The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess 33 My Lin'er Is Always Right 1

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Ping Ting s.h.i.+vered when she saw that smile on Xia Lin's face, she knew that whatever was coming up next wouldn't be good.

Xia Lin turned, walking back to her Phoenix Throne, "Heed my order. Bai Ping Ting, daughter of Bai Feng and Bai Su Zhen from the direct line of Bai clan and the lady in waiting of The Supreme One has cursed The Supreme Phoenix into an early death. Therefore, I condemn her to receive the necessary punishment according to the law of Geng Gao."

She sat down on her Throne, she was wearing a sly smile which made everyone present s.h.i.+ver in fear. She really looked like an angel of death. No, no, she looked like she was death herself coming to claim Ping Ting's soul.

"Someone drag her out." She said while waving her hand lazily.

"No, No, No, you can't." Ping Ting was struggling, trying to break free from the guards. "You can't touch me! I'm Bai Ping Ting! I'm the right Prime Minister Daughter!" She looked completely different from her previous high and mighty self.

"Remember, There can Only be One Supreme Phoenix!" Xia Lin's voice stopped Bai Su Zhen who was following behind her daughter but before exiting the hall she glared at Xia Lin and hatred could be seen in her eyes. If her eyes could murder Xia Lin, She would have died ten thousand different way.

As the Bai were leaving, Nubbi approach Xia Lin worry written all over her face but before she could utter a word Xia Lin understood her worry.

She wasn't stupid, she knew that she couldn't punish Ping Ting or even touch anyone from the Bai family but all she wanted was for them to think that she could do whatever she wanted to them.

"I'll release her after, don't worry. I'm just playing with them!"

Nubbi's mind went blank, her mistress was playing? What kind of game was that?

She could only pity Ping Ting and Bai Su Zhen for their mistake, but she also was able to learn that she shouldn't talk about her Phoenix's mother.

They were stupid enough to think that if something were to happen to her, her daughter will become the Phoenix. Even if she did marry He Lan and if she died, She could only become The Supreme One' wife; she couldn't have the t.i.tle of The Supreme Phoenix because each Supreme One can only have One Phoenix.

Xia Lin stood up but before she left, she ordered the maid not to be disturb because she knew too well that some officials would come to beg for Ping Ting or that Bai Feng himself would come to talk to her.

Inside Tong Shen garden, Xia Lin was entering her room when she sensed a barrier. She frowned, 'He is here!' as she realized that her body felt exactly the same way it did during their wedding, she was being drawn to her room.

"Stay here," She said without looking at both Xi Tian and Nubbi who were following here.

'Don't worry elder miss, even if I want to enter there was a suppressing power forcing us to stay away.' Xi Tian thought.

"Yes, Your Phoenix." They both replied in unison. Although Xi Tian had agreed she didn't leave the door but instead stood there as a guard. 'Who knows if that Supreme t.i.tan decides to punish her Elder miss because of his childhood sweetheart.'

When Xia Lin entered her room, she saw that her bed was s.h.i.+eld by the same s.h.i.+elding cloud that she saw on her wedding day.

Her heartbeat increased when she thought about He Lan being on her bed, she blushed.

'No, stop having those thoughts, Xia Lin. Stay focus!' She told herself.

This Supreme Shameless had a way to throw her into different states that she never knew she could experience.




She started walking getting closer to her bed, and as she was getting closer the cloud started to dissipate reveal a handsome man laying on the bed. His hair completely claimed the bed, his feet were still on the floor, his hands were supporting his hand, only half of his body was on the bed.

Xia Lin walked closer, 'his has such long eyelashes,' She bent to get a closer look at the guy facial feature, last time she saw him her brain cell left her.

She kept on getting closer, admiring He Lan who seemed to be sleeping.

His white robe was a bit bigger than him, but she knew more than anyone how muscular he was underneath it. She blushed and shook her head when she remembered his naked body.

He Lan who had been pretending to sleep, couldn't take it anymore.

She was too close and he didn't how fast his heart was beating if he was human at this rate he would have probably had a heart attack.

The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess 33 My Lin'er Is Always Right 1

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