The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess 34 My Lin'er Is Always Right 1

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He Lan who had been pretending to sleep, couldn't take it anymore.

She was too close and he didn't how fast his heart was beating if he was human at this rate he would have probably had a heart attack.

"You want to have me?" His eyes slowly open, and he was meet with Xia Lin's face that was a few inches away from him.

Xia Lin's heart skipped a beat, She was startled so she moved away from him.

Her face and her ear were so red that it looked like a cherry. 'd.a.m.n it! I knew you weren't sleeping!'

Hearing her thought, He Lan smile but he quickly regained his natural cold att.i.tude.

Xia Lin had thrown herself almost at the other end of the room, she touched her cheeks as she realized that they were getting boiled. 's.h.i.+t!' She cursed internally, she really hated this guy; if anyone saw her like this it would surely ruin her image.

He Lan was looking at Xia Lin who was touching her cheeks really tried his hardest not to melt at the scene that was playing in front of him, 'she is too cute, cuter than a rabbit!'. Although he still had his cold expression but his eyes were totally betraying him as he was smiling with his eyes.

"Do you want to have me?" He repeated, he really liked teasing her. Her response to his tease was just so cute.

"Yes..." Xia Lin who had just regained her composure replied, confidence beaming in her voice.

He Lan wasn't expecting her answer to be a blunt 'YES', but he was happy that she wanted to have him.

'Huph! Wanna tease me? It takes two to play this game!' She thought, but unfortunately for her, He Lan heard everything she was saying!

'My little rabbit wants to play.' He stood up and walk towards Xia Lin; When she saw his movement she also started to move closer to him, she really wanted him to know what it feels like to have all your emotion shows. This guy always had a cold att.i.tude, expect that night, but she was too overjoyed that she doesn't know if his expressions that night really happened or if it was just a dream of hers.

Seeing her getting closer, He Lan started to get excited.

They met in the middle, they were so close to each other that even a bug couldn't pa.s.s in between.

She slowly raised her hands and placed it on his shoulder, while gently bringing his face closer to hers. Her other hands were caressing his das.h.i.+ngly handsome face, moving from his fatally beautiful eyes to his perfectly shaped nose, and ended up tracing his alluring lips.

He Lan pulled her closer by holding her hips, His eyes were fixated at her beautiful pink lips. The only thought that started running through his mind was 'Kiss her, devour her!' His dragon was getting a hold of him again.

Xia Lin moved her mouth closer to his ear, her breath slowly caressing his skin driving him insane with every breathes she was taking, and with a low seductive voice she whispered: "I want to have you now..."

He Lan's body s.h.i.+vered and his little dragon was already up and burning, she really did bring out his b.e.s.t.i.a.l side.

She moved her mouth from his ear and started slowly getting closer to his mouth, He Lan closed his eyes to savored her lips, but when Xia Lin saw his eyes that were burning with desire closing. A satisfaction smile appeared on her devilishly beautiful lips, she slightly opened her mouth to receive his kiss.

When their mouths were about to touch she moved her face and walked away from him, then sat on the bed. Her eyes held a victory look while her lips were curved into a mocking smile.

He Lan was left standing, he looked like he was about to kiss the air; His little dragon that was waiting to devour Xia Lin made him look even more pathetic than when Xia Lin was blus.h.i.+ng.

She won! Even if Ping Ting was his childhood sweetheart at least she can't deny that he is also attracted to her.

He Lan's face turned from angry, to disappointed to sad like an abandoned puppy. When he finally understood that she was indeed playing with him, his mood lightened up and he let out a chuckle.

He was happy that she played a prank on him that meant she was comfortable enough to do that.

Xia Lin's heart started to go berserk when she saw his laughing face, he was worthy of being the Supreme One, that laugh was too otherworldly, it was fatal.

He Lan walked toward her and sat near her on the bed, but as soon as he sat down Xia Lin stood up.

The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess 34 My Lin'er Is Always Right 1

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