I'm Done With My Husband, I'll Go And Make Money. Chapter 1 Part2

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"What to do, my lady? These are the only clothes that you could change into."

Rosalyn twisted her red lips and said to Aristine.  

Even though her tone appear to be apologetic, her eyes were full of joy.

By Rosalyn's side, the other maids giggle and waved their clothes in a bland manner.

They were more of rags than clothes.

The maids, who saw Aristine without words were even more delighted .

“So what if it is dirty?”

"But I can't simply give my honorable lady, the old dress of that this servant had worn."

"I do not care about this type of things so it doesn't matter."

“I guess so. Look at the clothes you are wearing. I don't even know how to smell it. “

“But these clothes are the clothes that you had originally had” She said. And Rosalyn slapped the clothes out of other maid's hand and threw them on the floor.

The shoe was trampling on the clothes, but it was not even noticeable because it was already dirty with soil and dust. Aristine looked down at the moisten fabric.

'So this is all they can do."

She wanted to laugh.

'I can take care of this myself'

Aristine s.n.a.t.c.hed the clothes away and turned around.

The maids were left behind her as she was headed torward the carriage.


“Oh, my G.o.d”

As they had wished, Aristine had wore what they have given, but somehow only their appearance seemed even more funny.

Aristine, who entered the carriage, drew the curtains and took off her heavy dress.

This was the dress had prepared for the marriage and was the one that she should be taking off only on the night she of her wedding. But after wearing it for the last fifteen days during this terrible carriage trip, it had become so ugly that  she couldn't even recognize the original.

The sensitive and weak fabric soon came to its end. She will never be able to wear it again.

Aristine sewed herself in with the clothes that the maid had trampled on with their soil feet. Compare to that frustrating dress, this dirty thing was actually much more comfortable.

The maids were talking about it being more comfortable to sarcasm, but it was not wrong.

‘At the most all they can do is step on the clothes.'

Even if she was afraid, she  will not admit it.

‘They even done such a great job too.'

Originally, I was going to stay quiet until I got to Airugo.

However when she saw that maid malice intention of pouring hot water on her, Aristine suddenly changed her mind. It was necessary for her to stop these type of hara.s.sment now. If she doesn't resolve these type of incident now, certainly they would continue to be unreasonable until they arrived.

'If it wasn't for the King's Presence, certainly I would have been burned.'

Therefore that maid should be held responsible for what she had sow.

It was all psychological warfare, anyway.

There was no way that the princess could possibly poured the water on purpose.

It was an accident that she poured water.

The bride cannot resist us.

It's only a few words, so we can still ignore it.

At least, that is how Aristine think how their thought's process is going right now.

Unconsciously though she was being extra cautious.

'I am afraid.'

The maid, who was about to splash hot water on Aristine, was burned over half a face.

It is a mild burn and can still be treated in Airrugo, but for now her face is swollen like a black red balloon.

They will look at that type of face everyday, and the wound will shrink sooner or later. Since none of them ever thought twice about it. They never thought that they could get hurt while hara.s.sing others.

It was then that I realized for the first time that I could get hurt.

Even if the bullying itself has naturally becomes more hesitant.

'I really doubt that I can get out of this safely and without any grudges.'

The latter right now, was still cute compared to what they have so far, splas.h.i.+ng hot water, stepping on her foot, badmouthing her, trampling on her clothes. Aristine wasn't hurt by it, she can still handle this.

Aristine wasn't ashamed by these type of clothing.

'But at least I should have been more mindful, I didn't think that I would need to bring my old clothes.' For Aristine, who lived in exile for most of her life, the clothes that she had owned was all shabby and old.

Even if the maid didn't trample on its, this dress was still not be appropriate for the bride that was blessed by the great G.o.ds and priests.

Then again, this isn't an actual marriage, it is a political marriage between the two countries.

She is not something that is important enough for the Emperor's to use his name to prepare for more than one suit.

'I know what's the Emperor is thinking.'

For me to be as tangled and messed up as possible by the time we arrived at Airugo.

On the contrary, with a splendid carriage and luxurious offering, the guard in their s.h.i.+ning armor and the maids in their beautiful dresses.

A maiden with the appearance of a rat will walk out among them.

'I think this is a perfect match for those barbarians.'

The royal servants and guard, the luxuriously party and expensive gifts that were there to show the strength and wealth of Silva.n.u.s.

The Emperor wanted to mock Airugo.

Unlike the Barbarian's Kingdom that truly wanted to end the war, the  emperor was just making time to prepare for another battle.

'I do not care what or how Aristine is treated in Airugo, so it doesn't matter'

'I think that this marriage is splendid.'

Perhaps out of courtesy I can demand something from Airugo.

Well, there must be something that I can always request in Airugo.

'The Emperor was truly a fool. '

He really had thought that everything will flow to his accord.

Your daughter who did not get the King's Presence.

The child that you mercilessly abandoned.

The idiot that did not know anything about the world's affair.  

You can use it as you like and dispose of it later.

'I want to get nice clothes and wash them when I want to.'

Aristine thought and flopped down.

'Let's continue to mingle with the clown until we arrived.'

Counterattack is not fun if you will get stab.

It must be done in the unexpected moments.

. * . * . * . * . * . * . * .

A month after Aristine departed from Silva.n.u.s, at the West Gate of Airugo.

'What do you think that person is like?'

Even if no one said it, you would know who everyone was talking about.

At this moment, there was only one person could make people of Airugo and the subjects of Tarkhan ponders.

Aristine, the princess of Silva.n.u.s, the woman that would marry to their lord.

"The Silva.n.u.s are all cunning and insidious."

"They are all cowards and weakling."

"Perhaps the princess will be so stunned of our appearance that she will faint." They'd said.

The entire party to greet the princess was made up of warriors.

This was the custom of Airugo, it is how they welcome their honorable guests.

But one cannot say that there is no spiteful intention in this current period of time either. It would be a good thing, that the Silva.n.u.s's people would not tremble, faint, or p.i.s.sed their pants when they saw these warriors.

"Shut up."

The man at the front, with his short hair and scars commanded.

With the sound of the chattering crowd, they could the arrival of the Silva.n.u.s mission from afar.

"Why on earth would anyone use a horse carriage, instead of a portal?"

Getting caught with a glare from his superior, the grunting warrior shut his mouth.

Soon enough, the group of obnoxiously looking envoys appeared before them.

"Can you even fight with that thing?"

"I don't think these people ever carried a sword."

"It's for decoration, I suppose."

Airugo warriors wanted to laughed at their s.h.i.+ning armor.

All the maids were beautiful, gorgeous, and luxurious.

They did not spare a single glance toward the Airugo's warriors even once, their face was full of contempt and arrogance.

At this point, even the Airugo's warrior could already predict what type of person their princess was.

'It is so obvious that the final boss would be about the same sense with their servants.'

Soon the most colorful carriage decorated with gold, ivory, and topaz was opened.

And then a person appeared –.


'What is this?'

The unmoving and well disciplined warriors of Airugo was so impressed with the small woman that was dressed in such old and shabby clothing that involuntary they'd opened their mouth.

"That's the princess …?"

Really, there was no difference between this person and the servants next door.

The clothes not only dirty but it is also worn out.

The face was not washed, from head to toes she was covered in dust and dirt, her hair was extremely greasy too.

"This… it is really unexpected."

"Ha! How dare they tried to deceive us!"

In the mid of the splendid looking envoy, stood the peasant looking princess.  

The meaning of this clear.

"Those deceitful Silva.n.u.s."

"How can they sent someone so dirty …?'

"Is that insulting to be married to our Lord?"

"No, but the att.i.tude of the servants toward the princess is rather strange…"

"Do not let your guard down and be quiet. Even if we do not know what this princess is thinking, but one thing is clear. Her target is our prince."

Instantly, with the scar man words the eyes of the warriors sharpened like the blade of a scorched sword.

. * . * . * . * . * . * . * .

'Well, this is good."

Aristine looked around with such a thought.

When she got down the sparkling carriage like a dirty duckling, the Airugians who were on standby were completely overwhelmed.

Seeing their expression, the great Silva.n.u.s empire could not endure it and laughed.

The quivering noise began to hardened the Airugo's people.

Obviously, this is a fake marriage, Aristine had thought they would began to protest, but fortunately it did not happen.

She was glad about this.

‘A fuss about my appearance is no good.' This was within the range that Aristine had expected. What mattered to her was the att.i.tude of her becoming the next Airugian.

She notice it, how the Airugos quickly hid their embarra.s.sment and look at Aristine with the same look as before.

‘They're very wary of me.'

Aristine quietly walked forward

'I came here to marry as I pleased.'

It is not for the mood of welcoming the new bride.

It's a little sad, to meet the lions eyes and seeing yourself as some sort of enemy a.s.sa.s.sin.

'Can you even become an a.s.sa.s.sin?'

She remembered the Emperor's order.

〈 Kill Tarkhan 〉

The voice that had whispered in her ears was a horrifying snake that slowly crawled on her skin.

〈 Even if it is more than you can chew, put a knife through his heart or poison in his cup 〉

The Emperor had thought that Tarkhan was the main culprit that frustrated his troop and why the Airugian refused to bow down before him.

It was not the wrong idea.  

After all, for every battle that Tarkhan is presence, the Silva.n.u.s had to retreat.

As such, the Emperor had become furious with who Tarkhan head still raised high.

Lifting Aristine's chin, it was look of refinement glances at one's face.

〈You are worthless to me, but you can do what you can with your useless existence. 〉

A sarcastic and wicked smile spread across the Emperor's lips. It was a vulgar proposal.

〈 Good for you. For years you are not even considered as a n.o.ble lady with my blood. I wonder if you can suit the taste of the dirty barbarian? Such indecently grotesque.〉

Well at least, it was only the Emperor who had such frivolous thought at the moment.

〈 If you succeed, I will look at you and perhaps I'll admit you as my daughter〉

It was such a big reward, that I am afraid to receive it.

'I don't want to be recognized as your proud daughter'

When he shook Aristine's jaw, the emperor had handed her an ampoule of poison.

The cool, hard texture was as clear as death.

The vial was now with in Aristine's carriage.

The emperor may had told to her kill Tarkhan, but the truth was he really doubt that Aristine would succeed.

'He didn't care whether I tried and flourish or not.'   

In any case, a new round of national conflict is likely to break because of the broken peace agreement. Though it is not unexpected in this time of rigid peaceful period.

'I maybe stupid but you really think I take your word and gave them poison?"

It is a deadly substance, one single gulp and instant death.

Aristine kept her mouth shut as she stood before the delegation.

Within the royal family, she had seen how much of a confident and relaxed smile can do.

"I am tired of it."

It is much better to be ashamed and shrill.

A middle-age man came to her. He was a man with short hair and scars.  

'Is this the man?'

Tarkhan, her would be husband.

It was not bad once it appeared, and the atmosphere was good.

She had to go through her personalities, and decided on one. She will not offend him and she will keep her life.

"Welcome, your Majesty. Please come this way."

His voice is also fine.

Above all, it is quite refres.h.i.+ng to be given respect despite her appearance, who did not seem to be very princess-like at all.

But don't you think this is too polite? As if one's inferiors than her.

"I am Durante, the one who will be your guide."

The scared man immediately introduced, when her previous thought had came up.

"Nice to meet you, Lord Durante"

Aristine greeted Durante and quickly took a glance of astigmatism that had been lurking within the crowd that were watching her from the very beginning. But she could not find anyone who look a Prince of Airugo. And Durante seems to be the highest rank among them.

'I thought that Tarkhan will meet at the Gate of the King."

"Who is my husband?"

"He's on a hunt, your highness."

Ah… The man who was supposed to meet his wife went hunting?

This is a sign for a bad marriage.

She understands her husband's intention. He was trying to break Silva.n.u.s's spirits with this coldness.

"And in addition, my prayers as well."

Unfortunately, Aristine is despicable, she had gone through too much to be defeated this easily.

Her lips opened slowly, and she said.

"It seems my prospective husband is very shy."

. * . * . * . * . * . * . * .

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Thought on chapter one so far?

First of all we ain't cinderella! Second of all we aren't Zuko or Azula. So the Silva.n.u.s's Emperor can go and suck it! Argh I'm p.i.s.sed, my blood is boiling for Aristine! It only chapter one and I am getting emotionally attached.

The point of view of the Airugians is hilarious. ‘Can you even fight with that thing?' ‘It's for decoration, I suppose' Even though the Silvanians think so highly of themselves.

There will be one more part on chapter one. Yes, that how they split it on KK.

Anyway I hope you are enjoying the story so far, have a good day or night! See you soon~

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