her daughter dead than go through such punishment. As a punishment, the sinner would have their spirit animal burned which will inflict great damage in a t.i.tan's soul, they would be living an immortal life unable to cultivate which was equivalent to being a tras.h.!.+ That was not the only thing they will have to be burned by the punitive fire which would feel as though their skin was being torn apart from their body; that fire would keep them awake making them unable to pa.s.s out from the pain. Then they would insert ants in them that will live in them, they will feel those ants walking in them, the worst was the pain of having those ants creating a pa.s.sage in your body and eating your flesh. However, the same ant will rebuild your flesh after eating it all up and the process will repeat. Lastly, they will have their eyes gouged out and their tongue cut before being thrown into the human realm.

Author: No wonder Zhao Ling is still fighting. If they caught him he would be as dead as a roasted chicken!????

Xia Lin: Is that my Father you are talking about???

Author: ?Sorry, back to the story.

Ping Ting who was on the floor felt like her soul has left her body, she looked pale just thinking about the punishment.

Bai Su Zhen almost went crazy!

"You can't! she is The Supreme One's childhood sweetheart. You can't punish her!" Bai Su Zhen blurted out as if she had lost her mind. She knew that she could always play her trump card, her daughter was indeed the one who was supposed to be the Phoenix. But now it didn't matter, did it?

The maid and eunuch who were bystanders looked at Bai Su Zhen with a sorry look. 'Was she stupid? She is already being punished like this and she wants to put down the Phoenix by stating that her daughter was the one loved by the Supreme One's?'

Bai Su Zhen didn't care if she was publicly offending the Phoenix, as long as she can guarantee the safety of her daughter, she would be able to make this G.o.ddess wish she had killed her!

At least that meant that her daughter was untouchable!

"You still didn't grasp the situation." Xia Lin said with low voice but her tone was so cold that Bai Su Zhen started losing hope. This G.o.ddess didn't care! Who was she? She was Xia Lin, General of Shen army and commander of Laoying army. She was ruthless, she had killed dozens of t.i.tans before, killing one more didn't make a difference for her! She would have let them go if Bai Su Zhen had not dragged her mother into this.

Yes, she only mentioned her mother but everyone in Mapata realm knew that it was a forbidden topic to bring up. She became unreasonable when someone unworthy mention taking her mother's place.

Ping Ting had gained confidence when her mother mentions the Supreme One, so she lifted her head in pride. "You can't touch me." She said although she had tried her best to put on a strong front, Xia Lin was able to detect fear in her voice.

Xia Lin eyes averted from Bai Su Zhen to Ping Ting who was kneeling. A sly smile appeared on Xia Lin's face.

The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess 32 There Is Only One Phoenix 10

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