I'm Done With My Husband, I'll Go And Make Money. Chapter 1 Part3

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The sound of breathing between the Arirugians leaks simultaneously.

The words from Aristine's mouth were incredible.

Durante's face was also quite impressive.

They all responded as if they had seen the bombs being picked up in front of them.


Durante coughed up and clear the atmosphere.

"It's not like that, it's for luck."

So this how he wanted to escape, Aristine understand this situation.

'I guess it wasn't just a hunt but for luck after all.'

Then it is understandable if the wife when be absent when the husband returned right? 

Yes, that's right. He didn't lie to me.

Aristine looked at Durante and raised the tip of her mouth slightly.

"It's fine for you to tell lies, since you're not deceiving anyone."

Because it's their first meeting and the opponents are wary of her, it may be better to go out in a more friendly manner.

She smiles in moderation.

First impressions are important.

This is different from when she was in the Empire.

Now that she is out of that d.a.m.n place, Aristine is going to move around here in Airugo.

'Now I am done crouching.'

If they allow it in their first meeting, both parties will continue to convey misleading information. She must be clear about this from the very beginning.

'People who are wary of her and hated her.'

In other words, she does not expect anything from herself, So why does she have to worry about what's expected of her?

“Just tell me the half-facts and drive me to a false answer is cheating."

For the first time Durante's eyes faltered as the Princess hinted.

Aristine bent her eyes, giving them direct orders.

Durante stopped breathing.

The face, which was covered in dirt and mixed with dust and sweat, was strangely is a sight of a Princess.

Her eyes were purple, like the dawn sky they were s.h.i.+ning

“I hope you will not fool me in the future.”

. * . * . * . * . * . * . * .

Durante suggested to the lady that she would go to the palace and wash and change clothes before she went to the palace.

But the Silva.n.u.s's side came pitched in immediately.

〈How dare you called our princess 'dirty'!〉

〈Before entering the palace, what is your intention in dressing our princess in Airugo.〉

Until then, they didn't care what she did, but it was absurd to do it all of a sudden.

This is ridiculous.

Several conversations had been made, but the Silvanians, who were barely familiar, were not in a hurry. Durante eventually stepped back because he could not cause a dispute in the absence of the lord.

“Can I take you to the palace in such a state?”

“There is no other way.”

“I cannot listen to the Silvanians”

“In the midst of a political marriage, you want to create a national conflict? Are you willing to take care of the accident?”

“If you look at that, it's not us. It's the map that's show.”

That's true.

It's obvious that the King of Airugo would think he was insulted when he saw the princess and her delegation. The king wants a complete end to the war. So the political courts.h.i.+p is not broken, but there will be noise.

And the noise will be the share of the lord.

And the Silva.n.u.s' rudeness was clearly determined and they were soughting for conflict.

"Even so, the beginning of the dispute is not ours."

The warriors shut up at that.

Durante hoped that there was no one was in Tarkan's palace.

'It's will be a vain wind.'

However, there was a slight hope for him that there is little possibility that the King is taking a walk by himself.

. * . * . * . * . * . * . * .

"But I didn't think she was that type of woman."

Everyone knew that the words were not meant to be a crime, but-

"It's wasn't a joke. The imagination is a vast different."

"Master. Big. Shy…..A Pooch!"

The giggle of laughter spread throughout the warriors.

When they first heard it, they were scared because they were not embarra.s.sed, but the more they chewed it, the more they laughed.

The only one who can say such things to the Lord will be the Princess.

“I like it.”

“I like it, too.”

“Yes, she is much better than I imagined. When I first saw her, I was surprised in a different sense.”

Durante turned to the carriage carried by the Princess as he listened to the lion's ramblings.

. * . * . * . * . * . * . * .

Moe's Comment:

Early release because I'm ahead and this is first chapter!

A Big Puppy? LOL These guards are so brave! I found that picture on pinterest isn't it cute? There is not a lot of picture we can use on webtoon sooooo…..

Again I am sorry about how short this chapters is but this how it is spit on Kkpage.

Anyway the Silva.n.u.s's servants are so annoying, I wish we can just kick them to the curve now we are in Airugo. Are you more p.i.s.sed of the servants or the emperor?

For me, I already know that the Emperor is evil. And out of a year we probably see him twice if we were his children. But the servants mistreatment are everyday. So both are worse in their own way!

Anyway happy Monday! Or whatever day or night you read this on~

. * . * . * . * . * . * . * .

I'm Done With My Husband, I'll Go And Make Money. Chapter 1 Part3

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